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A Guy Called Gerald has reportedly revealed that acid house pioneers 808 State may reform with their original lineup.


The Manchester group was formed in 1988 by Graham V Massey, Gerald Simpson and Martin Price, but Simpson left a year later to perform as A Guy Called Gerald.


According to Exclaim, Simpson revealed plans for a reunion at a recent Red Bull Music Academy interview.


It is unclear whether a reunion would include Price, who left the group in 1992, or if a comeback will involve new recordings as well as live shows.


Simpson has promised an official announcement in the coming months.


A Guy Called Gerald reached number 12 in the UK singles charts in 1988 with 'Voodoo Ray', while 808's 'Pacific State' went to number ten a year later.

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altho i didnt meant subtracks.. which i do like as well... but rather his other projects


so the real good news is that you may have not yet heard these other ones..

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yeah why dont i just drop some names,


..welb especially i like biting tongues.. the pre-808 band.


from more current ones.. i do like some sisters of transistors stuff.. along with toolshed material

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yeah i know this is probably sacrilege with you lot but 808 state wasn't/isn't shit without Gerald.


That's rubbish man.


"We are the music makers.."






this is the one that started it all for me.

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