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  1. music can help you get through things i guess, but i think that's more on a personal level, not a societal one. i made the bill and ted comparison because i think people who are into art and music etc place a high importance on those things. because they are things they personally enjoy, they place them among the most important things in general. which i think is egocentric. not everyone cares about that stuff. a great plumber might make the argument that without good plumbing, civilization could've never really took off or sustained itself, so therefore plumbing is the most important piece of
  2. limpy i don't agree with your premise that 'taking music seriously' should necessarily entail studying what other people have done with music. music can be thought of as a sort of cultural byproduct and some people may be interested in being part of that, and furthering it, but some people don't give a fuck about that. some people just want to learn things on their own, how to manipulate sounds in ways that please them as more of a personal discovery thing and don't care what john bob or sally did 50 years ago. some people might dabble a bit in both approaches. besides, none of this really mat
  3. Routine looks pretty cool osc. never heard of it. hope it doesnt turn into vaporware
  4. ha yeah i don't know anything about the technicals of this stuff but it always seems weird to me that graphical glitches like clipping still happens so much in modern games. i've watched some street fighter 5 vids on youtube and for me a really blatant example is on the vs. screen with birdie selected, the chain he's holding goes through his necklace. wtf. it's right there on a super commonly seen screen. how the fuck did that not irk someone at capcom enough to fix that? it's the first thing my eyes go directly to. @ about 15 seconds in:
  5. i played through it on the hardest difficulty when it came out but just found out a month or so ago that they had released an update with a new even harder one where the motion detector doesn't work too well. sounds nuts, been thinking about going back and trying that.
  6. doesnt that pitch knob in flstudio cover a pretty wide range tho, where having it move around that much would be wobbling across several semitones? ive been doing that for ages but i've always had to come up with a formula when linking an lfo to that control, to narrow the range. doesnt sound like its going through several semitones here, howd they do that? can you somehow change a setting so the knob doesn't cover as wide a range?
  7. def digging the featured track, very cool will def listen to the rest asap
  8. https://soundcloud.com/rad-velocity/dopagens kind of a throwaway, 3rd and 4th sloppy attempt jams for the track i submitted to the chatmm academic comp a few months back. these takes were more sloppy/unfocused and i tried to make something else out of them with lots of plug processing. think there are some decent things in there, might edit it down or something, or maybe process it even more.
  9. did you ever look at charles short fiction and or sams choose your own adventure book?
  10. about halfway through judge dredd the complete case files 01. been wanting to check out the comics for ages.
  11. i agree. but the same apple who is telling people now that the new tech can't be unlocked even by them, is the same apple who told people in recent years that the phones they were selling couldn't be unlocked, while they were unlocking them. apparently.
  12. possibly. but it seems to me you have just as much of a reason to believe that as i do that it's merely a case of apple having enjoyed having it both ways in the past- being paragons of virtue to their userbase, providing them with this sweet 'locked phone' tech that makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy and unhackable and private, while colluding with the gov to unlock, apparently, dozens of phones. in dozens of cases which apparently were much more under the radar than a terrorist attack, and therefore not widely reported on or at least for whatever reason, the apple angle not getting cover
  13. according to the daily beast a NY prosecutor said that apple can unlock phones and has worked with the gov to unlock phones up to 70 times in the past which daily beast says apple does not dispute. which if true imo probably does reduce apple's current stance down from being a moral stance against authorities invading privacy down to a concern about PR with their users. maybe the reason they refuse to cooperate in this case is because of how high profile the case is, which means that if they did cooperate it would be a lot harder to sweep that aspect of the story under the rug so that the happ
  14. ok finally buying this, i suppose im in the camp that likes lunatic best and i gotta say that for me this has instantly popped into my own personal 2nd best fav of his stuff. sounds like it has a more clean/modern mixing/mastering job compared to lunatic, but similar ideas musically, so it's cool how it has it's own combination of things going yet still connects with that era, imo. top notch stuf
  15. the bernie sanders vid prob had me actually laughing the hardest i ever had at any mde. partly just, i always think the type of stuff guys like tom green and now sam hyde do when it comes to disrupting public events is funny because of how crazy it is and how it completely breaks those unwritten societal rules. i also think the funniest way to interrupt someone giving a little speech has to be 'two really good points'. however i think the rutgers thing is def his magnum opus as someone already said. crazy to me that they put up two different edited versions on their main channel and a link
  16. a little way into this video (he also calls himself michelangelo in that) http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com/2015/10/06/kanye-west-calls-himself-michelangelo-talks-fashion-backlash/ http://www.vice.com/read/kanye-west-thinks-the-media-attacks-him-because-they-hate-interracial-dating http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/kanye-west-sounds-off-on-racism-fashion-industry-at-wireless-festival-20140705 starting to feel like liking kanye is the new 'i have several black friends' for white people
  17. he seems to think that everyone who doesn't like him or his music is racist. seems to remind me of a certain president
  18. ok heres one that i gradually added stuff to over a few years, but never got around to doing a proper mix job. not really sure im ever going to be able to make it as good as i always wanted it to be tho. its pretty lo-fi all around, lots of stuff was recorded to cassette and also ran through an old tube amp from a 1950s turntable/radio console. think the mix is kinda cool as it is, even if it is a bit shitty https://soundcloud.com/rad-velocity/abandoned-mines
  19. isnt the reason you cant transmit info with entanglement because you need a 'quantum coincidence counter/circuit' (whatever that is) between point a and point b, to ensure that the two particles are in fact entangled? and the circuit can only ensure such a thing at however fast a circuit can transmit info. and by 'isn't' i mean, i think it is
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