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    One plays the dustbin like a harp.
  1. Anecdotally seeing a few people being hit by customs charges in the US. Pretty rough considering the high price in the first place. Yes - I got dinged ~$56 CAD via Aramex (the broker handling the Ochre/DPD shipment upon its entry into Canada). So to anyone in Canada (and USA as well), heads up that it is likely there will be some hefty brokerage and duty to pay unfortunately if you chose the Ochre (and in the case of Aramex; you pay your duty in advance, online, via Credit Card only) method rather than FedEx (though I'm assuming FedEx is equally as hefty a fee).
  2. They are not gone. I had one in my basket and it was still present when the Aphex Twin bleepstore briefly reconnected. I doubt many people have been able to get beyond adding it to their basket at this point. It also appears as if it will be distributed elsewhere outside of Bleep (i.e. Norman Records).
  3. I feel this way about nineFly as well [it is my favourite piece from Session 3]. The synesthesia that it provokes within me is a warm, dense space with no ambient light at all, filled with a mass of molten glass/metal amalgam that is both becoming more liquid and more solid as it forms and deforms, flowing with the rhythm. There is also a very refractive quality to it; a gravitational lensing of sorts - bright white and red/orange/amber light being bent into very sharp points via the morphing material, and diffuse forms as well, but never becoming completely nebulous. It smells and tas
  4. I am waiting until the end of the month myself. I don’t want to assume that this is definitely the process that Warp are going forward with, but for a project of this scale (12 LPs as one box-set or four separate 3xLP sets) it would be a wise decision to take pre-orders first in order to better determine how many copies should be pressed, and then go forward with the pressing of the records/CDs and the manufacturing of the sleeves/packaging. I wouldn’t build up too much FOMO, as I am sure that all who want it will be able to secure a copy.
  5. https://puertoricorelief.bandcamp.com/ 1. Blamstrain - South Of The Border 2. Markus Mehr - Duck Became Swan 3. Pleq - First to Fall (Giulio Aldinucci Remix) 4. Eigenheimer - Gene Zijde 5. Illl - The Flamboyant Tree 6. Tomonari Nozaki - Phosphorescent Waves 7. Olga Wojciechowska - All These Worlds Are Yours 8. Confessor - Ghosts 9. Hecq - Devotion 10. Net - Diplopod Dance 11. BLN & Roel Funcken - Aven 12. Oberman Knocks - Bicker Left Flack 13. Triple Sun - Vieques 14. Somfay - Delta Song 15. ADJ - Love 16. Ard Bit - Whisperings 17. Gigi Masin - London 18. The Green Kingdom - 85 Ambimix
  6. I can already tell that I am going to be diving into this repeatedly for quite some time. I find that the entirety of this body of work is unbelievably lovely and it pulls all the right strings within me. Bravo, Bola!
  7. Here is a bit of a dreamtime wander (there is no TL;DR for this subject matter): It is very difficult these days to make a living from music. However it is also important to understand that it has always been difficult to make a living from music throughout the entirety of music history. Countless creators have had their work go unheard, unseen or unread, and very likely may have never been experienced by more than those closest to them. Yet… those unknown lights still chose to create those unknown delights. Even more difficult right now is coming to the surface as a new musician/produ
  8. * Tap Water * Purdy's Chocolate Delicious. Dinner is served.
  9. Thanks for the preview :) This track appears to show itself around 54 minutes into the (full length) set.
  10. Lint Yeastwood Bandaid Quest Bearpusher Bic-Pen Lumber-Snatch
  11. Simmons Clap Trap ooh yeah, spot on! This clap caught my attention too. I was thinking it sounds like Elektron Analog Rytm clap? With lfo filter sweep or something. Also some kinda rimshot flam/fill at 1;58 lurking low in the 2x202 mix? Elektron AR Clap demo at 12:25. All percussion throughout the release sounds like TR9090 (909 clone) - very nice Cirklon sequencing techniques used to make it more alien (extreme flam and so on). Don't think it's RYTM as within the credits it is mentioned that the version of his studio used to create these pieces was pre-Syro, and RYTM is a
  12. Pre-Orders: https://bleep.com/release/74598-zomby-x-burial-sweetz https://boomkat.com/products/sweetz
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