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  1. Looks interesting. That Joe Exotic guy was in a Louis Theroux episode about dangerous pets, funny fellow.
  2. Demanding population has blood on its hands.
  3. Zany indeed, I even heard they were using an ice rink as temporary morgue someplace
  4. NTS is indeed overwhelmingly vast, so far only a handful of tracks have become familiar enough to allow for immersion/enjoyment. These days it's been Shimripl casual, love it to bits and can't get enough of it. It's like the product of hi tech recording equipment left to run in the jungle of some marshy planet.
  5. Can't you just hang out in smaller groups?
  6. 'Hello Sin' sauce
  7. I heard that 'hoi' is sometimes used as a greet in Holland. Hoisin sauce.
  8. How do these compare to Mr. Donut in Japan?
  9. Same here (apart from the paying bit) 😛
  10. This is annoying the hell out of me too. I wish they'd distinguish between crowds and just being outside in open spaces. With a smart enough populace this would come naturally; people wouldn't crowd together, but would still be able to move around outdoors at good distance from each other. Not that I'm gonna let these rules keep me from going out, biking etc. Just annoying that we're made to feel guilty/paranoid about doing something that's absolutely fine. But once again everyone is at the behest of the hoarding and panicking idiots. Lowest common denominator sets the agenda as usual.
  11. ooqpoo

    Rob pls

    Pls Rob (&Sean) avoid getting infected by staying home and making musics with your wonderful equipment for the next couple of months.
  12. I know it's always to possible to just stay home & call in sick or whatever, but are there any corona specific laws in place that allow people the right to self isolate, without repercussions from work, if they feel it's necessary?
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