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  1. Great album and a perfect soundtrack to a weekend in iso
  2. Bummer that it had to come out in a time like this but it’s great to see that there are others in the Puget Sound area on this board. I’m down in Tacoma. Any word about the Squarepusher show at Neumos?
  3. Dang, and I just invested in the nerdseq. Polyend is top quality, though. I bought a perc when it first came out 3 years ago when it shipped with 3 beaters. Really well built and can do insane snare rolls.
  4. I got the mods for the ADA8200s. They're early models so I was only able to get the op amp and caps swapped. Made a night and day difference though. I started using them exclusively versus the aurora lynx's they were attached to as they sounded good enough.
  5. I have two that both have the black lion audio mods on them. They sound great for the money and it’s a cheap way to add I/o
  6. Most of his work tickles my cochlea and the hairs tend to rise, if you get my drift
  7. what's mannox in reference to? great track. reminds me of the imperial ring track
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