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  1. It might be 0.25% death for under 50 but it's almost 20% of major pneumonia that needs hospitalisation. So basically 1 out of 5 of you could end up with a fucking Tracheal intubation and ventilator
  2. Well for those who wanted a more jazzy, old school drum&bass style... it's pretty much the opposite : bippyty-bloop-buzz atmospheric soundscapes. There is not one track that is percusive-style.
  3. Hopefully he will go back to his Jazzy-drum&bass roots instead of the boring Transformers robot sounds of ISAM.
  4. the dad-rock version of electronic music might be harsh but it is starting to be true. We listen to AFX/AE/BOC/>[] for the same reason some old farts clinged to Zappa or some Grateful dead bootleg back in the days. Or even older geezers listening to Mahler after the war. Amazon did a market research on that, found that a lot of us are maximalists and one of the exec suits approved saying "Those twins from the aphex, they will help us sell more books/other gizmos!"
  5. WARP ain't selling like in 1998, kids these days don't give a fuck about IDM. We're all pretty much now listening to dad-rock version of electronic music.
  6. Envane artwork is Fallingwater There was once an app on the Warp website that showed how they created the Confield artwork (a frame out of a parametric video)
  7. All aboard the Vengaboys traiiiinnnn!
  8. He also did the best live SNL performance in history :
  9. It has that jazzy Dark Magus / Agharta / Pangaea live sound to it, it's good. I wish it had more early tracks in his career... just imagine Port Rhombus or Conumber!
  10. AFAIK, The "29th anniversary" has somehow surpassed the Esper or the EMS recombination in audio quality and content. There was an update to it (2nd edition) about two years ago. Oh and yeah nobody buys CD anymore of bootlegs, just download them on soulseek or ffshrine (for soundtracks).
  11. once you hear the true soundtrack to the movie ("29th anniversary edition" bootleg), you won't ever go back to the original one.
  12. Oh it's the band supporting the album, not just Tom. Zelol.
  13. What's with WARP Records' facebook page saying that he's gonna tour this album? There's like only 1 date in June. https://www.facebook.com/warprecords/videos/10154443329947686/
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