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Downloads:Aphex Twin - Field Day 2023 [NTS 360 audio]


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Aphex Twin - Field Day 2023 [NTS 360 audio]

Aphex Twin 360 experience posted to YouTube by NTS, features a visual live experience, but also high quality audio, which is what is available here. Enjoy!


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21 hours ago, Ivan Ooze said:

The field day set 🙃

So I downloaded the video off YouTube and used the “separate audio” iOS shortcut exporting it to .wav file. 

If you wanted to go a step further - you could load it in a DAW and do some extra mastering - but with this version of the video - the audio quality was so good I didn’t do anything to the audio file once I converted the video to audio. Hope that helps my friend!



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On 9/3/2023 at 4:42 PM, Flutternozzle said:

Better quality here...

Very much appreciated on this as well… used the same resource to grab this as well. I uploaded it to the user14041984001 page on sc I have been running for awhile now. Started off as a Rephlex era RDJ page - I was finding that there were a bunch of small pages that shared a few RDJ rarities and some analord - for my sanity I wanted to put it all in one place and SoundCloud for better or worse was where I was able to do that. 

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