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  1. ^ nice, two of my absolute favourites
  2. found it... between the sheets by isley brothers. had been thinking about it all day and found it the third time i scoured the comment section for hints lol edit: hold on, might not be it..... if anybody got some suggestions i'd happily hear em
  3. can anyone tell me which song these first few seconds remind me of? going mad over here
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    i mean nothing beats the biebs writing his bio at 16, but then again hating on bieber is almost as old as his book. i remember being absolutely floored when i heard about it though lol
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    inlaws gave me ed snowden's biography titled "permanent record" this weekend, which was actually thoughtful cause they know i think we live in a society, but holy shit––these the worst 200 pages i've ever skipped (i mainly read the last 100 out of 300, which were about NSA rather than himself). now, i usually shy away from bio:s cause i suspect them to be self-absorbed bullshit and boy oh boy was i right this time. who the fuck told eddie that anybody at all is interested in whatever life lessons this or that video game taught him (which, by the way, i highly suspect are just rationalizations), that his mom is a descendant from american settlers, or that his then-gf-now-wife (who also seems like an absolute dork) is/was a pole dancer? cause i pray it wasn't the 9 month long writer's course he apparently took in anticipation of writing this crap. never have i ever seen so many one-sentence cliff hanger paragraphs (i.e. "i had no idea how wrong i was" or some shit like that). it was like reading a high school over-dramatization of nothing at all. after suffering through the odd pages i had to read to establish that i hadn't missed anything pertinent, the take home message was basically that NSA is literally looking at your nudes and that GDPR is good.
  6. if the first bars don't catch your attention you're outta here
  7. nice. been getting into jeff parker from tortoise today
  8. psa: realizing this became much longer than i intended it to be, but hopefully somebody's interested lol. i'm trying to make the point that people (myself included) aren't having fun in games anymore. maybe the reasoning isn't bulletproof, but i'm sensing there's at least something there. could be wrong, ofc. so to the point... is anybody playing wow classic? i'm not, it's just i read yesterday on how the introduction of the honor/ranking system* has made every pvp server an absolute unplayable shithole--at least for the minority faction (there are two factions), and at least according to reddit players (who, of course, are a certain segment of the population)--where you're constantly getting ganked by groups of like 40 players who camp your corpse til you log out. i read somebody saying that (i'm paraphrasing) "sure, these people are 'doing pvp' in the sense that they're killing the opposing faction, but in reality they're not really interested in pvp as a measure of skill or relatively fair combat, but solely as a way of getting gear" (that they probably won't even pvp in, but who knows...). opposing players are literally being treated as npc:s to farm, and to nobody's surprise this makes them quit the game. it's simply no fun anymore. *basically: ranking up due to pvp in the open world and designated pvp areas called battlegrounds; higher ranks gives better gear etc. etc. as the story goes, some blizzard official said "you think you want wow classic, but you don't", to which everyone replied that they, in fact, did. and so blizzard announced wow classic as a remaster with very few, albeit some, changes that affected the game in any meaningful way. at the end of the day, that is. layering seems to have a made a difference, but this doesn't really pertain to the point i'll be trying to make, so i'm not bothering with that now. one of the things that remained unchanged was the very same grind-inducing honor system that basically makes it impossible to gain the highest ranks unless you're playing like 18 hours a day. which very few people want to do, obviously. so in a way it's reasonable that they're trying to decrease the grind. aaaanywho, the wow classic of today seems to have become something very far from what it was back during release. the above being one of the things that are new to the scene. i assume lots of people have this pink nostalgic shimmer around their wow classic memories, but i seriously doubt nostalgia can account for the massive difference in player experience between the old vanilla wow and the current wow classic. in short, people are doing everything from exploiting, or at least (ab)using game mechanics (layering, for instance) to gain an unintended advantage (i.e. faster leveling) to the seemingly less harmful way of playing the game with a very cynical mindset. now the latter is what i'm concerned with here. after having played on a couple of private servers in anticipation of classic i noticed the same thing: people are extremely, and i really do mean extremely, selfish and really do disregard the rest of the community in a way that really didn't remind me of the helpful spirit that was classic. i also observed this attitude in how people tried to undermine and shittalk rivalling private servers (players, not only server hosts, did this) in order to lessen their traction and get more players to their own server. this general selfishness is mainly why i didn't get on the hype train and never bought the game. this morning i was reading the sacha baron cohen thread, when classic sprung to mind. might not be the right thread for this, but my thesis here is that we're seeing the same cynical shit that's been going on in the political sphere lately in our very daily lives----it's finally trickled down from the mindfucking ad corporations of the 30s (if you haven't read about edward bernays or watched the documentary "century of the self" i highly recommend you to do so) to the general population. cynism has finally invaded our very own personal sphere-of-fun. and i can't say i'm immune to it. i've also gotten the bad habit of playing games somewhat "cynically", more intended on finishing them, often sort of speedrunning, than i am on enjoying them. not sure if that's a cynical way of playing a game, but it's less fun, anyways, and some habits die hard you know. to counter my point, i've also heard that the wow classic world pvp isn't as much of an issue on the lesser populated servers. but mind you i'm not saying that's the only issue i'm raising. the general trend is that people are less interested in enjoying the game and more interested in winning it (which, btw, literally can't be done in wow). if i've got a point, wow classic is just one example. so... is anybody playing or interested in wow classic? have you experienced the above? or does this "winning > fun"-sensibility pertain to other online games, or just games in general, more than it used to? is this due to the big bad orwellian man brainwashing us to become less human? (jk, or not...) PS please reality check me if i'm thinking way too hard about this. i've had a lot of time off these days
  9. i'm just here to find out which releases'll make me the cool kid on the block
  10. lol he gave me fallout 4 not 76. crisis averted
  11. yeah the kotaku article didn't really put a damper on my suspicions. seems the whinery is correct. i was pretty disgusted myself when i heard about the paid subscription ordeal. and something about new players being shredded by higher leveled, experienced and geared players in pvp?
  12. am mostly wondering if it takes a lot of time to get into and learn as i've got other games im already interested in. i've gathered there's something about base building? could never get into that part in NMS and i doubt i would in another game, so what's there left to do? exploring? oh and thanks squee, didn't see your reply before posting this
  13. anybody tried fallout 76? lately? friend gave it for my birthday and everything i've read is that it's absolute trash and bethesda is a greedy company etc. etc. but then again gamers are whiny as shit (see the response to HL) ps never played any fallout myself so comparisons won't help much
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