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  1. Bought this, it's excellent. Like others have said, I should really get round to exploring more of their modern releases
  2. Rest in peace, McCoy Tyner... Firstly, the greatest tribute I know..
  3. some good advice, points made. one thing i've always tried to stick to is: if something is causing problems, don't spend too long trying to find ways to get it to fit. better to scrap it and try something else. i'm sure we've all been in that good place where everything just falls together and the track pretty much mixes itself. if things work together well, mixing should be fun, not like trying to solve a puzzle. recognise when you're trying too hard.
  4. Wasn't exactly floored by the album when I heard it (I mean, it's competent and everything, and more my thing than the last 5 or 6..), but Avec Batterie is killer, instavinylbuyyyyy edit: sounds pretty neat at +48 too
  5. Popcorn is directly sampled too - from this cover version by Elektrik Cokernut:
  6. I don't know about the Manchester show specifically, but for London I could see 909 (obvs) Cirklon Yamaha Reface DX 2 Euroracks and below the laptop, something unidentified but what I strongly suspect to be a custom Faderfox controller
  7. My plans to attend have fallen through - so I've got 3 tickets available, and can split if you only want 1, 2 £30 each (face value is £39.50) - Paypal They're mobile tickets thru Ticketmaster.co.uk - so to use the tickets you'll need the Ticketmaster phone app and a Ticketmaster login. All I'll need is the email tied to the login to transfer instantly. Drop me a PM!
  8. gearnerding, spotted the Cirklon, a Yamaha Reface DX, A&H Xone mixer. dunno what that thing is below the laptop
  9. There is a Reaktor-esque module builder in the works which looks promising, and has a lite-version, early access beta available now - "Geco", made by Hora, a VCV developer Comes with a library of DSP and logic objects, with custom code imports possible too. https://gumroad.com/horamusic
  10. I'm investigating this one - Impromptu Foundry
  11. gosh darn it, farmer jenkinson has brought the fresh produce when was the last sqp record that sounded like this mashfest
  12. I bought Loomer Architect on early bird recently - https://www.loomer.co.uk/architect.htm I think that would cover all your requirements Runs as plugin or standalone Hosts and controls plugins Build your own custom sequencers for note and controller data Tons of logic modules Write your own modules in Lua
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