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  1. What if rich’s wife were one of those alias’?
  2. Makes sense as they lived together for some time. This should really be a larger thread like: sounds that rich and his friends have pinched from each other. Still feel like there’s a connection between Jodey Kendrick’s sample in Data Sync off of EDM A2 and the woman in Produk 29. Also, was listening today to Trackermatte, Rolando Simmons other project I think?, and heard a familiar sample in This track: https://trackermatte.bandcamp.com/track/prime-me-buttercup Could have sworn I heard that sample of what sounds like a kid is somewhere on Syro. s959tx16w maybe? Could hint at a larger collaborative process shared by rephlex artists and other mates.
  3. bandenoire

    Studio tour

    I imagine it would go a lot like this but richard will go temporarily mute and not say a word embracing his inner mimelord.
  4. Still boggles my mind as to how he made it. It has such a weird encoded sound to it. Equation too. Like it’s at 22k. A lot of people assumed it was a Kyma system and it seems possible but Im leaning more towards a Techno’s Acxel now that richard mentioned owning one in a sound cloud comment. It seems likely that he could feed all sorts of sounds through it and get that weird aliasing sound.
  5. Anything under “world’s loudest” search
  6. It’s also worth tuning every track back to body asynchronous, mind controlled 440 hz for you normies out there that don’t get it
  7. Just take 180db out of the Syro folder and place it in the the Orphaned Deejay Selek’s folder. And while there, take Midi pipe1c and put it in the CCAI pt 2 folder. Then all will be right as rain again.
  8. This is him talking about microtuning on SoundCloud in 2015 (before the monologue was announced). Seems as if talking about gear brings out the inner poochie the dog tone of voice. Dope
  9. Pretty sure he’s had a hand in tubbutec’s utune module. There’s a video somewhere where there’s an “afx” tuning loaded up. Not proof I know but given its the most extensive tuning module for eurorack, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some input on it. He also admitted to bugging Dave smith instruments to incorporate mt. And of course Sequentix. Polyend’s perc too seems to be designed off of his comment about having a portable solenoid beater set and he’s on their webpage endorsing it. Gear concepts for cash
  10. Rich is starting to give more artist endorsements for gear than Richard Devine. Not to complain though. This is much welcomed
  11. I’d rear his children
  12. I heard it for the first time in its entirety played over the pa at the gorge in eastern Washington. At pretty high spl too. It must have echoed over the Columbia river.
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