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  1. Selection makes for a great album. Anticipating new material... do the missus proud 🙂
  2. Well this is a treat! Enjoying immensely. Starclapper my fave so far 👍👍
  3. Storming mix: Looking forward to the new one! His stuff is really doing it for me now. Proper good.
  4. ‘Look at me’ social media culture is to blame for everything
  5. As well as the usual suspects
  6. Jeff Mills Mike Banks Robert Hood Juan Atkins Derek May
  7. autist’s are more talented than normies. bad luck normie twats.
  8. Agreed but he must sort things out with the people he let down nice tune for sure!
  9. for an anti-semitic comment. not for eugene’s paedo advocacy.
  10. Speaking of which... RestInPieces epstein (thread)
  11. Nice! Every track appeals on this. Definitely a grabber. Still in stock at Norman Recs: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/177320-biochip-synthase
  12. Dreamed up jibber jabber? Dude (mind if I call you dude? don’t want to assume your gender, dear) you come across as the epitome of the self righteous, holier than thou brigade.
  13. Why doesn’t he know what he’s talking about? Because women are not capable of toxic behaviour?
  14. Worst just got worserer:
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