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  1. tfw sophie slander on this forum 😞
  2. haha nice catch! yes i love his stuff so much!!
  3. what other gescom shows are there? preferably in soundboard quality
  4. i thought halloween is over 😳
  5. the orange one is dope, for some reason i’m imagining a yellowish lime green
  6. watmm link probably? also what do you think about changing the colors so its not a digital ep cover rip off? lol
  7. honestly dont know why people praise x4 so much. to me tm1 open was easily the most banging track on the album. looks like its the opposite of most peoples opinions lol. can anyone tell me why they love x4 so much?
  8. i thought "pre esc" so esc desc demo?
  9. its time to play these two together X4 (that title is an emoticon right)
  10. this is the best thing that could have happened lol
  11. yeah dude i felt the same, it also sounded like something ive made in the past
  12. that the quietus review is easily the best
  13. "initialization: the preparation of a computer or similar device for operation, in which diagnostic tests are run and the operating system is loaded" so a sign of things to come, rob just doesnt want to tell what is coming...
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