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  1. Not at all true. It depends on the robot complexity. Plenty of robots are shit at what they are designed to do. I know of several instances where very large European companies have removed automation from the production line and replaced with fleshy alternatives very similar to what the robots replaced a few years before. Humans are better at many things that robots pretend they can do. fucking things.
  2. Lol. yeah 2008, I thought SND used just a Monomachine as when they finished they took it off stage and on the way back to the VIP they stopped and chatted to Rob - Rob didn’t touch it, he was Monomachineless at the time. could well have been an MD though as I said. I should have referred to Elektron box. At the time I thought it was feasible as even though I really liked the set and Album it is quite minimal and probably didn’t need a ton of equipment to produce....
  3. I saw them live at the medicine bar when they supported Ae at the time of this album and it looked like they had done the whole gig from a single Monomachine - sounded ace but I remember them walking back upstairs and stopping chatting to Rob carrying the said synth and nothing else. Wasn’t even in a flight case 😎 might have been a machinedrum though and I could have been mistaken. The kick through the album does sound very Elektron.... The sound system at the Medbar was awesome though. It had the perfect setup where too loud to be useable was still crystal clear, so this material wa
  4. I doubt Roland could re-release the 909 for that kind of money. I reckon they are breathing a sigh of relief they didn’t go for the full re-issue and having this to deal with. At least the boutique one competes in the same price range. will be interesting to see how well this sells - will people buy this over the Roland one because they want a ‘real 909’ 🤔 I also wonder how the market actually stands for this too - I personally don’t want one as I have other drum machines and can easily cover 909 stuff with the thousands of samples and VST’s etc. Will people with an already hea
  5. Knackers.... I was just about to try and get my Pulsar named 😂
  6. I don’t have a direct answer for you mate but I seem to remember the undo files can spiral out of control on some projects I have used Logic. I think you can chose to not save that in the ‘save as’ option. Might be worth a look.
  7. Really good advice about the command column. 👍🏼 I had Octamed on my Amiga and when I moved over to Cubase years later I always thought piano rolls are shit trackers lying on their side... I spent the first six months with my held tilted over to get used to them 😂
  8. As I understand Behringer have said that the pin matrix is the expensive part of the synth. Not sure if the price has been rumoured but if it’s cheap enough I would buy one. As it is just a prototype then my guess is you might do better joining the list for an original going on Behringers past delivery records.
  9. Any news from BoC?? seems right up their street/commune etc
  10. https://www.matrixsynth.com/2021/01/behringers-ems-vc3s-synthi-prototype.html?m=1 Interesting.....
  11. Nice collection 😎 An Ayrton Senna.... a tenner. Basically twice what Spiral offered.... amazing deal, we should shake 🤝
  12. Looks like the same as the stickers that came with Confield.... they were black background but silver text. I’ll give you an Ayrton for it????
  13. A decent start would obviously be ISP
  14. I’m not sure mate - I did it for a Christmas compilation over at the idmforums many years ago. It would be cool if it was my version 😂
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