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  1. i thought it was gonna be a trailer for a comedy series based on the first scene being ridiculous and nick offerman being in it also, 2015 called and wanted its subject matter back
  2. honestly, the bl3 story IS annoying, and that's coming from somebody who doesn't care much for the previous titles. it reads like a shitty YA novel. the gameplay is great though, and theorycrafting builds, to the extent that it's possible this early into the game, is always fun. it's still a bit rough around the edges, with too many loot pieces being world drops, but in due time it'll be even better. no doubt. gearbox is patching a lot of community requested issues
  3. I havent but ive read good things. Didnt know it had level generation til now though. Would you rec it?
  4. been going over which "chill indie game" to buy (on ps4, preferably) for a while now. so LF help. in no particular order i'm considering the following: 1) terraria: seems a bit time-consuming and too sandboxy (this is the reason i'm not considering stardew valley), but who knows 2) enter then gungeon: never on sale as it seems, which makes it equally expensive/cheap to bloodborne, which i might then just as well buy, and i dont feel like buying both right now. don't want to spend that much time gaming and i'd rather not extend some sort of backlog 3) children of morta: feeling lukewarm about this, but it's new and i guess it might be fun 4) moonlight: as above 5) some point n click stuff that works (well) on a macbook air like obra dinn or into the breach, but again i'd rather use the ps4 man this is hard... any recommendations? i'd prefer stuff with randomly generated levels and well-made gameplay over, say, story, as it maintains replayability might just end up getting BB... had a great time with ds3. but it's obviously far from what i initially intended
  5. man i just can't get into NMS long term cause base building seems to require so much effort. have basically explored and done missions for 50h until the lack of variety got to me. am happy for the people enjoying the constant building updates though
  6. no it'll be dead and gone before that happens
  7. ^ nice, two of my absolute favourites
  8. found it... between the sheets by isley brothers. had been thinking about it all day and found it the third time i scoured the comment section for hints lol edit: hold on, might not be it..... if anybody got some suggestions i'd happily hear em
  9. can anyone tell me which song these first few seconds remind me of? going mad over here
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    i mean nothing beats the biebs writing his bio at 16, but then again hating on bieber is almost as old as his book. i remember being absolutely floored when i heard about it though lol
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    inlaws gave me ed snowden's biography titled "permanent record" this weekend, which was actually thoughtful cause they know i think we live in a society, but holy shit––these the worst 200 pages i've ever skipped (i mainly read the last 100 out of 300, which were about NSA rather than himself). now, i usually shy away from bio:s cause i suspect them to be self-absorbed bullshit and boy oh boy was i right this time. who the fuck told eddie that anybody at all is interested in whatever life lessons this or that video game taught him (which, by the way, i highly suspect are just rationalizations), that his mom is a descendant from american settlers, or that his then-gf-now-wife (who also seems like an absolute dork) is/was a pole dancer? cause i pray it wasn't the 9 month long writer's course he apparently took in anticipation of writing this crap. never have i ever seen so many one-sentence cliff hanger paragraphs (i.e. "i had no idea how wrong i was" or some shit like that). it was like reading a high school over-dramatization of nothing at all. after suffering through the odd pages i had to read to establish that i hadn't missed anything pertinent, the take home message was basically that NSA is literally looking at your nudes and that GDPR is good.
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