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  1. I’d take acoustic guitar jams just put something out after like 23,000 hours of new Ae since the last BOC, it’s just embarrassing. Do it or just throw in the towel
  2. the more I listen to this album, the more I really like it. I'm not sure I would put it in my top5 Ae releases, but it is really fucking good. In one of those interviews that was posted, Sandra mentioned M4 Lema started out with a more significant beat that really slammed. Then Ronette did his work and much of the beats were mixed down/out and it became a different thing. While I actually love the fact that this album is mostly beat-less, I do slightly long to hear the beat-slam version of M4 Lema. not that I dislike the version we got, but the implication of the beat is so tantali
  3. On second listen now. This really is very good. Too early to say where I place it in their overall work. While the '16/'18 live stuff did certainly suggest a move away from insane beat-fuckery, there were still quite a few massive hard as hell beat-gauntlet tracks on NTS, so this still did come as a surprise turn to me. I'd be interested to know how those who didn't care for oversteps feel about this one. I'm not saying Oversteps and Sign are cut from the same cloth, and I definitely see them very differently. But still, I'd like to know what someone like Sweepstakes think
  4. Hot damn this just came on as you said this
  5. First listen through now. Couldn’t catch the stream yesterday due to work. this is definitely lush as all fuck it will take time to decide my take on it. Definitely going to listen several more times.
  6. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit loving dank Ae memes
  7. Top 10 facts based on memes we speculate
  8. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue
  9. Yes, true. I should not neglect cichlisuite.
  10. Not-even-close-to-a-Hot take: all of Autechre’s best album covers are made by non-tDr ep7, Confield, Draft, Untilted chiastic and envane are tDr only high marks (exai is pretty ok too)
  11. fizzkinz

    Domino Set

    My understanding was the mostly machinedrum stuff was for the Untilted and Quaristice sets and by 2010 they had shifted I am willing to be proven wrong
  12. /\ | yea but, what if there was some consistent string of songs like this all in one place. That would be great
  13. This looks like gibberish to me. conceptually I have no idea what you are talking about, but more specifically have no idea how “time is controlled...by its own time”
  14. Yea Autoditacker is probably my fav of theirs. Iaora Tahiti is prob 2nd place imo anyway, Autechre
  15. If this is the first thing you think of when seeing “mouse on mars”... I’m sorry to be fair, I might pick that over their more recent albums though ( and by “their” I mean MoM. Not Ae. So I shouldn’t have turned this into a MoM discussion)
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