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Guest iep

four deck set

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Guest iep

Did a set with four decks tonight and uploaded it this morning.

It's 133Mb and it's 98:45 long.




iep - yì





deathprod - orgone donor

biosphere - shenzhou

casino vs japan - aquarium

lustmord - heresy part IV

monolake - macau

the hafler trio - who sees goes on

iep - rust

biosphere & deathprod - les fleurs du mal

somatic responses - adeladia

gridlock - chrometaphor

autechre - hub

robert rich & ian boddy - lagrange point

deathprod - recording the jürg mager trio: la luna

boards of canada - i saw drones

chris clark - slow spines

aphex twin - rhubarb (1159 mix)

amon tobin & bonobo - i'll have the waldorf salad

biosphere - fast atom escape

kettel - we'll end up pneumatic

boards of canada - julie and candy

boards of canada - a moment of clarity

lexaunculpt - has been trying not to wonder

kettel - little duck, when is our day

four tet - parks

gescom - key nell 2

squarepusher - square window

9 lazy 9 - electric lazyland

lustmord - the eliminating angel

venetian snares - felbomlasztott mentokocsi

deathprod - dead people's things






Enjoy! :sorcerer:

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Guest iep

cool.. hope to hear that you guys liked it.. i listened to it this afternoon and well... the beatmatching is very sloppy :laughing:

must've been the ganja :sad:


however, IMO this is a very fine selection of tunes, so enjoy..! :grin:

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