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  1. People talk about how Rob, Sean, and Richard are inaccesible
  2. Have we run out of butt jokes yet?
  3. He also said Liccflii was the first track done with Max
  4. Good track. Definitely no way anyone could misconstrue that track as an Autechre influence. That’s partly how I found them, by scoping out Aperture artists after Dilankex ep.
  5. This is what I was hoping for from post-elseq, AE_LIVE, NTS autechre kinetic off the bat
  6. Which thread are we in right now? The pizza smoothie shakedown thread? A parody of the equally relavent "NEED SOME GOOD MUSIC LIKE AUTECHRE" thread?
  7. Night Sky - JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek lead the way… it’s got a hinge but the sci fi element doesn’t even feel like the main thing during points edit: Speaking of JK Simmons — Counterpart is an insanely good show. Scientists accidentally open a door between two universes in 1980s Cold War Berlin and everyone who existed when it happened has a counterpart (haha!) on the other side
  8. I'm surprised, this is one of the first tracks I loved from elseq -- the squeeching electronic teets -- the plinkos are an intro to the huge dip throb half time beat
  9. Criminally late reply.. oh hell yeah to E2_E4
  10. Wow, that's a great hall regardless. Gonna look up some orchestral programs there. Autechre is playing a dang concert hall. I wonder what precipitated that.
  11. But the room this year is much bigger? interesting... I know it all comes down to the owners and promoters that know they can get a good turnaround.. must be a big demand up in Finland!! woot lol
  12. Were you at the Helsinki onesix show? Was it packed? Edit: sorry for the double post across pages
  13. Just realized I saw AE_NA in Denver fall 2014 - almost 8 years ago 💀
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