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  1. I came here to post something similar 😂 - beat me too it - respect ✊🏻 I’ve been to a night where Steve DJ’d - he’s good, played a right mix of stuff and he gets into it.
  2. Juan Borja https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-56925999.amp only know him as a meme so RIP
  3. It looks like there are 3 press studs. not that I’m interested or anything but you could get it on...
  4. I agree with this - the Tracker is plenty big enough and the screen is way better than the 14” portable tv 📺 I had my Amiga hooked up too 😂
  5. That is an awesome answer dude and very good advice 👍🏼 My anxiety was more to do with the toys falling over like dominos rather than fiery studios.... like ‘real’ anxiety 😂 seriously though the wiring situation is something that I do need to address in my hovel of a studio. Too many extension leads....
  6. How you finding the Microcosm? I’m interested in it myself, it looks and sounds cool what I’ve seen. Sleep well pupper 👍🏼 That’s is ace but would make me anxious thinking I’m about to start a domino effect with transformers 😂
  7. Will return the compliment when I’ve finished work 👍🏼
  8. https://youtube.com/channel/UCNJ3Tp9_QXc-QzMQbSRosjw
  9. WTF! Rob goes all ‘Windowlicker’ and Sean goes ‘Come to Daddy’... like some sick idm Rorschach test. I approve
  10. Nice mate. Both the audio and video i have always wanted something like this to generate videos from ever since I used to watch Winamp visuals. I guess there are programs for that sort of thing but way too little time to get into it. I also 3D model for a job (engineering) so motivating myself wouldn’t be easy.
  11. Lol - I zoomed in to look at the pedals and now I’m convinced you have tins of pilchards on the floor 😂 No photograph made made me go ‘what the f&@k is going on there!!!’ more than this one 😂 Please clean up so we know you’re ok 👍🏼
  12. That’s troubled me more than the episode of Juliet Bravo in the 80’s about glue sniffers...
  13. With the talk of old computer stuff doing FM I did a bit of digging for the old DX plug-in boards for the Yamaha XG1000 sound card that I always lusted after in the days of soundfonts etc before VSTi’s were a thing. I didn’t find anything of any use other than chancers offering the SW1000’s for sale at ‘vintage’ prices so I stopped looking. Anyway, what turns up on matrixsynth a couple of days later is this :- https://www.matrixsynth.com/2021/03/yamaha-plg150-dx-yamaha-plg100-xg-demos.html?m=1 It is actually a really expensive and awkward way of get
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