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  1. For a modern touch, I would get Panthalassa . It's an official Miles Davis release, and features remixes of his 70's output into 90's fusion/ambiant. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panthalassa:_The_Music_of_Miles_Davis_1969–1974
  2. Only the main 4 are relevant, they are the pillars of dad-rock IDM. Oh and VSnares of course because Papa never wanted a forum for him.
  3. Ah yeah, my brain froze to the fact that it happened before, it's more yet another year! We're getting older, they are getting older, And we used to sleep on the beach here, sleep overnight. They don't do that anymore. Things changed...
  4. This is the first year without any studio album by the main 4 artists that make the WATMM forum (AE/AFX/BOC/SQ). There were some stuff in the form of reissues, remixes, EP's, 12inch vinyls, live and collabs, but no LP. Same for the other WATMM subfolder artists, only mu-ziq, Clark and Ceephax released a long-play album iirc.
  5. That background seems to be from the artwork video, perhaps a video upgrade?
  6. Google Drive... so do you pay for more GB? Because it's only 15GB per user. Using 320kbps that's about 150-200 albums. Even with Google One at 100GB, I'm only at 1/5th of my collection size lol
  7. I would switch to Plex if it had a "play random album" feature. I still use itunes only for that... I have a large classical music collection, I cannot switch to streaming since it's the worse, most service have no clue how to have multiple conductors and versions (and even worse, when there are multiple recordings by the same conductor throughout the years). Worse are the auto-uploading where it finds the correct streaming track from your MP3, they often fuck up and play the simplest most bland version of a classical composition you have...
  8. We've been discussing this for the past 15 years on WATMM (well since that fucking pitchfork review), him trying to push his loops into the zeitgeist of modern music. Now a ... documentary? fucking zelol Image sells.
  9. The thing is... it's not about using a tragedy. It's just fake, it's all lies. That documentary, in the end, it's bullshit and lies, a fucking fake doc, a mockumentary. If he could finally admit it was all made up, no... a decade later he's still Mr. Brainwash-ing his way into the truth.
  10. 10 years later and he's still a wanker trying to milk his fake gimmick
  11. W A T M M v 3 e x t e n d e d s i t e s p a c e ( + 2 6 0 p i x e l s )
  12. The 2003 Breezeblock mix! BARK! Dog doggy dog BAM! BARK BARK bark bark
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