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Autechre Live 2024


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On 11/3/2023 at 10:18 AM, th555 said:

Yes! And OPN sunday on the same festival.

Just bought tickets. I really wanted to see OPN but wasn’t sure if he is worth going but now everything falls into place 😊

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2 hours ago, Mattthegoone said:

Other than Ae on Fri and OPN on Sun has there been any dates announced for other acts at this?

Yes you can filter by date here https://www.rewirefestival.nl/line/up/2024

(edit: such as The Necks on friday which I just saw in Utrecht this weekend and who were great)

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18 hours ago, eye said:


4 april, AB, Belgium. Guessing I’ll be cancelling my trip to Bali and start buying AE EU tickets

I want them to play at Bozar for once, instead of AB. Its concert hall has superb acoustics, some of the best worldwide (allegedly).


It would bring together my favourite architect and band.

Some interesting trivia: the top balcony of this concert hall is at street level, which means the entire hall was built downwards. This was done to limit the overall height of the building (a museum and concert hall) in order to guarantee the nearby royal palace an unobstructed view of Brussels.

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