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You know, while I do still prefer the classic deep sound and related things, there are some interesting developments. These include the slightly more experimental 130 bpm sound one hears on labels like Manuka (loved this EP from Ternion Sound last year: https://manukarecords.bandcamp.com/album/exploration-ep) or this, and I've only heard a teeny bit so maybe it isn't that cool after all, the new "riddim" subgenre that uses sounds similar to "brostep", 150 bpm, though instead of being all about instant gratification and drops to the same extent, it's more about just grooving and doesn't change every half minute with the short attention span of Skrillex and the like, a bit like some of the half time dnb out there but also incorporating some trap in there too, very 2010s, not sure how well it has date for some tastes.

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