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  1. Has anyone else noticed that nearly all the vinyl and cds in the store are sold out? Fingers crossed they’re all getting reissued
  2. Any 24bit aphex release is much welcomed
  3. I’ve had 5 of the vcfs listed here. 🤔 now to go full spectrum detective on this Inquery.
  4. I remember him saying that he used multiple outs from a Doepfer vco to go to multiple Vcf’s. There would have been a limited number of modules from Doepfer around the time he worked on analord. I wonder which ones he had access to?
  5. Bodmin 1! The Bodmin set is a seriously overlooked set of gems
  6. Reminds me of the stuff Venetian Snares does with Joanne Pollack
  7. He said in the noyzelab interview that it was the Korg z1 doing a karplus-strong patch
  8. This might be the most cohesive thing toms done. I’d def pay for a legit 24bit wav with a cue or index file. Play that Warp 20 track on repeat ad nauseam.
  9. Maybe I’m nuts but I was listening to this again today and thought I heard something familiar in Thin Life. There’s a heavily modulated voice that comes in right before the 303 hits and continues in and out throughout the rest of the track that has a similar cadence to the Night Mail sample.
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