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  1. This looks like gibberish to me. conceptually I have no idea what you are talking about, but more specifically have no idea how “time is controlled...by its own time”
  2. Yea Autoditacker is probably my fav of theirs. Iaora Tahiti is prob 2nd place imo anyway, Autechre
  3. If this is the first thing you think of when seeing “mouse on mars”... I’m sorry to be fair, I might pick that over their more recent albums though ( and by “their” I mean MoM. Not Ae. So I shouldn’t have turned this into a MoM discussion)
  4. SKAM pls this is a great idea. But only for duos. im thinking a mishmash of Ae/BOC/Plaid/Funkstorung/Phoenecia/mouse on mars/etc
  5. sounds different, more rhythm-forward, from most of what I was hearing Monday & Tuesday
  6. Holy fuck Sean thx
  7. Shit what happened? I leave for a few hours and now it says Sorry, that page is in another castle!
  8. the past few hours it was really going wild (slightly slowed down in the past few minutes but still jammin) My mind is still blown that this has pretty much been going non-stop for over 3 days. And no signs of stopping
  9. Yea I think at this point it's been almost 2 days non-stop (can't prove this as I occasionally sleep) I get the feeling Sandra just set the parameters and walked away to let it just go forever
  10. pls Samantha pls Ronette pls tell me the new album will sound like this
  11. I'd be happy to see some of the visualizations from this past week used as an album cover. I'm pretty tired of the black&white jagged geometry that tDR have been stuck on for the past ~decade
  12. There’s a specific thread about this, with the updated version posted into it a few days ago.
  13. I know it’s been said a lot here, but the stuff today is really top notch music
  14. Sean pls... don’t release the jams rob pls... release the lush pads
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