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  1. Are you saying that the models model is futaaa?! p.s. im very close to sell my elektrons (ot, mduw, mnm, ah) and go back itb ...(ok, maybe not mnm)
  2. Please, let us know how that goes bc if it works as it should I might consider buying the pyramid.
  3. Beautiful! Drop the link when you finish
  4. Üktatrak? Never happened to me. Are you sure you saved it?
  5. Next what id like to see from arca is an homage to Kraftwerk... a concept album with a Kraftwerk-like style of music themed of course around genders. but the theme could be about gender and genderless connectors: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_of_connectors_and_fasteners i can already hear it in my head... his voice through a vocoder... FUTURE BIND... CONNECT STRAIT GENDERLESS ENDLESSSSS ... BITCH! (in background) Endless...endless... Bitch! ...endless...
  6. Arthur Schopenhauer Friedrich Nietzsche
  7. Touche! I guess no one thought about that!
  8. Third day in a row with zero new cases in Croatia! 🙂
  9. Numbers don’t tell everything, especially DR numbers... perceived dynamics can be greater even with smaller DR numbers.
  10. Why watmm is not a label? Fak warp and dream rec! WEEEE ARE THE MUSIC MAKERS! Weeeee!
  11. Pole is a mastering engineer too, he knows what he’s doing; he wouldn’t destroy his life work.
  12. I can’t believe I missed this! and I don’t get it... why limited edition?! Only 1000 copies?! What’s good in that?
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