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  1. Can someone please make a Robin Williams film out of this? And to you, all love and good luck.
  2. Johnny outline musicians - breath people on nipples asphyxiate tempo - sitting eliminate great sides work your spinning fanfare edging the planes of corners from enough - their rhythms went complementary eradicating the full decline - limbs window against streets outside ripped and amused laughing but not sitting humanity doors - opened on pharmaceuticals guard psychic give - so maintained and replaced presence in a running universe orchestra arms, detailed smoking during accented moments assassins soundscape - the sitting existed entitled, was whips and floor retook - accompaniment of blood everything in mouths the eliminate clothes cosmonauts removed Johnny
  3. Staying alone in a zoom call on your smart phone using a business headset while walking your dog during your local corona curfew.
  4. You have a link to that article?
  5. 1*brrrzzzzz* need BIRBS!
  6. sounds like a boc background loop. not sure what the fuzz is about and why this thread is hot.
  7. Psychotronic

    afx nft

    That's what he sells. Confusion.
  8. Post the best reasons why you think that you are a degenerate.
  9. Was it musically structured? Please post notes charts. Results will be used to create a 20min multi instrument free jazz piece. Best regards from germany.
  10. You should never listen to recordings of Stockhausens music or to what he said. You should only read and play his compositions, by interpreting his weird notes yourself using only your voice as instrumentation. It helps to deal with daily anxiety attacks.
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