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  1. It's all so darn good. Given a desert island disc type situation, it'd have to be NTS for the variation and size.
  2. It gives me an odd but pleasing sensation of simultaneously moving fast and slow, but kind of fucks me up if I fall asleep to it ^^
  3. going by post Oversteps album art, I think Rob&Sean probably agree with you on that
  4. being thrown in at the deep end seems like a theme on Untilted, then the tracks gradually taper off into something more chilled e.g lcc, augmatic disport, ipacial section, the trees, sublimit.
  5. Yes. The whole cloud thing always rubbed me the wrong way. It's nice to have your stuff on a gadget that isn't linked to anything other than when you link it by USB to fill it up with tunes.
  6. Spotify was terrible to begin with, now it's big, greedy AND crap. I don't understand why anyone would use Spotify when there's so many better options available; good old Piratebay, Bandcamp etc. or the artists very own website are way better. And listening to music from a phone is odd in the first place too unless it's YouTube or something which can't always be readily converted to mp3 and put on an mp3 player.
  7. ooqpoo

    Sean pls

    The only cure for corona is more Autechre. Sean "pen" expers and Rabbi Brown, pls empty the bowels of your magic sound machines upon us. PlOx.
  8. (big) salad of baby spinach, tomatos, cucumber, flaky cheddar and a can o' premium tuna + Italian dressing, washed down with an ice cold coke (canned). Afterwards munched on some cheese n' onion Pringles until the can of coke was empty.
  9. 'The Stranger' a possibly lesbian girl who looks like a sexy troll runs around all sneaky in a baseball cap, revealing family secrets to people and sometimes blackmailing them. Setting is upper middleclass southern England - lots of strained facial expressions and pent up frustration. Some of the situations seemed a little far fetched and a very low budget car chase scene which will bring a smile to the face of American viewers (limeys can't do car chases) the same goes for an on foot chase scene that went on for way too long. All in all good though. Morishly suspenseful in that British thriller way and short enough in length so as not too drag on too much. Perfect for a Saturday down with the flu.
  10. Camping out in nature and having a bonfire is Grandfather Law. I think it's Sweden and/or Norway that do it right by being cool with camps as long as it's a couple hundred meters or so from a road. Nice to see a country that puts some trust in its citizens. Elsewhere it's a shame a few gotta ruin it for the rest.
  11. No doubt it is, but that number has not suddenly skyrocketed to where it is now, actually had been floating around the 1000 mark for the last few years at least. I don't think it's unrealistic to surmise that the coronavirus situation and the general worldwide malaise and confusion caused by Trump's escalating madness have had a large impact on the scale and spread of these riots.
  12. Yeah, I know what you mean. I can't help but wonder to what degree Trump/corona frustration etc. is fuelling the fire of these protests.
  13. Good explanation! I still hope they come up with a better slogan though. I know folks of all colours n' creeds are coming together on this, but 'Black Lives Matter' is pretty condescending no? Like that should be a given, and those who for whatever backward reasons disagree won't change their minds just like that. These fascist pigs and their supporters need all the pummeling they can get.
  14. Is police brutality really so widespread? I mean I know it's a thing and all but the sheer size and amount of violence of the protests seems somehow disproportionate and counterproductive. Has it turned into a kind of general protest against whatever, for everyone and their mothers to partake in to vent various frustrations?
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