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  1. Hail Satan? I love these ragtag satanistas and their shenanigans.
  2. I quit immediately after reading about those deaths. I think I was subconsciously waiting for something like this to crop up and make me quit. I'm weak willed with this kind of stuff and I'd vape all day. First thing I consumed in the morning and last thing before bed, plus throughout the day at work etc. It's just way too convenient causing me to be way too jacked up on nicotine all the time. I've switched back to cigs, smoke around 5 a day and feel much better than when I was compulsively reaching for the sugary puff stick. Not sure if it's linked, but I've also gained some much needed weight in the last week, feel fuller and calmer.
  3. How about a small fine for any insubordination, a kind of community swear box. Pay up or risk banishment. But I'm sure you're also proud of the site sometimes? Hopefully it balances out, evensteven.
  4. column thirteen is one of the most beautiful things they've ever done. It's like sitting in warm summer rain and watching as the wind gently manipulates the flowers, tree branches and moves through the fields in waves. It always gives me the good shivers, calming and makes me feel effortlessly connected with my surroundings. And that's without any drugs, man 😛
  5. ooqpoo

    elseq 1-5

    I put those long elseq and NTS tracks in singular folders and listen to each track as a release on its own.
  6. What's not to like? Well, apart from the music. Should've been a porn star she seems very sexually intelligent, goddess of the underworld style
  7. ooqpoo


    Agreed. The idea is interesting in itself, like the ideas in a Philip K. Dick story are interesting and exciting, but not something I'd particularly want to experience. Not sure that more invasive technology is what the world needs right now, seems to be far too much room for misuse.
  8. Autechre are probably the one and only band that I have full faith in always coming up with something that I will (eventually) warm to. Was listening to some Exai earlier today at the beach (jatavee is such an awesome beach track!) and nodeszh always gets me into this weirdly sexual dance routine (hip thrusting to those recurring twin beats) and these tracks still sound so dam fresh (and short!) after listening to NTS. I wonder if they'll continue in the elseq NTS vein or perhaps begin a new "cycle" of sorts? Whatever kind of crazy maze they drop us into next, I know I'll eventually be cavorting around in it like a merry loon.
  9. A degree of wariness is always healthy, but I don't think you need to worry too much, friend. Isn't the notion of impending doom something that's always been an inherent trait to us as a race? We've gotten through much worse things in the past than crap politicians.
  10. I think that animals half expect us to hunt and eat them, food chain and all that. What they don't understand is that we put them through stages of prolonged suffering before killing them. The meat industry is bad like factories and the like are bad, they're greedy money making schemes taken too far. We've definitely gotten into Mother Nature's black book with the way we treat animals and nature in general. I think she liked us much better when we were running around half naked, bewildered and spending half the day hunting an animal that had a fair chance against it's odd, furless predator. I eat meat. But always feel kind of guilty doing so, especially at the supermarket seeing the rows of chicken breasts, steaks etc. A little dark cloud always comes over me. Then I think everything else in the supermarket is just the same. All mass produced stuff. It's probably too late to get away from everything being mass produced, but it probably would be better all in all if they started mass producing some kind of ersatz meat instead of causing the suffering of animals. I had an amazing burger from a veggie joint that was indistinguishable from the 'real' thing, all the taste explosions without the bloated feeling afterwards. Maybe one day we'll look back on those 'dark days of meat industry' in the same way we look back on witch hunting, slavery and other times in history when evil doings were accepted as the norm. Or maybe it's too embedded in our ways and we'll just continue chomping on obliviously.
  11. Fleabag was great, but was there just a little too many shots of her looking wryly at the camera? Caught up with the latest Black Mirror. Really enjoyed Striking Vipers. Great episode that had the euphoric, heady feeling I remember from watching some of the early episodes. Not too preachy or dystopian, more a fun and optimistic study of balancing a kink with normal life and making it work.
  12. I didn't know this was a thing, Vitual Novel games? But this Doki Doki Literature Club https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doki_Doki_Literature_Club! popped up on my steam rec list. It was described as horror, not suitable for minors etc, yet it had this totally candy coated cutesy Anime look. Was surprised at how much it drew me in. You are invited by a kooky female friend to join a literature club with 3 other girls, and get to know them from a series of flirtatious conversations. You can impress them by picking words that correspond to a specific girls' personality traits when choosing words to make your own poem. It gradually gets into dark psychological territory and the ending I reached was depressing to put it mildly. I wouldn't mind trying out some more of this type of text based games, kinda nice to have a little collapsable story window to dip into now and then. Found this one which looks p interesting https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Dark
  13. I remember thinking it was kind of the EP7 of that era. Bit of a mixed bag. Cep puiqMX stands out as exceptionally bonkers. The London Boys track is ear porn. As always great sounds abound, like a blend of Quaristssss and Überplopps. 6852 was the perfect culmination of this sound style.
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