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  1. Turns out I haven't heard the 2009 versions - I still had the 2004 promo set, which is dire, didn't know they'd done it twice.. A quick sampling and the 2009s seem to be really good, more like louder, punchier versions of the originals without all the life drained from them. Looks like I have some downloading to do!
  2. oh, just the sound of it - like the music is half-submerged in black, inky goo. i've spent a good amount of time working on restoration and denoising, and it's very, very difficult to get right, particularly for the more delicate electronic music, it just gets destroyed. why i don't listen to kraftwerk's remasters - and they spent years trying to get it right, with no doubt the very best equipment. autechre warp tapes 89-93 was an impressive job though
  3. digitally denoised, a lot of the ambience scraped away.. i'll stick with the 192, it's more faithful. why do people feel the need to mess with tape rips? it's like all those ropey copies of melodies from mars
  4. Played X4 5 times before carrying on with the rest of the album. Oof.. Best Autechre since Glasgow Art School?
  5. faster faster download!! 🤪 Guess it's time for SIGN listen no.2.....
  6. That's just a snippet of the gescom disengage radio show, not a remix, and it probably wasn't even ae at the controls the track being mixed in is (prod. by Mark Pritchard, for the non-eagle eyed..) Dark river was played many times on disengage, it's obviously an influential piece for them
  7. I know this isn't a bad album - at least, not in the same way I knew immediately that Quaristice was a bad album (but that's just, like, my opinion man!).. Infact it's probably a very good album. But fuck me, it's grim.. All I'm hearing on this first play is funerals, confinement, nakedness, a hopeless struggle.. I felt a little trapped listening to it, if I'm honest - many of the fascinating sonic devices and designs they typically employ, are here stripped away completely, or muted and soured, sent on a downward trajectory.. Everything seems to be arranged to provoke a more visceral
  8. The albums range from mediocre to downright bad, I think - except for Chiastic Slide which is top drawer, and Oversteps which almost works but not quite. Always found it curious that the EPs generally had a much higher standard of presentation
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