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I haven't heard much Vibert, apart from some random songs found on youtube, which were much enjoyed.


However I was able to download some compilation he had made, a collection of quirky 60's & 70's sounding electro funk style tracks entitled Further Nuggets. I found it strange that this, maybe the most obscure Vibert related cd, was the only one the search engine came up with but hey ho.


Anyhoo, still not heard much Vibert


So, any hints on where to begin/which albums etc?



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I suppose I should comment that Vibert wrote NOTHING on Nuggets. It's a collection of library music. Jesus.


hey ho? Do you mean Tally Ho?


I'm aware that Nuggets is not by Vibert. Chosen by him.


It's a laugh though innit :)

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I would say either Big Soup or Throbbing Pouch if your into the laid-back trip hop kinda stuff, Plug EPs if you're into crazy stoner jungle music, or Kerrier District/Yoseph if your into electronicy shit.


It's all quite wonderful. :)

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Guest viscosity

have Chicago, Detroit, Redruth and his latest which has been getting allota plays by me. gonna check out more when I have the time, thanks for the recommendations

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