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my living will for watmm

Fred McGriff

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Guest Fat Roland

This post upsets me. I cannot imagine a world without Fred McGriff. That's like having a cloud without a silver lining. A desert without mirages. Child abuse without the long years of psychiatric help.


An ode to Fred McGriff


Babe, I love you so

I want you to know

That I'm going to

miss your love

The minute you walk

out that door


So please don't go

Don't go

Don't go away

Please don't go

Don't go

I'm begging you to stay

If you leave

At least in my lifetime

I've had one

dream come true

I was blessed to be loved

By someone as

wonderful as you

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when i stop posting for more than a month or so consider me dead and my will reads as such:


Fuck You All.


Except those who know better.


Also, if said event occurs, please reinstate editing and post deletion powers.

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