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  1. Haven’t tried the IK system but I’ve heard that Sonarworks’ system is much better but costs more and afaik no mic in the bundle. But yes, better the IK system than nothing! Although, you need to remember that you can’t boost certain frequencies much with such systems bc by booting frequencies you also boost harmonic and inharmonic distortion of a speaker and you can easily choke speakers if you crank the volume. Such systems work good when used moderately = upto 6 dBs for low level to moderate listening levels and upto 2-3 dBs for moderate to load levels. What brings us back to room treatments... 😉 re: Kh120a Yes, they are small but enough for a small room and upto 1.5 meters from your ears. You have 30 days return policy at Thomann. Try them for a week or two, at least. and btw, they’re made of aluminum not plastic
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  3. If my track get released will i be important like afx? Joyrex, make us important for once! Do the vinyl, tshirts and logo stamps all over London!
  4. Some additional recommendations: https://m.thomann.de/intl/focal_shape_twin.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=228&search=1568762040 https://m.thomann.de/intl/focal_shape_65.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=110&search=1568834383 https://m.thomann.de/intl/hedd_type_07.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=116&search=1568834383 https://m.thomann.de/intl/adam_a7x.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=133&search=1568834383 https://m.thomann.de/intl/yamaha_hs_8_w_bundle.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=130&search=1568834383 https://m.thomann.de/intl/neumann_kh_80_dsp_white.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=143&search=1568834383 https://m.thomann.de/intl/yamaha_hs_7_w_bundle.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=167&search=1568834383
  5. You can also make a logarithmic sweep sine wave from 20 to 20000 hz, 30-60 sec long and play it in loop and listen at the listening position what frequencies are the loudest and which disappears. While listening you need to watch at frequency analyzer to be able to determine given frequencies.
  6. I know that this works well but cost monies! It calculates a room response and corrects it. https://store.sonarworks.com/collections/reference-4 there is a free sw for just measuring but you’d need a 150 euros mic anyway //cant remember now the name of the sw Carpets help too, as absorbers for high frequencies.
  7. Well if you can spend more than 2k euros, closer to 3k, then you’re entering into the high-end land! If you'd be willing to spend additional 300-500 euros for absorbers/traps, then id do it differently if i was you; id stretch as far as I could and buy best speakers i could afford and id think about room treatment later. Id buy either used Amphion One15 (+ solid amp) or used PSI a17m. For 2500 euros you can buy new Geithain RL906, for 2800 euros b-stock PSIs @Thomann. Neumann Kh120a are great and i love them and been using them for some time but they can’t match with aforementioned speakers. Same with other similarly priced speakers, like Adam, Eve, Focals, Genelec, JBL or Dynaudios. Amphion One18 could be too big for your room. They need listening distance of at least 1,3 to 1,5 meters to sing properly, for One15 1 meter is enough. Also, Amphions are passive speakers so they don’t have integrated eq options so you can’t attenuate bass if it’s too boomy in your room; One18 could be too bass heavy for you.
  8. Amphions One15 cost 1800 euros for a pair but without amplifier; a decent one costs at least 500 euros. More than his budget so nothing’s left for the room treatment. the klasik is great for the money but it’s rear-ported and ive heard they blow a lot
  9. Firstly, we need to remember that acoustics and sound quality depends on speaker size and quality + room size and quality. For your room dimensions and the money id recommend the small Neumanns, kh120, again, i know. The new ones, kh80 are too small imo, they could be too bass light for your taste, as was for mine. The 120 have great eq options built to them, for room adjustments. I have similarly sized room and i needed to attenuate bass by 5 db and the high end by 1 db. In my smaller room i had to attenuate the bass by 7 db. They have enough bass for almost any normal work. Also, they’re built like a tank! I’m not sure what’s the problem with the looks of Neumann kh120a? But they do look much better in person than on pictures and the build quality is really top notch. Idk where you at but if you’re in eu it’s best to buy from Thomann. These speakers are 1200 euros a pair (shipping and taxes included). And you also have them in beautiful white too, if you’d prefer that color instead. SOS review Mixonline review kenrockwell review Now, it’s always preferable to place monitors at least 20 cm from the front wall (your front, behind them) and these work just fine 1 meter from your ears. That would be perfect for you bc you’d be sitting 120 cm from the wall, right between 1/3 and 2/3 of the room’s length, where you’d have the least problems with sound reflections. For the rest of the money I’d buy some absorbers from a company specialized for room acoustics treatments, like GIK in the uk. (Or, you could make them yourself for third of the money you’d spend buying from Gil or similar companies.) Believe me, this is very important bc you can spend 10.000 euros on speakers and they’ll sound like 50 euros shit without at least some treatment. I learned this after I spent years in vain avoiding to accept the basic truths about physics of sound. Just spend 300-500 euros on Gik panels (iirc 4 or 6 panels, dimensions 120x60x5 cm) you’ll be fine! Later, if you decide to add a sub, like Neumann kh805, or change for bigger speakers you’ll need to spend additional 300-500 euros on corner bass traps (without this a sub wouldn’t work properly), but that’s future. Once you have a solid base it’s easy to add or modify accordingly. That was opinion no.1 In other options im not sure of for the money. I’ll think about it and report back to you in next few days.
  10. ! What ever that is it seems to be alive. How to eat it? Simple! First bite the head off than cut through the butthole with scissors! Loooovelyyy
  11. My estimate is 24.000 monies
  12. Ok, that’s good! Let’s go back to the beginning! 1. How much money are you willing to spend? (including taxes) 2. How big is your room? 2a. What’s the length of the listening distance? 3. Do you have any absorbers and bas traps installed? Are you planning to do the room treatment?
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