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  1. Roy Batty wasn’t a hologram, he wasn’t digital nor mechanical at all (at least not in the movie) and he behaved against the creator’s intent so it was much easier to assume he had consciousness and free will. Joi did everything she was designed for. you should rather compare Roy to Joe
  2. lol why did you assume he a muslim? (you nazi fuck! <3) btw... she seems glistening!
  3. dunno… in which category is Akai Dan?
  4. @hello spiral yeah la tape is splendid
  5. Innit Faaak I wanted to say the same thing!
  6. Yall mad 🙂 5000 words about power conditioners and obscure midi shit
  7. Ambient = Idle Casuals non-Ambient = Gonks und Klangs
  8. this is so beautiful! ...
  9. https://hf.space/static/dalle-mini/dalle-mini/index.html
  10. Have you talked to an expert in human beings about this?
  11. 😕 sometimes i have a feeling that the only sane person on watmm is @brian trageskin
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