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  1. I read about this policy (which, apparently, is widespread) recently: https://abcnews.go.com/US/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-cops/story?id=95836 Perhaps they have personnel data to back up that policy; But, if above-average intelligence police have left service at higher than normal rates in the past, I'd bet in most cases it was for reasons other than "boredom", though.
  2. Brian Eno and a brickie, a cook, a doctor and a fisherman posing as ABBA
  3. I can't argue with Harmor - it's still well ahead of any off-the-shelf synths in that area. The things you can do with the Phaser are crazy! I do wish it had poly-aftertouch assignment - imagine what you could do then! ..Though IL are one of those outfits that tend to let great products just wither on the vine, so I'm not expecting anything this century. My current obsession is MSoundFactory. It's got everything. Some parts better than others, but the range of FX you can set up per-voice i.e. inside the patch - delays, reverbs, flangers, chorus, all kinds of dynamics, even a granular processor - make it something without any close equivalent. Not to mention the endless FX available post patch - you get the entire Melda DSP toolkit to choose from.
  4. https://bleep.com/release/185639-nuron-as-one-la-source Was sniffing around on Bleep looking for possible Ae reissue bizmess. Last thing on earth I expected to see!
  5. dublin tallinn oslo zagreb helsinki numegen (?) melbourne
  6. in entirely unrelated news, there's a new NURON EP out on pre-order from De:Tuned. on bleep etc. with ltd. version. first since 1996. This may be exciting to some people.
  7. Bought this, it's excellent. Like others have said, I should really get round to exploring more of their modern releases
  8. Rest in peace, McCoy Tyner... Firstly, the greatest tribute I know..
  9. some good advice, points made. one thing i've always tried to stick to is: if something is causing problems, don't spend too long trying to find ways to get it to fit. better to scrap it and try something else. i'm sure we've all been in that good place where everything just falls together and the track pretty much mixes itself. if things work together well, mixing should be fun, not like trying to solve a puzzle. recognise when you're trying too hard.
  10. Wasn't exactly floored by the album when I heard it (I mean, it's competent and everything, and more my thing than the last 5 or 6..), but Avec Batterie is killer, instavinylbuyyyyy edit: sounds pretty neat at +48 too
  11. Popcorn is directly sampled too - from this cover version by Elektrik Cokernut:
  12. I don't know about the Manchester show specifically, but for London I could see 909 (obvs) Cirklon Yamaha Reface DX 2 Euroracks and below the laptop, something unidentified but what I strongly suspect to be a custom Faderfox controller
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