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  1. reminded me of his own label, with mostly his own music + some collaborators = fakn good stuf!!! http://www.stoor.net/audio
  2. ...and why usagi left?! and why is chatmm empty allthetime?!
  3. only 3 track available for listen?! that second track ''mentions'' sounds typically htrk p.s. love his 500 euros comme des garcons shirt 🙂
  4. I like the result! Ive been using that technique since I got my mkii few months ago and it’s always instant fun-fun!
  5. Imagine a discussion on watmm about that! Whose better and all...
  6. xox


    listening this again... such a beautiful track! like a lost ae track somewhere undrwart still thinking should i buy DN or AH. i know, two completely different things! but i have mduw, mnm and otmk2, and tons of vsti synths.... for some reason all of that makes it harder for me 😕
  7. xox

    Studio Pics

    You that what ever you do you’re gonna sound like ae? You know that, right? 😉
  8. xox

    Studio Pics

    Damn those monitors are huge! I hope they have low frequency attenuator on the back
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