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  1. Got back into Elden Ring as I have been mostly on GT7 the last couple of months. I know people are saying it’s the easiest From Software title ever but I’m terrible at it 😂 - I will keep grinding (I think) as it is quite rewarding when I do finally progress a little. I do think the game realises I’m shit at it. I was about level 95 in a strength build and the ‘phantom’ of Blaiid invades. Hours turned into days etc and I couldn’t kill him. I tried to cheese it by luring him and hitting him down a lift shaft…. Many, many attempts later I fall backwards into the shaft and die, he finally got fed up with whole the ridiculous charade and jumped in to end it himself 😂 It is my skills that are lacking as I use the Mimic Tear spirit ash when I can and that fucking slays. It often just keep out of the way and let that take everything down. I’ve had it if I can’t summon it though….. The game looks amazing on PS5 🤩
  2. Yeah GoW is a truly awesome game. was going to try and platinum it but the Valkyrie’s fuck me up big time 😂
  3. Rob looks like he’s just sold Chelsea FC
  4. Oh shit 😧 - RIP Mr Smith My Mopho has been getting a lot of use the past few months as it hadn’t been connected for ages. Fantastic synth. The biggest thing for me though is MIDI… without that I wouldn’t be as happy as I am in my life. I never learned to play an instrument and I’ve never really wanted to either. For some reason though I wanted to learn to program sequencers. Thanks for everything Dave 🫡
  5. https://www.scan.co.uk/info/proaudio/presszone/dawbench Dawbench is a good reference and older results will cover a wide range of setups if you have some older machines. as it runs on Reaper (and is a good suggestion for you to use as it’s free) you could test your existing machines and get an idea on whether you need an upgrade etc. the good news is that finally we can get a cpu that allows 6480 voices of polyphony 😂 - might be a touch overkill.
  6. I’ve experienced the midi delay when my mate brings his Tracker to my place and it’s pretty straight forward to sync things up. We just have straight 4/4 kicks on two devices and use the midi delay setting to sync up like a dj deck. Once done it stays in sync well. What’s strange is it’s different in his setup at home than mine. I use an Elektron MD as my master clock into a Kenton 5 way midi thru and the tracker uses one of those 5. At his place he uses a Digitakt as master clock. It’s something that might need tweaking if you change setups is what I’m trying to say. Great instrument, enjoy it.
  7. I must say WATMM, I’m a bit disappointed. Where is the VCV Rack patch of the modular rig? Where are the audio renders of the patch and subsequent ‘correct’ mixes of the entry with the Modular mixed in? Where is the ModularGrid page showing the price of the rig and what to buy? Where are the threads discussing whether the audio renders of the modular are new BOC and/or AFX releases? And why was Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares) singing the UK entry???
  8. Says the guy who 8 posts previous was talking about buying a portable euro rack setup to go with his MD…. with that you will be able to make bleeps! Amazing only £10k it’s a steal.
  9. I didn’t know the Deluge could be controlled by external devices. will have to take another look at them. thanks
  10. Cubase does this too since the warp audio thing. I’m sure the slices end up named like the Logic example Nikisoko put above. They can be saved from the sample pool or grabbed from the audio directory assigned to the project.
  11. Them sneaky them Ae boys…. Don’t forget Sean once said his desert island instrument would be a copy of Digital Performer and a mic 🎤 The only thing we know for sure is you need a Machinedrum, Monomachine, an MPC and a Nord Modular to make what you heard on the Quarristice tour. I would start there if you want to sound like them. The max/msp line is Ae’s tank driving, old bank dwelling yarn imo to throw you off the scent and protect the idm economy.
  12. Is it purely subscription based? I’ve been ‘given’ the plugins I own as native version’s of what is ready now and I’m hoping I get all of them eventually. It uses some form of ilok and I can add my licenses to the dongle for internet free usage. Don’t think I will have to pay anything. new customers might be different though….
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