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'Elder' is the rewarding new compilation and project of Belgium's Music on Location Records. The release is unique in it's own way for multiple reason. Firstly, the artists were explained to that the music they make that it draw upon their memories from their youth. Secondly, to be creative with the recording techniques they use for their submission. And lastly, to keep in mind how the music would transfer to the listener so they can experience similar feelings. A true soundtrack to life's story. To have the listener recall and reconnect to distant recollections in their past. To make the project even more special, 'Elders' is a fundraiser for Ventiel which supports those who suffer from dementia.

The music included transcends generations as each track plays through. Neo-classical tracks that sound as if recorded in the late 19th century on up to today's latest IDM, really challenges the description of "what is modern music?". Nele De Gussam's 'Marwell' is a wonderful example of the vivid spectrum of sound throughout the compilation. An achingly beautiful audio scrapbook that awakens the conciousness. Julien Mier's 'Windy Ocarina' conjures up thought's of an innocent childhood where playing in the warm summer glow might have been the best time of your life. 'Elder' is full of poignant moments like this. Where wistful and whimsicle melodies are side by side with more serious sounds of learning and understanding. With contributions by Dron, Kettel, Edward Johannes, Andrei Orlov and many others, 'Elders' is a project that deserves quality time in your favorite listening enviorment. This release shines equally in it's ability to make you think and feel by what you hear. To remember and reflect on special times in your past. Not all music aims at such a lofty goal. 'Elder' succeeds with music that comes alive. 


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