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  1. when was it first released? I wonder when this level of intricacy will get back into popular underground genres' vernacular
  2. maybe because the whole tabu around weed is a conspiracy in itself? let's face it, strings are pulled behind the curtains all of the time, not in a conspiratory manner, but to an extent where it severely affects people's lives. *got oil?* and like dcsux said, nothing wrong with asking questions, but what seems to get most people riled up - besides the blatant tinfoil hatters - is the realization that maybe something as big and damaging as this year-long (and counting) crisis may be an effect of string-pulling
  3. try playing it with the BG puppet acapella on top of it, trippy dystopic futurism
  4. thanks, never heard of Ninjam before. does it get along with other DAWs or does it have to be Reaper? also, how is the electronic *community* over there?
  5. you do have a way with words ☺️ it's sort of what I was aiming for, just with a different rhythm
  6. here's a track I sent for a local relief compilation ( ;
  7. that's quite a compliment considering the amount of gear and experience he's got. I'm obliged, sir
  8. thanks for pointing it out 🙂 I figured this would be a good place to post it, I'm happy you all dig it!
  9. hi my EP just dropped on Brazilian label Domina Records. please delve in here's the whole thing Bandcamp https://dominalabel.bandcamp.com/album/phase-in-ep-dom011 Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/7xECzcmf0It2iPhkcqHkwh?si=NEyXGn21SjSRH5p9W5C2Gw
  10. thank god. I knew it ended with x. it was paradox
  11. I am trying to find out who was the "best drum programmer" according to Richard. I remember reading that it must have been on one of the tracks he dumped on soundcloud but were later removed, along with his comment. does anyone recall who he was talking about? I can even faintly picture an album cover, but can't remember names while we're at it I'd love to know who your favorite drum programmer is
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