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  1. Lol, yes it does run pretty warm - I’m also very wary of it as it’s basically the same Behringer mixer in drag that I used to own. That ended up being used on a Flare audio sound system my mate owned (a blatant Funktion-1 rip off) and used to send signals from I various amps etc - anyway, the thing was loud-as and the parties were invariably a bit rowdy. The odd person who would invite themselves behind the decks would soon learn to not mess with things as you would get a huge electric shock off the mixer if you touched it 😂 - it was proper dangerous IMO but carried on working. Thankfully the
  2. The Alesis mixer is ok - I use it as a sub mix as I have a 6 input sound card. Could do with more but this allows a few more connections. love the 0-Coast - I would never recommend it as your only mono synth or starter synth but it does stuff that more ‘standard ‘ synths don’t. For example you only get one oscillator but lots of other circuits on the device can create tones such as digital oscillator from the random maths section - this video shows it off - The Particle is a great effect - think granular delay stuff etc - like the 0-Coast, something a bit different 😎
  3. Lol, no it wasn’t thankfully. I’m just extremely lucky. She would be special without such a gesture, just to clarify 😀
  4. New stuff thanks to a special person in my life.
  5. Talking of Soma - my Pulsar 23 arrived yesterday 🥳 I had GAS for a cheap and simple analog drum machine to go with the digitalness of my MD SPS-1 - decided on the Pulsar instead 😂
  6. Surely it’s reference to a PlayStation controller as these are the albums made on Music2000 on PS1.... not to be outdone by Richards Novation synth, the boys are working with Sony on a PlayStation pad with a midi port. X4 👈🏻
  7. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0923985/
  8. Not much to add other than if you have a Korg Nu-Tek (or compatible unit) there is a FM engine from the Mutable Instruments Plaits - MO2 Fm for free over at the Korg site along with other ports. great sounding simple fm engine. A bit like the FM synth on the OP-1. Great having the fix section of the Nu-tek to run it through too.
  9. That is an insane price point when considering the Korg one is so much more. I wonder how this might effect sales of each product. Will people still buy the Korg one for whatever reason? I have some experience with a few of the new Behringer synths - the 808, neutron and Moog clone seem like decent build quality but I was horrified by the tacky plastic quality of the 303 - sound wise they are all decent though IMO Although I don’t really lust after mono synths that much these days I do hope they make a load of Buchla clones - a full Skylab system clone for
  10. Not in that way. Each sound can be copied over however many keys/notes you want and you need to pitch them accordingly. Like mapping a sampler across keys with multi samples.
  11. Actually now I’m reading it again I think it’s all just new firmware features which will work on the original.
  12. No - some unique features on this one
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