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  1. made my second batch of kimchi and its damn good
  2. ^ that's because it is. currently lowkey rationalizing my saying no to every request for me to come in to work with the idea that working = playing into the hands of the man
  3. splbt


    did you know that this absolute unit of an album is on your spotify page? ps ur music is gr8
  4. i'd like to know what cwmbrancity actually does for work, cause i can't make any sense of their posts. archaeology? some sort of mental health work? customer service? makes me doubt myself and feel like i need to work on my reading comprehension
  5. while i agree on the point i think you're making that crying ideology isn't going to change a thing, there is a case to be made that literally everything (and, thus, in one sense, nothing) is capitalism in the sense that capitalism is a maintenance of unequal distribution of power and wealth. paid work is capitalism, consumerism is capitalism, public services are in essence based on capitalist models of business. it's so deeply entrenched even socialist (and, to concede a point, communist) legislation and reforms are capitalism in the sense that they maintain the status quo of inequality. in that sense, everything which is bad in societies really is because of this vague notion of capitalism. like water to fish it's just as vague as it is ubiquitous. it's just that there are mediating factors. repression of human rights--ostensibly in the name of communism/politics/the state, while in reality it is in order to maintain power--is just one of them
  6. you know, i didn't really mind that bit myself. liberal right wing swedes are roughly equivalent to obama/hillary voters though
  7. used to work as a salesman* for a company whose USP was that it donated its revenue to charity, which was a bit of an oddity in the energy business. safe to say it became quite a cultish atmosphere where internal critique and differences of opinion weren't really allowed. i remember one employee leaving the lunch table close to crying cause she felt she wasn't welcome as a right wing voter. either way there was this salespeople meeting when i said that when i had trouble motivating myself i'd like to envision people i could approach having (the swedish equivalent to) a $20 bill (our commission per sale) on their forehead. my boss just looked at me like i was the biggest jerk on the planet. i wish i'd had the guts to speak my mind about how we were all just here for the paycheck, charity and whatever noble purposes or not, and that we'd all quit this job if we had an option. went on to become manager myself lol. the things you do for money... *approached people on the street. very soul sucking and degrading in hindsight. selling shit people don't want is the absolute worst
  8. ^ a true disciple of scott's anarchist calisthenics
  9. been reading some critical theory about work, which–considering the average employee wastes several hours a day, many of them browsing porn (suboptimal source, but hey, fite me), and that service employees, as a group, steal more than shoplifters every year–got me thinking it'd be interesting to hear if and how all y'all perceive and manage workplace boredom, general feelings of deprivation, etc. etc... there'd be reason to believe these stories more often than not remain untold, and that they should see the light of day. if not for finding common ground and solace, then at least for our entertainment i'll start: on the odd occasion that i do go to work (still studying), i'd estimate i spend more than 50% of each workday on cyberloafing/just passing time by, like, walking around, just waiting to go home. on a previous office job i made a habit of "working from home" when there was simply nothing left to do. back when i was in retail i also stole underwear (lol) and, together with another employee, found $50 under the till that we split between the two of us. i also used to refuse wearing the designated brand clothing because it was just so fucking ugly. one day the regional manager walked in, looked at my sneakers, and then at my boss, who apologized and later chided me for making him look bad by not having control over his subordinates. the following weeks the manager passed by much more often than normal, presumably to monitor me. that same company also tried to dump my weekly hours below what my contract allowed, forcing me to talk to management and snitch in order to afford rent. but i suppose the latter aint so much workplace resistance as the rest is how about you? are you reading this at work? what else do you do to the man™? any fun/silly acts of insubordination? and yes, we do live in a society
  10. i am, on ps4 though. having a great time with no issues at all. shitty reviews on ps4 metacritic seemed, at least a couple of days ago, completely due to couch coop player issues that made tons of people rate it 0.
  11. happy they went on to do great things
  12. ^ i sort of remember posting i couldn't get into it, though i might've dreamt that. 30 hours played later and i'm loving it. great game. first metroidvania and i'm kind of afraid none other will live up to my now high expectations
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