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  1. ooqpoo

    Rare pics of Ae

    Imagine Sean, Ian and Karl going to the same school unaware of each other and that one day they would form the tri force of MonkeyManc genius
  2. ooqpoo

    Rare pics of Ae

    Sean looks extra happy in this photo too. I wonder who the lucky chap by his side is?
  3. Saw a group of niqab wearers today out in the sun and I realised I've ever seen a niqab wearer wearing sunglasses? Burka wearers probably wouldn't need sunglasses, but what an awesome fashion accessory nonetheless, adding an extra layer of intrigue to an already mysterious look.
  4. NTS must have been a hard thing to follow up, yeh. I guess going the opposite direction with small releases was the only way, hopefully they're ramping up again tho
  5. still feel kinda lukewarm on these two, I blame NTS. Hoping time and possibly next release (soon?) will change that! currently have esc desc Metaz form8 r cazt on loop for evening walks with doge, so good for these autumn days
  6. ooqpoo

    draft 7.30

    the only album i know that feels like it's desperately trying to power through a debilitating bout of constipation, in a good way.
  7. Arnold's Pizza Shop condones the pineapple, adding 'whatever floats your boat baby'
  8. do the boys unanimously think it's cheesy? Or is it mainly Sean. Cause I could picture Rob basking in some Amber while doin the dishes.
  9. ....fishsticks I just had a lovely pizza courtesy of arnold's pizza shop
  10. The Cadbury's Flake Bar Fail Saga continues. Not only was the drink a disaster (congealed flavorless muck) but now the remnants of the last two bars, which we decided to bring along on a beach picnic, were upon opening, immediately taken by the wind and now lie strewn o'er yonder the salty reaches On a lighter note, Cheeto's Cheddar Jalapeño Crunchies are the bomb.
  11. Imagine the shock and dismay I endured upon inspecting the multipack of Cadbury's Flake bars i bought last Thursday afternoon, when I discover they are uniformly pulverized beyond recognition. Although the joys of a Flake bar in no small way are down to their unique flakeyness, the satisfyingly dry and airy crumble ought never to occur prior to consumption. The handling of the brown gold requires a degree of care similar to that of priceless chinaware. One would be a fool, however, to allow dire situations as this to dampen ones mood, and I intend therefore not to allow my frame of mind to suffer a fate similar to that of the chocs, and have decided to make a delicious mug of coco from their powdery remains
  12. Hotel Coolgardie entertaining fly on the wall docu on the misadventures of two Finnish girls working in a bar in the Australian outback
  13. quite enjoyed first season of the white lotus
  14. ^yeah! when he got his wings i thought it was going to be a tale of how the bat came to be ^^
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