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  1. Had to add cold water to my solar shower this weekend as it was scalding hot 😂 - I wish the uk had more sun as it’s great having free electricity and hot water.
  2. I prefer to have my one budget synth with a least a single oscillator but I’m liking the minimal design 😂
  3. A Plague Tale: Innocence - PS5 I don’t normally play stealth type games unless they have a more guns ablaze route but got it free with the PS Plus subscription this month. I stuck with it as it looks good and I’m enjoying it now. About half way thru I think.
  4. Not strictly from the window but you and at least see the window and imagine the rest yourselves 😂
  5. Was decent - a maple smoke beef, grilled halloumi and red onion chutney.
  6. No I don’t think so. It’s a husband and wife setup. I believe there is a collective working on their own version of the modifications but the original isn’t
  7. That LinnDrum clone has Digitakt’s display 😂
  8. Yeah - I like mine which has now got the custom option of loading the stomp boxes etc and amps - not legally but an option exists.
  9. I’m with you… check out my latest Tumble DryDM tune 😎 IMG_9356.MOV
  10. I’ve been using the Korg NTS as a little effect unit and it’s pretty lush - if you add some other ‘plugins’ some allow them to be added into the ‘wrong’ slots building some interesting chains. The stock effects are decent though and can be clocked in a few ways which makes it quite flexible for a small box. recommended
  11. Awful 😞 - prayers with him 🙏🏼
  12. Nice place to call home for a few nights… LP5 on stereo. Lamb and halloumi for bbq later 😎🏕
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