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  1. fizzkinz

    elseq 1-5

    Mesh CinereaL towers above the rest
  2. Yes I really hope the full book comes out sometime. I’d buy it.
  3. Yea I mean, did I think it was going to be 2 hours straight of new BOC, of course not. But some fresh material. I guess you hit it though... after so much of Autechre delivering more than anyone could ever imagine over the years, everyone else is basically just a tease/troll
  4. Well having heard it all, I’m equally disappointed at the bait-and-switch, and happy with the fun journey of their influences and likes but mostly I’m let down. It was great but given the hype of possible new BOC, it can never measure up.
  5. This makes me think it will just be a mix of other people’s stuff, and nothing by them if so, I’ll be pretty disappointed but I can always hold out that maybe, mixed in with their influences, they toss in an unreleased track or two
  6. Well as long as we can all objectively agree that the splitting of a 1 hr song across 3 sides is essentially the picacle of absurdity And iSamantha and Ronda only did it to prove maximum troll level of their fans As long as we all objectively agree that their is no question that this is proven fact
  7. Isn’t it thought? Isn’t it? Be honest
  8. Just play the first part, then the second part, then replay the first part as you flip the last record over and mix in the 3rd part as the 1st part ends againThen repeat 1,2,1,3,1,2,1,3,1,2,1,3.....etc Since the whole song is just Sandra and Rhonnette holding one note for an hour, no one will know the difference
  9. I must say I’m also not sure why selected ambient works 85-92 gets put on such a pedestal (volume II is different and I love it) So I’m glad I can come out of the shadows and admit that. I listen to it, and it’s Ok but really nothing special. And I don’t buy that historical perspective thing, as there are plenty albums from that time that grab me more, and feel more ahead of their time. SAW 85-92 is just beige wallpaper
  10. Oh shit! That’s exactly it!! I liked it. I wished they had omitted the guitar and found a way to make it only horns and drums. With the guitar I think it just ties too close to a straight cover and they lean on it too much But still very impressive
  11. Man that photo says so much about the band’s dynamic
  12. Grabbed a random selection of 5 from various points along the journey, choosing the Philidelphia one b/c I was there. Definitely picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue Thanks Samantha & Ronnette
  13. Yea I could see all the dates listed, but all said “sold out” But now when I try again t doesn’t have the individual dates anymore
  14. These are clearly the vital discussions we all come to the Ae subform to read
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