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  1. 808 State also released ex:el, didn't Orbital's first album come out then as well? Nah, 1981
  2. Boomfff! Ordered in a flash Also listening to sT8818r original mix for the first time, quite a barnstormer eh Trivia - Autechre's A664 mix is named after the A-road connecting Manchester to Rochdale 🤘
  3. i'm using musicbee, very happy with it
  4. umm.. no idea really.. but a neural network, with a "model" trained on a library of music in similar style, spectrally constructs musical phrasing using an original song as a starting point, making it up as it goes along its merry way into the twilight zone look what it did to the bee gees
  5. xy_politics


    been waiting for some openAI clips to come through that aren't beatles/elvis/nirvana/whathaveyou i find these mulchy dreamworld excursions quite fascinating, seems to work quite well on electronics too, half of them seem to turn into plaid in a foggy graveyard lol sorry if it was already posted!
  6. 21. Billie Holiday "Strange Fruit" 20. Robyn "Dancing On My Own" If I didn't have a donor card, I'd stick a live hand grenade up my arse and call it a day
  7. 1990, compilation only (aside from a legendary test press)
  8. second one is from Universal Indicator Green, track 7:
  9. reckon most likely scenario is that the original DAT is actually mono but for 1996 fmwt some filtered and panned information was blended in i.e. fake stereo and that was either forgotten or vetoed in the new mastering (perhaps that's what tom is referring to, "music sounded over-processed") thing is, it made the track loads better and had some interesting side effects e.g. the pads and choirs sound "closer" to you than the drums which is a smart subversion of your typical d&b / techno presentation
  10. bought the wavs from bandcamp to be totally fair and have another look, especially in light of interview quote posted above opinion not changed so far but wait a minute.. remastered tundra is completely mono! jeez nice job guys
  11. i'm listening side-by-side to the bandcamp previews against original rip obvs not a perfect basis, but good enough to hear any drastic changes and these changes are drastic and not in a good way only listened to theme and kodack (which is my favourite from this album) and i think i've heard enough to stay well away the tinny amen and bass guitar on kodack has been squashed into the background mush no, no.. give it a chance.. ok, north circular wtf awful this is a de-master borgnine sounds like it's been replayed through a logitech 2.1 speaker set, all whomp, tizz and piccolo snares, the 101 is pushed to the back i get the impression senor colton doesn't really have a clue about what made the early squarepusher records so distinctive and interesting which is fair enough, but if tom signed off on this, perhaps he doesn't either it didn't need anything doing to it
  12. Edit: actually listening to this, it's rubbish, some kind of mastering mistake? just repeats the last half twice with a silent gap in between 🙄 Here's the 12 min 39 version, from Further Self Evident Truths 1 Mislabelled on the video (and the CD!) as Pillars and Mirrors..
  13. port rhombus sheila chandra combo? with a bit of ambient works 2 in the middle?
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