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  1. ^ i sort of remember posting i couldn't get into it, though i might've dreamt that. 30 hours played later and i'm loving it. great game. first metroidvania and i'm kind of afraid none other will live up to my now high expectations
  2. yeah my friend said he just hates selfies in general. for sure. getting fired over it being a tad worse, i suppose
  3. ^ lol there's a jacket, too, isn't there? which reminds me... a year or two ago a friend of a friend allegedly got fired from a full-time position as a booker cause she took a selfie with jeff mills. that's a fwp if i ever heard one
  4. splbt


    cool, appreciate it! edit: now it's working lol
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    utorrent, but it either says the link isn't a valid torrent url or just accepts it without doing anything /shrug
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    manmower your link aint working for me. anything special to it?
  7. Happy to see a lot of people concurring with over-medicalisation and -pathologisation being an issue. However I especially agree with goDel. I've met quite a few people like this at work and many of them actually do end up needing hospitalisation due to bouts of lability and the occasional violence, if not malnutrition or other reasons more harmful/dangerous to themselves than others. What also needs to be taken account when reading stories about "abnormal" people being what seems to be maltreated by psychiatry and whatnot, is that healthcare institutions are bound by secrecy and therefore can't contribute at all to the story. I'm not saying this is what happened, but it is pretty easy to paint a victimising and romanticising picture of a patient, considering nobody informed can contradict whatever story is being told. Happens every time you see these stories in media. Especially in cases of medical restraint. For instance: in what manner did he try to "break out" of the hospital? Or, what goDel said, what is really meant by hearing voices of the natural world? Of course, it could be argued that if he was wrongly hospitalised he had some kind of a right to defend himself, but it could just be anosognosia, which is quite common among psychotic patients. How on earth did he manage to escape 30 times though... times have changed. response to below: heh sorry/thanks. i considered linking to it but it ruined my post aesthetics
  8. i think the real question here is whether he was driving a car at all
  9. anyone given babylon berlin a shot? heard it's good
  10. velocity:design:comfort got me into IDM and it's still one of my absolute favourite albums. was surprised to find him mentioned so seldom when searching and wanted to give him some well-deserved praise. i mean, how can you not absolutely love this? every album is amazing. share your sweet trip favourites
  11. ^ honest chuckle Burt Bacharach
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    ^ been thinking of re-reading blood meridian as i read it more as a recommendation than of my own will. good to hear it holds up. was kinda compulsive about reading at that time (and still am, i suppose) and didn't really let myself enjoy it broke my no-long-books spree and picked up the second volume of the man without qualities AND infinite jest at the same time. don't know if i am to laugh or cry
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