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  1. buying new Autechre used to be like buying a sapling and watching it grow, nowadays you get a full grown fucking tree to take home instead ^^
  2. Yeah, they should save ideas like all end for live shows lol lol yeah, that would really be something ^^ I dunno, at this point I'm just scramblin for reasons for what's up with this release since I can't seem to dig it like I do other releases. It's buggin me. Another hairbrained idea is that this long form, less compacted nature of NTS (and on elseq a bit too) means that you really do need to spend more time with it than you did with the album releases in order to get any real feeling of cohesion and flow from it (I've not through-listened either yet). Or maybe they're just "deep mixi
  3. I hope they continue where they left off with Exai, which was the last proper album release? And present their new ideas within this format, saving the jammy/spacial experimentation and whatnot for live shows where these kind of ideas can really shine.
  4. Could be B.O and the like. I once let a particularly nasty one rip on a night bus, brought at least three passengers to tears.
  5. I'd like to hear how a version of Cold Earth without the vocal snippets of cartoon characters saying 'gilf' and 'bleurgh' would sound.
  6. os veix is cruising along on the perfect dosage cep puiqMX is the "omg I took too much" moment
  7. It's very common indeed, but that's a pretty funny situation one guy babbling on about made up stuff while the other not listening and just chilling and typing on watmm lol
  8. AJW


    Must say I subscribe to the general consensus that two gals kissing is more aesthetically pleasing to watch than two dudes kissing
  9. ^lol People are missing out big time. And I'm kind of jealous of them cause they still have that journey ahead of them should they choose to hike up that winding Autechre trail. They once talked about how certain elements and moods of tracks were sometimes inspired by traits and mannerisms of people they knew, and perhaps each other too. It's so very Autechre in that playful exploring way and anything but cold. I do miss some of their good old wistfulness on post Oversteps output though, gonna go listen to some Rae/corc/krib vibes with Autumn feels in the woods.
  10. “It’s hard for me to describe it as ‘learning’ from what we do,” Brown says of MaxMSP. “If anything, we build systems that actually register the kind of things we like in music, or the things we would do. It sort of impersonates us. It’s a system that gets more and more vast and increasingly complex, but is actually built on doing the things that we like to do. Sometimes we’ll connect certain modules and patches — and then there’ll be two things playing off each other, like me and Sean playing off each other.” I suppose it's the next best thing to Sean & Rob actually playin
  11. lol spot on, the eternal wellspring of gonk. NTS full blast on headphones has been a perfect noise cancelling device for reading on airplanes this last week. A protective cocoon of lush gonk shielding my ears from the noise and general nonsense of fellow passengers
  12. All end has Been weirding me out too, falling asleep to it the last few nights. Sometimes it sounds like it's moving fast and slow simultaneously, then it'll get muddled to the point where I feel momentarily deafened, like the sensation just after you've heard a loud sound. Amazing track that really grows on me with each listen.
  13. That "lacking something" is indeed hard to pin down, yet it's evident everywhere on post Exai material. My theory is that on their older stuff, especially Confield, Untilted & Draft, Sean & Rob were grappling with this unruly monster of pure primal energy of sound they'd created, trying to mold it and keep it from escaping and running loose. And as you mentioned, it's as if now the ideas are let to float around by their own accord more, seemingly with less emphasis on restructuring/editing. Maybe they finally tamed the beast, or perhaps it's quite a peaceful beast now that it's roam
  14. Man that's a sad story, I feel you. Hope the next lil hog you see is an alive and happy one. When I was a kid and playing with the neighborhood kids one afternoon, we came across a little family of hedgehogs. We were fascinated by them and wanted to take care of them so we made a cozy little nest for them from a cardboard box filled with hay complete with a little opening. After carefully lifting them into their new home, we thought they'd like something to drink so we put a saucer of milk down to them. We then went home for the evening and when we came back to check on our small fr
  15. Do they still do Public Disgrace in Berlin?
  16. A male voice in Recury that sounds like someone imitating drunken moaning (first one comes in at 6:15) And the dog bark sounds that come in before and after the wakka-wakka-waaaa! bits.
  17. Not sure about these lps. Kind of feels like buying expensive packaging for a product I basically already have. On the other hand it would help pool money for Shawaddywaddy & Rob van Winkles' future endeavors in buying expensive new music equipment/shoes & drugs, and I would have the whole NTS on sweet lp format, but the way the tracks have been placed, butchered here and there to fit the format? Hmmm.... Should I fall for the marketing or realize that I already have the essence of the thing - the music itself, and be happy with that?
  18. Any of the edible ones from the boletaceae family are great, quite dense and meaty, so you don't need to collect as many to make a meal of it. The amanita muscarias are interesting too, they double as both a deleriant/psychedelic and kitchen mushroom, depending on how you prepare them.
  19. I wonder how the Seinfeld gang would have turned out x amount of years after getting out of jail. Maybe something like the four main characters in A Scanner Darkly
  20. yikes Lol, refreshingly spot on ;)
  21. and here it is https://aminoapps.com/c/anime/page/blog/sometimes-a-fart-can-do-a-lot/nktL_u88g1xg3Zd28rdgP012R6E4z4 https://www.amazon.com/Onara-Gorou-Takashi-Taniguchi/dp/B07BGJ63MT
  22. AJW

    I need a DJ name

    DJ Malcolm Peter Brian Telescope Adrian Umbrella Stand Jasper Wednesday (pop-pop) Stoatgobbler John Raw Vegetable Arthur Norman Michael (squeak) Featherstone Smith (whistle) Northcott Edwards Harris (bang + whoop) Mason (chuff-chuff-chuff-chuff) Frampton Jones Fruitbat Gilbert 'We'll keep a welcome in the' (bang bang bang) Williams If I Could Walk That Way Jenkin (squeak) Tiger-drawers Pratt Thompson 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' Darcy Carter (honk) Pussycat 'Don't Sleep In The Subway' Barton Mainwaring (hoot + whoop) Smith.
  23. Simulate being in the bowels of hell by chain-farting in a sweltering hot room with a fan going at full power. the winds of shit, Bubs!
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