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I was listening to this at work on my AKG's and I was BLASTING it at 11, and just started LOL'ing at how friggin awesome it was!

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come on Felch!

sure some of it is self indulgent as fuck, but tracks like District Line are fucking insane.

sounds cheesy

but that track is so fucking incredible....i'm yet to hear anything like it.

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I saw him do this one live! It was amazing and I was going mental.


That must have been ultimate amazingness (in lack of a better phrase). I've always imagined that track live, I'm sure there's a video somewhere but it would just be super intense.

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Guest khyberpass

I agree with the inherent awesome of Steinbolt, but... no love for Iambic Poetry 9? Tetra-Sync? :cry:


Or do those just go without saying?

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Guest AOOproductions
that background orchestra thing is epic in steinbolt, district line II also A++ would listen again


go without saying, also ultravistor ftw!

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Guest maddestmax

I love Steinbolt.

Stein means stone in german by the way.

So its kinda of like lightningbolt but with stone.

It sounds really cool for me as a german speaker.

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