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  1. after about 1 year relying on this to bypass my macbook's thermal throttling inferno, I can safely say this is maybe the most crucial of finds in terms of audio. if you're an irresponsible twat like me and like to fuck around with Acustica Audio or any other CPU intensive plugins you might want to give it a go. it absolutely saved my life. it's also free it allows you to unlock multi-thread on any DAW or you can use it to resurrect old machines as high-performing slaves https://audiogridder.com/ AudioGridder Server runs on a computer hosting your effect and instrument plugins. On your workstation, on which you run your DAW, you use the AudioGridder FX or instrument plugin to access your plugin library over the network. The plugin is looking for available servers on your network and once connected allows you to create insert chains or load instruments. Midi and audio data from your DAW will be streamed over the network, processed on the server and streamed back. I made a facebook group where there's a pretty decent amount of information on troubleshooting, optimal setups, etc. look it up
  2. what I meant to say was groovy music = best love making music
  3. he is maybe the whitest guy (successfully) making trap beats ever, just like his buddy Lunice is possibly the whitest black guy making trap beats. idk their stuff have little to no groove, only camouflaged by the maximalism of trap tropes under a brostep light TNGHT EP is a classic though
  4. honestly, the built-in spread parameter is a touch of class. that alone makes trying it worthwhile
  5. tbf


    what does that got to do with the afex twins?
  6. prolly either banksy or two shell
  7. where can I listen to it? some degen must have at least ripped it
  8. it's getting way too easy to spot scumbags. wonder where that'l lead us
  9. let's not forget that most famous records were made in magic dust filled studios
  10. this was me up until last year, I'm temporarily living in another apartment before moving to another city, so it's only partially set up now
  11. yeah, you hardly ever hear about it these days but I remember it doing the rounds when it was first released. I know it fucked me up back then, it was quite the experience at around a 10 years old. the shark scene, that shit never left my head
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