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  1. The albums range from mediocre to downright bad, I think - except for Chiastic Slide which is top drawer, and Oversteps which almost works but not quite. Always found it curious that the EPs generally had a much higher standard of presentation
  2. I wouldn't say it's a disaster.. The cut is perfectly adequate, tonally it sounds to me indistinguishable from the 2005, and it's slightly - but noticeably - quieter, with slightly (slightly!) higher surface noise. Playing through more discs there is ticking and popping throughout, more than you'd typically find on the premium quality presses (Pallas? RTI?), but I think these will mostly go away after some playthroughs and/or cleaning. I'd feel confident that all the above applies when comparing to the MOV as well, as 2005 = MOV as far as the cut goes. And MOV generally press on good quality vinyl from my experience.
  3. Big scratch on "Sublime Creation". Hurrahhh. Now waiting for Bleep response. So this set was pressed at Optimal, where some other things I've been interested in recently have also been pressed. Based on some hair-raising reports I've read about those, it looks like QC there has gone downhill in the past year or two. The rest of the vinyl in the set doesn't look too hot either - uneven surfaces, dimples, sharp edges.. Just did a spot comparison against my Discotheque release from 2005 - which is the John Dent / LOUD cut, same as the new MOV pressing. The Discotheque is better - louder, better vinyl quality, less surface noise. Come to think of it, wasn't there some shade being thrown about the MOV being cut from a CD / not the original master? That's patently false - as the MOV is the exact same record as the Discotheque from the same lacquer - which was a remaster done by John Dent and Mark Pritchard himself!
  4. The artwork.. It's a planet on fire, isn't it?
  5. Continuing with the numerological Mystic Meg routine, I hereby announce with absolute certainty that the accompanying EP to SIGN will be called AKIN As well as that, the tormented limbo-specter of Herman Cain tells me that Joe Biden will be struck by "lightning" on the very same day it is released
  6. S(19) + I(9) + G(7) = 35 = L (12) + P (16) + C (3) + D (4) N = 14 = (catalogue no) 3+2+9
  7. I read about this policy (which, apparently, is widespread) recently: https://abcnews.go.com/US/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-cops/story?id=95836 Perhaps they have personnel data to back up that policy; But, if above-average intelligence police have left service at higher than normal rates in the past, I'd bet in most cases it was for reasons other than "boredom", though.
  8. Brian Eno and a brickie, a cook, a doctor and a fisherman posing as ABBA
  9. I can't argue with Harmor - it's still well ahead of any off-the-shelf synths in that area. The things you can do with the Phaser are crazy! I do wish it had poly-aftertouch assignment - imagine what you could do then! ..Though IL are one of those outfits that tend to let great products just wither on the vine, so I'm not expecting anything this century. My current obsession is MSoundFactory. It's got everything. Some parts better than others, but the range of FX you can set up per-voice i.e. inside the patch - delays, reverbs, flangers, chorus, all kinds of dynamics, even a granular processor - make it something without any close equivalent. Not to mention the endless FX available post patch - you get the entire Melda DSP toolkit to choose from.
  10. https://bleep.com/release/185639-nuron-as-one-la-source Was sniffing around on Bleep looking for possible Ae reissue bizmess. Last thing on earth I expected to see!
  11. dublin tallinn oslo zagreb helsinki numegen (?) melbourne
  12. in entirely unrelated news, there's a new NURON EP out on pre-order from De:Tuned. on bleep etc. with ltd. version. first since 1996. This may be exciting to some people.
  13. Bought this, it's excellent. Like others have said, I should really get round to exploring more of their modern releases
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