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  1. xox

    Shitpiss 15

    Why ding do Why do ding still here in 2020, is?
  2. xox

    Shitpiss 15

    Either 11 or 47
  3. At the moment: medical doctor, psychiatry resident (nearly finished), psychotherapist, research scientist, assistant professor, autechre fan. edit: yes, i hated school too! Music was constantly on my mind since i can remember... still is.
  4. xox

    Shitpiss 15

    Is ding still funny in 2020 and is BCM still old in 1993? 🧐
  5. xox

    Shitpiss 15

    I wish you can piss
  6. xox

    Shitpiss 15

    Shitpiss idle 6-36
  7. xox


    Will never sorry
  8. i can't believe how much publicity kanye still gets! can't ppl just get over him?!
  9. Xltronic vs chatmm? Who wins?
  10. xox

    BCM's jeans

    Don’t be a child-man! Show you’re an IDM adult at least with clothing. 🕺 only hv prima moda!
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