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  1. biden already has a classic meme (in endless variations)
  2. “no - is it spam?” •———————• Have you heard bobby’s lush pads, maan?! They’re lush as fak! And lush too! Lush! dunno.. you better think about it again 💫
  3. not everything that we know about the vaccine. we know what manufacturers, 'field' researchers and regulators tell us about it. afaik the recommended window for the second dose is between 21 and 27 day following the first dose, but apparently it can be given even few weeks later. earlier administration is a bit tricky! ...bc usually is. so, we do have the window of 4 days for earlier administration but your mother was scheduled 5 days earlier. the question is why? it's impossible to say how much will that influence her immunization but still i doubt it'll be significantly less effective at th
  4. my initial reaction was the same as bobby's! ; fact no. 174 - bobby's taste in music i obviously superior to sam's
  5. Im bored to tears already with everything! For the last week or two I’ve been trying to find something interesting enough, to spend 1000-1500 euros on gear but I can’t find nothing better than I already have so i guess ill just spent it on slutz instead
  6. What differences are you referring to?
  7. dunno but that's what he said
  8. im waiting for this one to arrive first! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3608122/?ref_=ttnw_hd
  9. okokokok! ...is she finally available now?!
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