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  1. Very much agree. supermodified and out from out where for Amon Tobin in that era. Plus Radiohead had Kid A. Golden era.
  2. I skip known(1) every time I listen to oversteps the rest of the album is good but that track is just annoying (mostly because of the skipping-cd sound)
  3. This is basically my opinion I might slightly extend it to include the cichlisuite EP That run of Chichlisuite -> LP5 -> EP7 -> PeelSession2(for Gelk!!!) -> Confield -> Gantz Graf *Chef's Kiss* There are some of their other albums I might put above LP5, and some other releases I'd rank above PeelSession2 as a whole. But I just find that stretch of time to be the absolute crystallization of everything they are best at, being executed with such perfection
  4. I may have been misinterpreting Sean’s meaning in that thread, but my understanding was that he was referring to the soundboards for the ‘16 and ‘18 live sets. Rob was working on his parts. And this worked out with the timing, as it was a few months later that those AE_live sets went up, seemingly after Rob finished his parts
  5. Nonsense. incomplete without wild record scratching (don’t care if the scratching is programmed as some have said). Honestly it’s not the drums underneath that I care about at all. I had seen most of these turntable competition vids already, and they don’t really fit what it is about this set that I like. I have also seen wavetwisters before, but as Im digging into to some of the other Qbert stuff I guess it does give me the feels I’m looking for. still, something about this gescom one just really does it for me.
  6. Can anyone recommend some great albums/tracks that would be similar to this scratch-tastic marathon? I know turntabalism is a pretty immense genre to explore, but this seems way more intense than most of what I’ve stumbled upon before
  7. Yea seems like some have caught that https://www.whosampled.com/sample/16589/Autechre-Sublimit-Sparky-Dee-The-Playgirls-The-Battle/
  8. Definitely one of my all time favs of theirs
  9. It’s near the bottom of page 24 I think
  10. This is probably a really good point if you could tell some of your favorite artists/songs, it may be easier to suggest songs which might click with you more
  11. I'm certain people will say I'm insane for leaving out <insert their favorite>, but I feel like these are the absolute "essentials": An Eagle In Your Mind Telephasic Workshop Music Is Math 1969 Alpha and Omega
  12. fizzkinz

    elseq 1-5

    For years I had decided I didn't care for Eastre After maybe 2 listens I just opted to skip it, and for the past 4 years when going through elseq I would exclusively listen to mesh cinereaL when I got to elseq3. It was a huge issue I had with elseq; my inability to just listen through as i always felt there were tracks I had to skip to get to the gold level stuff But today after thinking about how I have been more than happy to live in the slow burns on NTS like e0, I went back and gave eastre a try I can't see what I didn't like about it. I thoroughly enjoyed the listen It obviously wasn't the length I took issue with, as there are longer tracks on elseq and NTS that I immediately liked.
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