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  1. Got Seattle tix! It’ll be my third time seeing him in town. Saw him in 2003 or 2004 with Luke Vibert opening with a 3 hour dj set at Chop Suey. Tom came on really late and played until like 2 in the morning. It’s was incredible.
  2. Maybe tom and rich are getting into AI these days and taught it to render tracks in their stylings and out plopped AF028 in all of its derivativeness
  3. Listen to the opening of MFSIYFF and then listen to the opening of Last Rushup 10. Whoever it is is trying to imitate that vocal with the backwards silo reverb. Super silly if it’s just some person steeped in steinvord/tuss lore. I can see this record growing on me but it’s not really hitting on first listen.
  4. Robin Rimbaud of Scanner fame was kind enough to share some photos from Rich’s studio on the gram
  5. It’s really each unto their own. Will these be a passing fad? Possibly. if the company can’t find a way to market a $400 headphone to the general public then they’re history like any other audiophile trend. However, I’ve spent nearly 2 years with mine and love them. They have quirks for sure but they’re small compared to the overall experience. With Syro, I liken listening to it in its complete form is like going to 3 amusement parks in one day. It’s probably better to split it up over some time. Works better as two or three eps. I used to never make it to the end but started listening to papat4 and s950tx together on their own and added TXT1+4 ds8 flngchrods in with them and it works very well.
  6. The software makes a profile of your ear canal by playing noise and then recording the response using ultra sensitive mics. They then apply an impulse response with that profile to the headphones. So not really tuned eq but a fool proof impulse response tailored to your hearing.
  7. Yeah, they’re a game changer. It’s a bit like having a finely eq’d and tuned system wherever you go. It’s nice to have audiophile level audio at work or while traveling. I pair it with a fiio x3 and can get 24 bit 48khz audio streamed via Bluetooth. Listening to Drukqs on them is like a religious experience.
  8. He listed the equipment used on love 7 and where/when it was recorded on SoundCloud. I can’t remember exactly, and soundcloud is garbage on a phone, but I think he mentioned using either a Midas Venice or Soundcraft Ghost. Also was recorded around Tuss times despite being an analord bonus.
  9. I can’t recommend the nuraphones enough in this regard. The amount of detail that comes through on those headphones really takes syro Or really any of Rich’s work into another realm. It’s like studying a master painting up close.
  10. Not mixer related but while on the topic of saw ii, I thought it was interesting that rich said he was worried he would have had to bake the beta tapes in order to have a high quality copy of stone in focus. Wonder if he was for real dumping masters back then to beta. They have more width and thus more headroom than most tape formats.
  11. This is the one I think he mentioned: https://reverb.com/item/28011545-studiomaster-star-system-mixer-with-psu?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzqv2gNuV5gIVB8pkCh1ayQ-6EAQYASABEgILOfD_BwE&merchant_id=142808446&pla=1&utm_campaign=6481936488&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google
  12. Also, never underestimate the Boss Bx-8 or -16. Definitely has some charm and they’re cheap as hell. Only fault with it is that it has no mutes but otherwise a competent techno workhorse.
  13. Calreqs are definitely a special breed. In a class all of there own. Are you looking for a tone box or something with some flexibility in routing? Amek Tac’s are pretty versatile and have some decent pres. I think I saw ceephax use one on a video on his YouTube channel. Audix MXT’s are another less spoken about board that uses neve transformers and is a nice little sidecar.
  14. I got an 62/3 which is an early one before the 828. It’s six channels but I use it at the end of some other summing mixers and really like the sound of going into the Alice and it’s limiters. Mine has sowter transformers but they switched to belclaire shortly after which is the same that neve used. Def a magic box. They come up every now and then. I’d casually had a saved search going since 2008 and finally pulled the trigger on one last year. Not surprisingly, the amount they go for jumped after Syro’s gearlist published.
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