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  1. Nobody interested in a semi modular percussion synth?? I guess they could have called it DFAM (Drummer From Another Manufacturer)
  2. No step sequencing has killed it for me.
  3. Tried to get into Ghost of Tsushima as a mate lent me the PS4 disc. Just not feeling it for some reason. It looks amazing etc but the combat is frustrating me. Probably because I’m not very good at it 😂 So I went for Diablo 2 resurrection instead. Never played the original so this was my first experience of it. It’s ace!! I also don’t ever pick the Mage characters in games as I usually think some other character looks cooler etc but I deliberately went for one this time. I went for the necromancer, so it’s more of a dirty wizard really. Great fun. I finished it on normal so having another play though on nightmare and might even use another class depending how I get on.
  4. Did I not say that this should happen 😂 Ace news mate - hope it does well 😎
  5. Not sure….. it appears to have had a bit of a rough time 😂
  6. It does look a really nice design. definitely something I would need to try before buy though as my eyes ain’t what they used to be. I’m fine with the little screen on the OP-1 so it’ll probably be ok.
  7. Lol - it’s one of the dogs toys that he’s ripped up next to a suspect carpet stain 😂 - it’s a ‘honking pheasant’ which has got to be the name of a track soon!! https://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/pets-at-home-honking-pheasant-dog-toy#
  8. Thanks for the nice comments people. Auxien - yes, it is a fun setup and quite flexible. I quickly realised that when jamming by myself I can only manage a few synths at once but I can add in or remove other devices depending on what I’m doing and still have similar work flow/process. Ideally I could do with a few more inputs into Cubase (I have 6 ins at the moment and use the alesis as a submix which sometimes would be nice to have on their own channels…) - I have the portable synths such as the OP-1 as I spend time away in my camper a lot and it’s nice to have some instruments with me but they have slightly hindered the studio as I really don’t like buying a new device when I already have something that does that…. For example I use the OP-1 as a sampler a lot of the time which has stopped me buying something like a Digitakt or Octatrack which are way better samplers in a studio setup IMO. I know there are probably easier, cheaper and ‘better’ ways of creating the sounds I make but for me it’s working out very well. Sweepstakes & Tubularcorp - extra idm points awarded!! Lol - I have a few pieces of album art up and yes Brothomstates Claro is one of them. Being of a certain age the only star wars films I am willing to accept are the first three!! I really like those films - I don’t remember doing it but apparently when I got took to the cinema to see Empire Strikes Back as a child, I got really upset and stood on the seat shouting at the screen when Vader claimed he was Luke’s dad 😂 - the Max Rebo figures (all complete with the mic stands and instruments etc) are original 70’s or 80’s ones that a guy I worked with was selling. He’s a collector and his wife had just given birth so he sold one of his complete sets off. When he got to the Max figures he showed them to me as he knew I was into musical stuff. I said to him they would look cool in my studio and he agreed and let me have them for about a fifth of what he could get for them… top bloke - thanks Steph 👍🏼
  9. I want that and tanks - proper sized fuckers too, not some shit remote controlled toy….. and affordable bank vault style housing… interior design by Afx
  10. I really like the 80’s look of this thing but what on earth were they thinking with the I/O on the sides - that kind of stuff bugs me. ‘Oh, you want to put it next to something?…. I didn’t think of that…’ So what is the plan with these machines? I have watched your DR-220A videos and I didn’t comment as you seemed really happy with what I’m guessing many here would say is a very limited drum machine. Are you collecting all drum machines or just specific ones? I will add that I consider collecting drum machines to be perfectly normal behaviour, as I currently have a Pulsar23 and a Machinedrum and thinking how nice that new EricaSynth Perkons would look next to them 😂
  11. Got myself the Korg SQ-64 and recently updated the MD to the custom firmware X.05 which has been like having a brand new instrument. I like a lot of the new possibilities but it will take me a while to gel as it has taken away some of the machines focus by blurring the lines of what it does. I honestly found it really jarring to begin with as it’s an instrument that I was pretty comfortable with using and suddenly became really alien to me… once I remembered I don’t have to use just the new features and use them a bit more sparingly, things improved considerably 😂
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58587521 Sir Clive Sinclair - RIP
  13. I think their is a port free inside the digitakt and a big old space that looks like you could add something into it. A few people used the space to fit batteries to make them portable but it’s possible that Elektron designed it that way for a reason other than batteries 🔋
  14. Finally a VSTi coming. Might have to start paying for it though.
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