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  1. almost broke the damn thing. but 'twas a real iOpener, I tells ya
  2. I think that's pretty accurate, but you gotta take into account that what mostly made it so big was the medium. these guys basically figured out the best way to make the most out of Jim's long lasting web business, power-wise. I mean, they're clearly eccentric people, and reasonably detached from reality. if Jim is already quite the character, I can't even begin to imagine what must be like to be raised by him. bottomline is, they seem like bored people with access to a lot of power and not much of a moral compass - which might be a big understatement. what I'm saying is, this whole thing wo
  3. wow, I would expect a better music sharing implementation on a music focused forum.. oh well thanks for clearing it up!
  4. counting on your tolerance for self promotion, but this has a lot of electro in it. if only I could get the player to embed correctly.. https://dominalabel.bandcamp.com/album/phase-in-ep-dom011
  5. yes, good editing keeps you on track, so it has the power to slip you into one track, if that's the intention. I mean, in a docu about conspiracies, you're constantly aiming to crack the code, so I, for example, was left with 2 questions, one that the editing simply veered away from and the other as a projection of the paranoia the subject instates. the former was, if at one point someone took over, and the director made sure to keep the eyes on Ron as the "second" Q, then who first started on 4chan? the AI analyses got me curious, and that seemed to have little to no importance along those 6h
  6. thought about making a witty remark on how pathetic this is but the world is pretty much fucked at the moment, this is just one symptom
  7. did any of you watch Q: Into the Storm? it's as far as I've gone regarding this subject, and although very entertaining I'd like to know how accurate it is. the editing is pretty damn good, and I hate how misleading that can be
  8. I agree it's a really douchey move. still think it's funny though.. in a very douchey way
  9. that's a good find, sounds remarkably close. btw, since we're here. I found a pretty similar case the other day. the intros:
  10. who's got a good science documentary, in the lines of Particle Fever and The Most Unknown?
  11. love this new iphone filter, here's what my back window view looks like with it
  12. wonderful. now I'm starting to feel repulsed by patreon for how it's creator praises facebook, twitter, and the rest of the brainwashing machine for "trying to be the best at getting creators paid" and says that now 75% of kids aged 6 to 17 years old want to be an online video creator like it's an amazing thing while calling it a cute "naive optimism". where the hell are we headed?
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