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  1. 😂 - we would have all sampled it if Technohead didn’t get there first!! I know Technohead might not be everyone’s cup of tea but they were also Tricky Disco, GTO, Church of Ecstasy etc and were released on Warp & Mokum Records. So respect from me 🫡 RIP Lee I just listened to The Bullfrog by GTO and it’s over 30 years old. Still sounds ace!!
  2. The most logical progression to me is Sean & Rob releasing a series of Max/MSP training videos on Coursera. By the end of the course you will have coded your own patch that will create your own personalised copy of Bull Wallet… Premium subscribers will get a bonus ‘Imodium’ patch that offers next level control of wet fart sounds and the hour long drone creator ‘all (bell)end’.
  3. I haven’t played ER for a while but YouTube often gives the best farming spots for runes if you need to go up a couple of levels to make it easier. if I can finish Elden Ring and get all the endings (I even completed the Melania story with summon help) then anyone can. I did have a few moments where I just laughed manically and put down the pad rather than launching it thru the tv but overall I really enjoyed it. I finished Return to Monkey Island yesterday… ending was a little disappointing but I like the other games and humour etc. Sable is my next fix - style looks great.
  4. When I first saw this I thought it was the new Korg drum machine 😂 Enjoy mate
  5. I live a mile or so from the Chase so this is gold for me. The other couple of episodes are worth watching too.
  6. Is this your video mate? for the first three minutes or so, it bordered on a bit harsh for me but then the sub level went up and a bit of FM and it all went gooey and lush….nice
  7. https://ibb.co/FgnrvYZ WATMM thinks I’m a biddy fiddler….
  8. I bought a cheap hang drum knock off from Amazon…. Wanted one for ages. Well happy with it 🥳
  9. Are you aware of what was causing you to shit blood? You managing that?? I have ulcerative colitis and from experience you can’t ignore that - in fact two weeks intensive care in hospital proved it beyond doubt. get it sorted man.
  10. I think it’s because ‘retro’ refers to the years you are mentioning. At that time it was ‘new’ so wouldn’t have been called anything different. People still referenced ‘the good old days’ back then and were probably talking about 30 years prior etc.
  11. Having a go at the FF7 Remake on PS5 - looks great and now they have given an alternative to turn based combat (button mashing hack n slash 👌🏼) I might be able to get stuck into the game. I also just finished the Dark Pictures Little Hope. Better than Man of Medan in my opinion but I’m not one for replaying games for different endings, so I guess I’m missing a lot of content. Still enjoyed it though. i also wanted to post on page 808 of this thread 😂
  12. It’s not that bad if you wait for sales etc The one offer that expires for black Friday in a few hours you can buy any 6 UAD plugins for £259 (£43.16 each) The big sales happen twice a year, so wait if you really wanted something.
  13. I watched an episode of the bbc musk documentary and lolled that the commie rocket guys flobbed on him 😂
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