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  1. So you’re saying the previews are in the mix somewhere, a sonic treasure hunt.....
  2. I got a bargain on FastestVPN - $14.95 lifetime 2 devices. seems good so far (2 months)
  3. No idea why it’s rotated?? Maybe orientated to match my state of mind 😂
  4. Absolutely brilliant 😂 I just watched a hippy lady playing the tambourine, a little kid saying how much they hate cops and then some dude demoing the talk box..... thanks for the link 👍🏼
  5. Fun mastering tip :- Use any track off Syro as a reference and spend eternity trying every single plugin in the world trying to get even remotely close 😂 I’m all for quick and dirty home mastering though - for that I believe that being gentle with tools is the key. A couple of dB if gain reduction here and there and light touches with eq. Any more is probably best fixed in the mix. It always seems to be discouraged and I agree with many of the obvious points like a ‘proper mastering engineer has better gear’ (duh!) etc but people can learn and improve, buy better s
  6. One of my favourites 👍🏼
  7. Nice find thanks. My old four track had an immense pause button that you could stop the track really solid and the motor had plenty of torque that got it up to speed really quickly. Allowed for this type of thing quite easily when you got used to it. I think the motor in 4 tracks was a big part of the cost - a more expensive units usually had better motors.
  8. Really sad to hear about your health issues mate. I have to take immunosuppressants too for ulcerative colitis and I’m actually in hospital as I type this having an infusion....obviously my situation isn’t as severe but I know how they can effect you. Just wanted to say that the artwork you did for Fragments is one of my most treasured possessions, even being just 1’s & 0’s. Speedy recovery mate.
  9. I am being serious and I find it curious that you aren’t signed etc - do you gig/DJ or anything like that?? Have you sent off any demos to labels? A friend of mine who has worked at a few labels always said that if you want to be ‘big’ then spend 90% of the time you spend on music on promotion. I always hated the idea and hoped it isn’t the truth but I feel he has a valid point. I can’t imagine a label that releases similar stuff wouldn’t be interested in your output.
  10. Have no fear mate, very enjoyable listen so far. If you are a bit worried obviously focus your gig/performance in the right setting with the correct crowd who either know you or you support a similar act etc. Heckling isn’t nice and I have even seen/heard a couple of times people giving Russel Haswell some unnecessary shit at Autechre gigs! - I know Ae and Haswell are quite different a lot of the time but I would have thought the crowd would have at least been respectful of it even though I appreciate it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Every time there was some place they could have fucked o
  11. Apocalypse Jungle is sweet. old skool vibes with some nice old skool production techniques (the time stretched beat etc) I haven’t listened on proper speakers yet, only on my iPad which struggled obviously with the sub bass. The sound is important to capture the old skool vibe so I can fully understand how and why etc but to cover more of how people listen these days, potentially look at tweaking the mix slightly. It’s not mentioned much now but something like Maxxbass from Waves is good for these kind of things. Mostly now with the modern synths designed specifically to overcome this
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