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  1. Since I posted this thread I have moved house, lost my high frequency hearing in my right ear, fallen in and out of love, changed jobs and put on about a stone in weight. Still no sign of number 2
  2. Yeah I was searching for my thread the other day, completely vanished. Was looking for it as it’s around the anniversary of posting it. Is it 3 years? Glad to see he’s back
  3. Sup watmm, been pretty depressed since finding out I have high frequency hearing loss in my right ear (90db at 6000hz plus). audiologist said it was probably genetic. It’s really sucked enjoyment out of music for me - High hats are a thing of the past in that ear. was hoping someone could recommend genres that focus more on the lower frequencies. Fanx
  4. Update: had an appointment with audiologist a few weeks ago and I have basically lost all hearing at 6000hz and above in my right ear. I’m now sat waiting for an appointment with ENT. I’m not hopeful they will be able to do anything as audiologist said it was sensorineural loss. Sucks! Look after your ears wAtmm!
  5. Messaged him my new address on 5th October just in case the tape ever happened. No response.
  6. After multiple listens I am in love with this album. Ochre makes my mind soar in a way no other artist can. Late contender for AOTY.
  7. Tis a thing of beauty as always. Was my soundtrack on the way to the dentist, calmed my nerves a treat
  8. I think it’s that phliogiestone guy. He mixes the tracks on mixcloud. Thy were free, started charging a few days ago. Now free again Thy were free, started charging a few days ago. Now free again
  9. I think it’s obvious who is doing this if you do Facebook. I hope they get their comeuppance.
  10. Bumping for guilt trips. C'mon Dave, this is not acceptable!
  11. Gospel is lovely too for sure :) wobblegongs - be sure to check out Autonoe Vora - for me it is their most consistently great album, but they're all worth checking out
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