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  1. for the longest time I always pictured an intense rite of passage by some tribe deep in the jungle last few times it's sounded like viewing a cross section of a weird, complicated machine in full swing, and then zooming in on each moving part depending where you train your gaze so to speak, but then it has that recurring crowd cheering like at a sports stadium or something. A really fun, bonkers track, man!
  2. Imagine actually thinking that the whole thing is some kind of veiled, mass bio attack. Must be scary shit, like a real, living horror film unfolding before your eyes. I remember having a moment while queing for my first vaccine, where the whole thing felt a little ominous. People queing in nervous silence for this new vaccine against a mysterious virus. But what do the ones who are against the vaccines say about all the other vaccines that exist, ones they probably got as kids and have proved to be safe and spared them of things like measles, hooping cough etc? I can understand a degree of concern regarding the whole thing, but what I don't get is the aspect of mistrust that seems to be fuelling it, the idea that there is malicious intent involved.
  3. Fried Barry. Imagine 'Bad Boy Bubby' with drugs n' ufos, infused with Troma style degeneracy. Mad shit. Boys From County Hell. Wholesome, charming fun Irish comedy/horror flick in the vein of Shaun of the Dead.
  4. I remember feeling empathy for the Waco guys, and even moments of being charmed by the Heaven's Gate lot while watching those docus, but this pair of sinister charlatans and their schtick was entirely repulsive on every level. And what's more, the church is still going http://www.alamoministries.com/content/english/
  5. more like a first world mystery. The three cup holders in my car were all about a quarter full of water when i got in it this morning, almost exactly the same amount of water in each cup holder. It had been raining during the night, but all the car windows were shut (i made of point of double checking the previous afternoon, cause the forecast was for heavy rains). I didn't look down before plonking my vaporiser into one of them, and the water caused it to conk out for about thirty minutes. Also, the night before, my hair trimmer suddenly stopped working for no reason (fully charged) but started working the next day. For a minute there I thought I was going to have to buy a new vaporiser and a new trimmer. close shave.
  6. Prior to the whole Harvey Weinstein debacle I'd no idea who the guy was. Now I'm gradually realizing just how many good flims the old codger was involved in. From Tarantino to Eli Roth, Kevin Smith and a handful of up and coming horror talents helped on their way. I can't help but wonder if the current Hollywood scene would've been slightly less stagnant had he still been in the bizzo, workin his movie magic.
  7. I'm looking forward to my second pfizerino in two weeks, and to see whether the extreme sense of relaxation, bordering in the narcotic, I felt on the evening of my first shot was a fluke coincidence or possibly linked to the old pfizzy pfizer. I may require several more doses for this experiment, so bribing the kind old nurse in the wee booth for a few extra portions of the stuff might be necessary
  8. five peas in a pod five pods on a stem five stems on a plant five plants in a bed five beds on a lawn five lawns on a street five streets in a village five villages in a town five towns in a city five cities in a country five countries in a continent five continents in a world
  9. love this about autechre where a track, or its various components, have the sensation of going on at certain areas of the head, sometimes just below the ears or down at the top of the spine/neck area, you can feel the sound like a ball or line fizzing away tantalizing brain tickle ^^ very physical feeling more like absorbing than listening.
  10. Sophie: A Murder in West Cork probably not the intention of it, but this made me fall head over heels in love with Cork. great little series, recommended
  11. who b peterson? Jordan b Peterson!
  12. ooqpoo


    Anyone else hearing a rather suggestive female sigh at 15:24?
  13. 'if it wasn't for assholes, we'd all be full of shit'. -Irwin H. Winkler
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