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  1. bet i already posted this b4 but like..if anyone has a decent vinyl rip of this absolute monster hmu, i need it baaad
  2. what a lineup of remixers, huge stuff
  3. synopsising my chat with AF about it and posting it here. do you really not see the difference between that and someone sending you something privately in confidence. https://artificialintelligencercrds.bandcamp.com/album/artificial-intelligence-vol-i-vvaa
  4. oh, and just so you know. i never said anything to AI about AF, he didnt share conversations. you did.
  5. you really arent seeing the irony here, are you. theres nothing to "prove", i dont know why you're so surprised that he shared demos, its a pretty common thing. Its done on trusting that people dont go and blurt out that information online. if someone shares something between just you and them, regardless of if they send it to anyone else, keep it to yourself.
  6. firstly thats a private conversation between me and sergio, the fact that you know about it is weird enough without you posting about my private conversations online. cheers. but secondly, you call this guy out for sharing private information about demos and stuff but then post a list of names and tracks and stuff here alongside information about MY private conversations. im sure i dont have to spell it out for you.
  7. gunna need some proof to back up these claims, chief
  8. braindance schmaindance, its all just ripply air. i think this was the last track i made with my ms20 b4 i sold it 🤷‍♂️
  9. Thats the importance of leaving headroom for the master, keep like..6db headroom then the processing doesnt totally dilloute the dynamic range
  10. round 2 has begun! buckle up! https://www.twitch.tv/braindancenews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Qu01XNRDU0 ❤️
  11. thanks to everyone who tuned in for night 1, it was a long night but brimming with amazing music! night 2 is just around the corner, even more music to come, dont miss out! Times are listed in GMT (BST-1) see ya there ❤️
  12. The time has come once again! Brainrave returns with a hot lineup of amazing talents from across the braindance community! JULY 23-24 2021 All information can be found HERE
  13. if you havent already, check this channel out, its full of bangers!
  14. more often i try to get the patch mostly laid out first then work on the seq, maybe altering the patch as ya go but try to get the basics of the patch in before writing. i find its much easier to start with the sound of a patch guiding the seqs then go into more detail after ideas have been sketched.
  15. thanks! that first track is probly my fav from the record, glad you like it!! im on ableton at the moment. sequencing either in ableton, or sequencing on machines, then recording. trouble with sequencing exclusively on a lot of the synths i have (ms101 and minilogue are the biggest offenders of this) is the length of the sequences..cant really get enough variety in there. saving up for a cirklon though, thas guna be fun hehe. every track is different in terms of workflow..generally though im sequencing most of it in an ableton proj then recording it as live as i can. always try to do as much mixing on the go as poss, eq on the desk rather than after the fact in daw, stuff like that. 303 is hardware seq'd on a tt303v1 because it just sounds much better than trying to get a midi pattern feigning a convincing "acid" sound, only times i do seq acid in bleton is when its impossible for the hardware to do it, then i get on a vst or some shit, lol, and a fair bit of my basses are done on the minilog seq when it isnt insufferably boring with only 16 steps or i can be arsed to make multiple patterns.. been eager to get into using trackers again lately, traded my c64 for an electric bass (which i never got, thanks cam 😉) a few years ago, but i was learning how to use some of the tracker software on that, makin jungle an shit. but for now disabledton is doing the job p gud, when i can break off to seq on the cirk i'll probably use protools for recording, far prefer it for straight recording. if you got specific questions lemmie know, i think that kinda umbrellas most of what im doing..i think
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