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  1. The worst thing by far aboot this pandemic thang has been the no traveling deal. Pullin up anchor and headin out into el mundo somewhere, even for just a long weekend, is a high positivity boost and one that a guy can ride out the rest of the year on. Restrictiones, together with hopes of adventure hols, seem to be a gradually liftin i.e Good Thangs ahead.
  2. bollocks to Oneotrix point Hipster. Good Time was a dam good time
  3. Creep 1 & 2 were both above average found footage films n' very enjoyable. Made it 20 mins into the new Wrong Turn before deciding to revisit the early ones instead (the first two are solid) This rainy weekend spent chilliin in Andy Sidaris' 1990s Hawaii utopia land with Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Picasso Trigger and Hard Hunted
  4. Reboot of Leaving Las Vegas starring Jim Lahey as the self destructive drunk and Randy as the kid turning tricks on the streets.
  5. With the whole situation and social distancing, people seem to go more out of their way to acknowledge each other and be nice. There's a kind of can do attitude and 'we're all in it together' feel. Reminds me a bit of my grandmother's endless tales of how folks knuckled down and got through hard times during the war. And honestly I'm quite enjoying the whole mask wearing thing. I have a tendency to strain my mouth/face muscles when out and about around people and the mask provides a cosy level of privacy. In that regard, I think I'd be pretty happy being a muslim woman ^^
  6. Alone (2020) Tense stalker type thriller, nothing original but does it almost perfectly. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt7711170/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_3
  7. ooqpoo

    SIGN or PLUS?

    I'm down with a combo of the two being the way to go. Playlist in progress. I'm enjoying the sentimental ambienty tracks over the more beaty ones, though the long form tracks that combine both are p ace. We've been blessed with our sean pls albums, is a double whammy of 'rob pls' on the horizon?
  8. si00 = chasing around after elusive water globules at night on an empty, immaculately maintained, floodlit sports field
  9. ae cum alive in the dark. close yo eyes, rest yo braaain n' watch it creepin' up, on tha empty horizon of yo mind, it comin at ya like an encroachin' storm at nite, yo feel alrite.
  10. Kid A brings back memories. The anticipation of where they were gonna go after Ok Computer and the sobering suprise that was Kid A. Such an autumny album, warm yet distant and subdued. SIGN also seems to have that wistful autumny feel to it. It's also ten years since Oversteps, which was similarly a relatively short release with more focus on chill than bangers.
  11. Enjoyed my first listen. Track 3 and 4 got me into a cosily ominous trance. Track 6 felt like I was looking at a sprawling city at night from a skyscraper terrace. Closing track is lush on lush. It's nice to have a little mellow gem like this following NTS. In a way feels like their Tomorrow's Harvest.
  12. dilankex remix is a rollercoaster of a track AE_LIVE still hasn't really clicked, it's so abstract and disjointed can't find the groove! same goes for onesix 😕
  13. re the backwards theme, do you think SIGN backwards is something? What is NGIS?
  14. It's all so darn good. Given a desert island disc type situation, it'd have to be NTS for the variation and size.
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