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  1. ^ how good is it? Better than Lexicon plugs?
  2. Oooh yeaaah a$$$$$ heat me too
  3. Work of genius! ...as any other ae release.
  4. Macedonia’s song should be the next james bond song
  5. If anyone wants Analog Drive thomann has dropped the price significantly! https://m.thomann.de/de/elektron_analog_drive.htm?utm_source=idealo&utm_medium=psm&utm_campaign=idealode&offid=1&affid=229&subid=idealode
  6. Flahbulb lives! This font reminds me of stanislaw szukalski
  7. xox


    This sequencing thing is getting boring! any tips/books/tuts for algorithmic music?
  8. Better songs tonight macedonia i liked the most
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