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  1. Doesnt look like this beauty has been posted yet:
  2. Sounds like a fantastic outtake from Syro, like one of the slower ones, can hear a Pacific state sample.. nice Fm pings, funky ass bass, rolling drums, cheetah like pads..
  3. Amazing night.. wish I could remember half of what i'm seeing in the stream haha. Any other Brits think the D-shake track was a response to Jeremy Deller's documentary that went out on the BBC a few weeks ago? Me and my mates are pretty sure it was a shout out to everyone who had watched it: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000777d/everybody-in-the-place-an-incomplete-history-of-britain-19841992 Certainly feels like it connected especially well with a huge part of the crowd
  4. I saw Jeff mills at printworks last year and can confirm it is an incredible venue, the whole lighting rig was lowered from the ceiling to just above our heads at one point.. 8th Aphex gig for me, got a feeling it's going to be the most insane of the lot
  5. I can only listen to the live version of Happy Cycling, got that edge to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q05JquNdi3s
  6. Nice, I think he definitely plays different kinds of sets for different crowds. Berlin clubbers are tough nuts so probably why they got the works.
  7. Would the melody at the end of collapse be as rewarding without the drama in the middle? You can't have light without dark, if it was all just nice it would be sentimental gush. I think the mix of noise and nice is what I admire about the music so much. Thats life isnt it? mental/violent/scary/beautiful/nice/peaceful
  8. Everyone calling for a return to the old stuff.. I don’t think you’ve really ‘got’ Aphex. He doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks, he’s not going to retread old ground to please people. He’s going to keep on doing his own personal experiments the way he likes as he has done since the start. Whether they’re ground breaking or not is probably not that interesting to him at all. Just enjoy the ride
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