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  1. Sean pls... don’t release the jams rob pls... release the lush pads
  2. I’ve seen plenty of your post about not liking Oversteps, and known everyone has different tastes (I’m underwhelmed by Quaristice as an album, but I know you like it, so how can I judge right?) and to be fair, I’m not bowled over by oversteps overall, and my enjoyment varies greatly from “I like this a lot” to “this is patchy but OK-ish” but one thing that has been a constant is that Treale is the absolute gem in this album, and the one track that always brings me back to the album. so.... I suppose I must just accept that whatever it is that draws us both to Autechre, we may have absolutely opposing taste. And I guess that’s ok
  3. Telephasic Workshop, or Music is Math high runner-ups are Alpha and Omega, and Whitewater
  4. I feel like more and more I don’t understand the dissatisfaction people bring up for Campfire Headphase, especially stating it after TH to be fair, when TCH came out, I was initially underwhelmed. But as time went on I grew to enjoy it (though still less than MHTRTC and Geogaddi) but when TH came out, it seemed like the parts I was less enthusiastic about THC were more magnified. And I now viewed TCH as lush and full of rich production. There are still songs on TH that I absolutely love. But more and more the response I see to TCH seems to play into the cliche that people just hate it because “guitars”. (I know this is a big oversimplification, and many have nagtive opinions for other reasons... but I’m just saying how it seems from where I am)
  5. The more time goes by, the mote sure I am that EP7 is my favorite Ae depending on the day, I oscillate between EP7 and Confield... and lately there are just more days where I think it’s EP7
  6. fizzkinz


    I was at the Philadelphia show and I don’t remember it sounding the way the official release ended up sounding i don’t know if it was the sound system, or where I was standing, or maybe just my ears. But I couldn’t follow it. but hearing it now it’s all clear. i think I just cant do live music anymore. Give me headphones and I’m gold.
  7. fizzkinz

    Warp Tapes WAV

    sincerely someone who is neither young, nor inexperienced at listening
  8. fizzkinz

    Rare pics of Ae

    The ?? guy is Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv
  9. fizzkinz

    elseq 1-5

    Mesh CinereaL towers above the rest
  10. Yes I really hope the full book comes out sometime. I’d buy it.
  11. Yea I mean, did I think it was going to be 2 hours straight of new BOC, of course not. But some fresh material. I guess you hit it though... after so much of Autechre delivering more than anyone could ever imagine over the years, everyone else is basically just a tease/troll
  12. Well having heard it all, I’m equally disappointed at the bait-and-switch, and happy with the fun journey of their influences and likes but mostly I’m let down. It was great but given the hype of possible new BOC, it can never measure up.
  13. This makes me think it will just be a mix of other people’s stuff, and nothing by them if so, I’ll be pretty disappointed but I can always hold out that maybe, mixed in with their influences, they toss in an unreleased track or two
  14. Well as long as we can all objectively agree that the splitting of a 1 hr song across 3 sides is essentially the picacle of absurdity And iSamantha and Ronda only did it to prove maximum troll level of their fans As long as we all objectively agree that their is no question that this is proven fact
  15. Isn’t it thought? Isn’t it? Be honest
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