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  1. just spent 20 minutes reading my mentions on discord. made me feel happy.

  2. picosong wiped their database and all my picosongs from 2014-2016 are now gone forever

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    2. usagi


      jesus saves, picosong doesn't.

    3. KovalainenFanBoy


      what did you expect

    4. Joyrex


      web archive? Wayback Machine?

  3. so i'm really tired of people starting sentences with "so"

  4. it's been real...see u in 2040

  5. back to the woods

  6. if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns

    1. trying to be less rude

      trying to be less rude

      if background checks aren't implemented then only implementation will check backgrounds

  7. The idea with fragmentation and diversion is that it will actually work against the Monetizers. The epidemic they profit from will be their undoing. One strategy of Collapsitarianism is to simply take part. Be the gaping mouth of globalism. The meta-knowledge that your complicity is subversive in nature will allow your individuality to resonantly develop further strategies, but the meta-level is not necessary to serve collapse.

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    2. Cryptowen


      yeah but what if it takes several decades yet, & you end up an old man & realize you've played the game but didn't make it to the part where someone kicks the monopoly board over

    3. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      some people never potato, some do

    4. trying to be less rude

      trying to be less rude

      yeah i wonder how it will all sort out. seems like the mind and society evolved over thousands of years as adaptations to a world that... isn't the world anymore

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