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  1. i mean, the real credit should go to zeffolia
  2. old arca > new arca. regarding the trans discussion: i dunno, i'm of two minds about it. if prominent people didn't put their HBTQism on display, we wouldn't have the visibility/acceptance we have today. think of the pride parade. then again we're usually here for the music, not their identity. also identitarianism aint cool anymore, but when i half-jokingly said the same thing about feminism i got facepalm react(s). it's pretty true though.
  3. i mean he's just showing us what everyone else is wearing during their zoom meetings
  4. initially i couldn't decide whether it was somewhat of a tech-bro parody or not, but they really redeemed themselves with the messiah thing and the ending
  5. stoked about this. loved named
  6. citing abstracts isn't really helping. either way neither the abstracts nor the full article by bonetti and costa make any mention of control for socioeconomic status, which correlates with both IQ and level of education. therefore it's very likely to also be predictive of your cultural capital and thus also your taste in music. am not saying this is the case, but that most of the above research and reasoning is flawed. the last article mentions a similar thought
  7. splbt


    yeah well i painted myself into another corner and i'd rather not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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