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  1. The first tape was good, but I regret paying for the whole series up front.
  2. Very very good release! I really like heavy 80s feel, they nailed it!
  3. Just bought my copy... I've listened to this one many times over the last few years. Great album!
  4. Great interview, although I do hope that he keeps making music after this album!
  5. Good news! The first one is really good, some of his best work along these lines.
  6. Wow, after a crazy stretch at work I finally had time to catch my breath this week, and check out the forum to see what I've been missing. This is awesome news! I think I'm one of his biggest fans... I have pretty much everything he put out, including compilation tracks. Stoked!
  7. This is just awesome! I love your work, I think I watched Memorex 10 times. Thanks so much for creating these works!
  8. Bola made a post a couple days ago on his Facebook page. Sounds like there might be a forthcoming release. Does anybody here have information? Even with so little information, I'm pumped!
  9. Record arrived, terribly warped Somehow, it still played fine though, so I guess it doesn't matter much.
  10. Those synths at 0:25 of Cameron's Closet sound so familiar... does anybody know where they're from?
  11. Craven Hacked to Pieces is so cool. I love the occasional pauses for the drill (anybody know where the sample is from? Driller Killer, maybe?). For me, it was the highlight of the Methlabs mix, and I'm so happy we get it in high quality. I haven't had enough time with the new tracks yet, but Cameron's Closet also sounds like a classic.
  12. Gone already from Norman? I expected it to sell out fast, but not so fast! I feel lucky that I happened to be checking Bleep at the right time.
  13. How do we know for sure that it is getting a vinyl release? I haven't seen any mention from VHS Head's Facebook or other official sources. No offense, Fumi! Just wondering
  14. Where are you vinyl? I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't end up getting released today. Skam is usually late.
  15. Does sound a bit like Anodyne. That first track is amazing. Ordered it right away.
  16. Really liking the Dublin set, especially the part around 13:00. It's amazing that they can put this together live.
  17. Yeah, I see that I missed the mailing list thread completely. Mods can get rid of this one if they want... then again, maybe this release does deserve it's own thread.
  18. homecharlie


    https://autechre.bleepstores.com/ Looks promising. What do you think?
  19. Dammit, I've had a ridiculously busy summer... excited to finally have time to look into music releases for the past several months, and I find this amazing record that has sold out already :(
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