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  1. for the most part it's pretty "masculine" sounding, as in not sensual at all. frankly, I always thought that too. apart from the bastions who survived the test of time, a great deal of "IDM" is nerds trying to be more intricate, more extreme, more mind-bending, more outside the curve, more. that may not age well, but those who took musicality into account are still revered, because that's what it's all about anyway that was a pretty ridiculous review, though. probably someone who either never got into IDM and feels the need to attack it because it's above their head, or too young to relate.
  2. honestly, for learning french I'd say go with the classics, Truffaut, Romehr, Resnais, Chabrol, Louis Malle (maybe my favorite), etc. it was all dubbed back then so they used to speak more perfectly. not only are they great, but you get a cinema history lesson as a bonus. just don't know if Amour is the best language lesson. I analysed as part of my final term paper and that was about Silence in Cinema lol. no, but it is definitely worth a watch, it's beautiful.
  3. this is fucking incredible. he shouldn't be so lowkey, the world would be much more interesting if he continued to inhabit that mainstream pocket he dug in the 00s
  4. thanks. what kind of show was that? didn't know CC was doing them
  5. "we believe music has value" *mindblown* would be nice if he meant that artists are valuable, and not that his job is to figure out how to intercept and exploit every possible source of income an artist might present him while sharing nothing but crumbles
  6. I been hearing Elektron derailed for a while now, and I guess it shows in their somewhat erratic product development agenda. kinda feels like they struggle as a company, being one of the few out there who really try to innovate, imo I got my gear jacked a couple years back and lost my octatrack, which is the brain of my live modular rig. long story short, after getting in touch with them through some friends they kindly offered me a new one, but the whole process was inconceivably chaotic, which I later found out it was because they were going through a significant internal reform of sorts,
  7. that's a very nice rendering, indeed
  8. well, now you're trying to compare "absurd" between two completely distinct genres. wether the motivation for it suits you or not, almost everything that makes mission impossible entertaining is borderline ridiculous in terms of veracity. it's not a masterpiece, and it probably got all of that prestige from industry clique mentality, as it usually goes. but what I noticed about every harsh critique of this movie is that it usually comes from a place of privilege. no, I'm not trying to take it there, but seeing how this movie resonated in a inequality and poverty strung country, and most eve
  9. I ended up bumping into this, which surpassed expectations by a lot. I thought it was just about science when it's a philosophical conversation about beauty correlating symmetry and chaos, science and art while exploring the very concept of beauty, all of that using CERN and physics as an anchor. thought it was very interesting
  10. does this honestly have any chance of going further without Trump as an active poster boy in the big media? sort of feels like it's just gonna die out barking
  11. I'm sorry for your loss, mate I haven't tried it yet, but probably will as this rubber coating fad isn't going away soon, tragically. I'm weary of my mpc live's fate, my mate's turned into a mush too. maybe keeping it in its case may have helped but my 2nd hand HN4 Pro still looks pristine after a couple of years even with the high air humidity here
  12. the processing on the break is fucking amazing, that shit slaps so good
  13. that's a bit like saying mission impossible is far-fetched. the movie is pretty upfront about its own absurdity, from beginning to end. it uses that absurdity as a comical narrative device so it can explore all these different subtleties in the characters' social relations, which is the whole point of the movie this sounds like it was made on an MC-505, all them rave soundz and it's not like they're trying to hide it either. the thing is supposed to be a VFX boasting live action version of the video game innit?
  14. can we agree that this is nothing but corporate art's biggest attempt at achieving a legitimate status as something to be taken seriously by buying its way into prestige?
  15. the physics is actually pretty well worked out, which is why I liked it better than Inception, sadly for Nolan that Donald Duck comic didn't go into enough details to save his plot. I still find it amusing to watch these megalomaniac Hollywood ridiculous budget blockbusters from time to time, there's something freeing about self-indulging in this wanna-be-bigger-than-god-itself kind of pretention, and you also get to laugh about it afterwards Tarantino cited it as one of his top movies of all time, from that moment on it surpassed "cult" status to "hypster" I beg
  16. almost broke the damn thing. but 'twas a real iOpener, I tells ya
  17. I think that's pretty accurate, but you gotta take into account that what mostly made it so big was the medium. these guys basically figured out the best way to make the most out of Jim's long lasting web business, power-wise. I mean, they're clearly eccentric people, and reasonably detached from reality. if Jim is already quite the character, I can't even begin to imagine what must be like to be raised by him. bottomline is, they seem like bored people with access to a lot of power and not much of a moral compass - which might be a big understatement. what I'm saying is, this whole thing wo
  18. wow, I would expect a better music sharing implementation on a music focused forum.. oh well thanks for clearing it up!
  19. counting on your tolerance for self promotion, but this has a lot of electro in it. if only I could get the player to embed correctly.. https://dominalabel.bandcamp.com/album/phase-in-ep-dom011
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