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recent purchases thread

Guest aquinas

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Guest em-pathy



Thats the Marilyn Manson - Guns God and Government Tour DVD. It cost me AU$15 and I was reasonably happy with it. I watched the extras and one or two songs from the concert and thats probably all I ever will.


"dvds, you spend a lot of money on them, then watch them once" - Jeordie White, aka Twiggy Ramirez

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cocteau twins - lullabies to violaine [4xcd]

Yes I need to get this. But I've just spent £40 on CTBOX1. And it's a lot of the same material. Oh, what to do. :blink:

if it makes you feel any better there are 6 tracks on ctbox1 that are not on ctbox2

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super bass station








mc202 has been kenton fitted with extra cv/gate/porta/filter inputs and super bass station has cv outs :teeth:

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FM3 Buddha Machine

slowdive - souvlaki [2xcd]

slowdive - pygmalion [cd]

slowdive - just for a day [2xcd]

railway children - reunion wilderness [cd]

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over the last few months i've acquired:


max tundra - mastered by guy at the exchange

king crimson - larks' tongues in aspic

wisp - NRTHNDR

talking heads - remain in light

boc - tch

spiritualized - lazer guided melodies

slowdive - souvlaki

tom waits - swordfishtrombones

cornelius - fantasma

stereolab - emperor tomato ketchup

sleepytime gorilla museum - of natural history


and they're all super fucking good

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all on sweet sweet vinyl



signaldrift - set design

signaldrift - compass

bitstream - departure lounge

bitstream - streamlining

troubleshooter - troubleshooter

troubleshooter - disaster recovery

mr76ix - part two

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lol ... i guess no one's posted in here since the last time i bought something. well, more recently:



plaid - double figure (2xlp)

the shins - oh inverted world (lp)

the shins - chutes too narrow (lp)

wolf parade - apologies to the queen mary (lp)

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aardvark 20/20 10in/10out soundcard

3 midi cables (0.6m, 3m and 6m)

6 mono jack cables

10 grams of blueberry ganja

a turkish pizza



..oh, and the december issue of the Scientific American :grin:

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