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  1. yes, the point is what can i learn about ae in a review? i just get irritated! if you can find someone that understand ae better than i do (we do) i'd be happy to learn something new. quite arrogant, i know, but what can i say. i'm an arrogant ass 🙂 ...and we are the dreamers of dreams! there's several levels or points to talk about: known musical theory, technical side of it, repertoire and philosophy of music. if anyone wants to learn anything worthwhile about ae, watmm is the place bc we've been covering all the points like no one else
  2. reviews (get 0) interviews (yes pls)
  3. I must have missed that side of coil tbfh! Imo => Coil is shit compared to Autechre! Most importantly, Ae is never destructive nor depressed/ill, it was always constructive and pro-life and healthy, free of shit and truthful, totally different planet to the borderline music of Coil and similar bands. How something sounds doesn’t matter, what matters is the will behind the music, which is the sole purpose of music anyway. And those ‘clever’ lyrics of Coil are so adolescent! Makes me want to vomit 🤮 So anti-ae! I’ve been constantly puzzled by music posted in ‘music similar to ae’ thread
  4. He said everything what’s bad about the album but so little about what’s good! My grandmother could say what’s bad about it very easily! No prob at all another thing this kid doesn’t understand is that a great artist never asks himself “what should he do” but instead “what shouldn’t he do” and that’s what’s ae all about regarding their release. Sign is just something they haven’t really released so far and at the same time something they enjoy themselves.
  5. Everything is fine, could even go to a concert but that singing... i just can’t, it’s so fakn annoying!
  6. weeeell, faqq ae! soon i'll release an album played and recorded in real time... i hope you'll give me a nice feedback 😉
  7. i can't believe how beautiful this album is!!!!!!!!! “Arising in the heart, may it return to the heart!” - Ludwig van Beethoven
  8. Hehe yeah almost 😉 it’s actually an integrated mosquito net on my window and the photo is a bit edited/saturated with iphone’s pic editor
  9. Have you tried to connect a sub to it? Works great for me! 👍
  10. “I’m not sure that art can be produced by computer.”
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