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  1. Don't forget there's another album on the way edit: the green album😁
  2. Single sessions are available on their personal store for $40 a pop
  3. Onesix didnt grab you because you used it as background music.... Do a deep listen of 'Helsinki'
  4. When Ae_Live first came out i was blastin it in my car and i picked up my dad to go somewhere he asked "is it SUPPOSED to sound like that?" Edit: Nah, pops, thats how we enjoy music these days.. by torturing it and putting the remainder thru a digital siev
  5. Wait, ya'll don't only listen to Ae to impress yourself with your own intelligence?
  6. Choice digs. I love the dolphin [echolocation] vibes at the beginning
  7. E0 with more artifacts is crunk af
  8. Sorry, havent been following the thread... Does anyone else realize Sean debuted a track in his "random" perusal thru his 'jam folder'?? 26:10 on 30.03.2020 autechre mixlr ('Yeah!') Also, notice how he cuts any of the onesix patches off right away....... Cmooooon Aeeeeee
  9. Ugh, this is the track that ruins the flow of every of these live sets, the only part that I don't like within these sets. If it wasn't for this track the sets would be perfection. I even made versions where this part it cut out so I can enjoy them this track is carefree af but you're right about ruining flow, I think that's why they completely revamped it for NTS sessions.
  10. You guys know Demilich?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh6KR2ZedtE
  11. Pics or GTFO I wasn't dressed up or in any of these pics but proof that this did actually happen. You know it's legit when the NY Post gets in there. And they for real played Tri Rep during the cocktail hour. http://untappedcities.com/2013/08/29/photos-from-bbq-films-recreation-of-the-fifth-elements-fhloston-paradise-about-a-luxury-yacht-in-nyc/ http://nypost.com/2013/08/30/fans-take-cult-fifth-element-off-the-screen-and-onto-the-deck-of-an-nyc-party-boat/ ... but where's the little robot to pat you on the back???
  12. Just like Acdwn2... gradually evolving/morphing iterations
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