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  1. unlikely, but I guess this could be a coincidence, maybe both Petter and and Richard took a liking to the same Juno preset, or whatever synth that was, in which case would probably be even more painful for Richard to admit.. a preset......... ew
  2. correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I spot sample recycling
  3. I think that's one of the highlights of this authorial half of the set, which was brilliant. I'd say it's post-syro, but it sounds like him exploring a more live-performance oriented sound
  4. can I ask how you processed the hats on xtal? where did he say that?
  5. I don't think it looks bad, couldn't care less about looks, honestly. it just feels like either a diversion, or worse, them testing the waters into this vanilla business model. best case, it's just them flooding with more products to elevate profit margins without compromising much of development
  6. hurts to watch in realtime the demise of a company with so much potential
  7. for the most part it's pretty "masculine" sounding, as in not sensual at all. frankly, I always thought that too. apart from the bastions who survived the test of time, a great deal of "IDM" is nerds trying to be more intricate, more extreme, more mind-bending, more outside the curve, more. that may not age well, but those who took musicality into account are still revered, because that's what it's all about anyway that was a pretty ridiculous review, though. probably someone who either never got into IDM and feels the need to attack it because it's above their head, or too young to relate. either way, pretentious and unnecessarily antagonistic. ironically, a very macho stance, if you ask me
  8. honestly, for learning french I'd say go with the classics, Truffaut, Romehr, Resnais, Chabrol, Louis Malle (maybe my favorite), etc. it was all dubbed back then so they used to speak more perfectly. not only are they great, but you get a cinema history lesson as a bonus. just don't know if Amour is the best language lesson. I analysed as part of my final term paper and that was about Silence in Cinema lol. no, but it is definitely worth a watch, it's beautiful.
  9. this is fucking incredible. he shouldn't be so lowkey, the world would be much more interesting if he continued to inhabit that mainstream pocket he dug in the 00s
  10. thanks. what kind of show was that? didn't know CC was doing them
  11. "we believe music has value" *mindblown* would be nice if he meant that artists are valuable, and not that his job is to figure out how to intercept and exploit every possible source of income an artist might present him while sharing nothing but crumbles
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