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  1. so, I've been craving Egypt related stuff for a while now - don't ask me why - after coming to the conclusion that very little quality content has been put out over the years. do yall have recommendations on movies, quality documentaries, etc? I watched Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb on Netflix, a while ago, which was pretty cool. wish I was still a kid catching the Mummy franchise right now
  2. tbf


    this the most recent one. much electro. every1 loves youtube
  3. glad you dig it, mate 🙂 rough ideas, sort of. still got some way to go but plan on taking them with me, so I should be able to develop them a bit further I think that's my favorite too. it was the one I had the most fun doing and came out fairly quickly, which I think says a lot. been trying to shave off time spent on not so worthy stuff, that's bad resource management the microtonality it mostly from the patch itself, I'm still looking for ways to better explore tonality, so for now I try to focus on tools that offer more interesting palettes, u know?
  4. to me that's the exactly definition of good sampling, not just copy pasting, but taking something interesting, spotting its idiosyncrasies and using them in another context, morphing it into a new landscape
  5. tbf


    I guess you could say my shit is very electro driven, how do these fare compared to the gems in here?
  6. heading in this direction, how about it? had to cancel my soundcloud subscription for the time being, if any1 has a better suggestion on how to embed these, please do share 323164987_compmate.mp3 dro_11_rev2d.mp3 wrap.mp3 1421727674_Zplane_11rev4.mp3
  7. tbf

    170871 50

    say wah? what set?
  8. unlikely, but I guess this could be a coincidence, maybe both Petter and and Richard took a liking to the same Juno preset, or whatever synth that was, in which case would probably be even more painful for Richard to admit.. a preset......... ew
  9. correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I spot sample recycling
  10. I think that's one of the highlights of this authorial half of the set, which was brilliant. I'd say it's post-syro, but it sounds like him exploring a more live-performance oriented sound
  11. can I ask how you processed the hats on xtal? where did he say that?
  12. I don't think it looks bad, couldn't care less about looks, honestly. it just feels like either a diversion, or worse, them testing the waters into this vanilla business model. best case, it's just them flooding with more products to elevate profit margins without compromising much of development
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