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  1. reckon most likely scenario is that the original DAT is actually mono but for 1996 fmwt some filtered and panned information was blended in i.e. fake stereo and that was either forgotten or vetoed in the new mastering (perhaps that's what tom is referring to, "music sounded over-processed") thing is, it made the track loads better and had some interesting side effects e.g. the pads and choirs sound "closer" to you than the drums which is a smart subversion of your typical d&b / techno presentation
  2. bought the wavs from bandcamp to be totally fair and have another look, especially in light of interview quote posted above opinion not changed so far but wait a minute.. remastered tundra is completely mono! jeez nice job guys
  3. i'm listening side-by-side to the bandcamp previews against original rip obvs not a perfect basis, but good enough to hear any drastic changes and these changes are drastic and not in a good way only listened to theme and kodack (which is my favourite from this album) and i think i've heard enough to stay well away the tinny amen and bass guitar on kodack has been squashed into the background mush no, no.. give it a chance.. ok, north circular wtf awful this is a de-master borgnine sounds like it's been replayed through a logitech 2.1 speaker set, all whomp, tizz and piccolo snares, the 101 is pushed to the back i get the impression senor colton doesn't really have a clue about what made the early squarepusher records so distinctive and interesting which is fair enough, but if tom signed off on this, perhaps he doesn't either it didn't need anything doing to it
  4. Edit: actually listening to this, it's rubbish, some kind of mastering mistake? just repeats the last half twice with a silent gap in between 🙄 Here's the 12 min 39 version, from Further Self Evident Truths 1 Mislabelled on the video (and the CD!) as Pillars and Mirrors..
  5. port rhombus sheila chandra combo? with a bit of ambient works 2 in the middle?
  6. Roland SVC-350 Vocoder, used it on one track, then somehow convinced myself that software could do just as good a job (which, of course, it can't). Now sells for 6 times the price
  7. arrived today.. very impressed with the sound, and really pleased to see MPO handled the manufacture, not a single tick, pop or hint of noise across all 4 sides - I reckon MPO are pressing the best vinyl in Europe at the moment, or at least as good as recordindustry - thank god they didn't use (sub)optimal!!
  8. Have had a blog rip of this album for many years, it's excellent. Hopefully some vinyl copies will make it to UK distribution!
  9. [thread] Anvil Vapre, no question. [/thread]
  10. https://foundation.app/AphexTwin Current Bid 30.00 ETH $57,324.90
  11. Yeah that side is off-centre on my copy too. Not by a huge amount, I've seen much worse, but it's noticeable. When a record's badly off-centre I'll expand the centre hole with a scissor blade and shift the record on the platter to compensate. Haven't done that with LM02 though
  12. definition of "instabuy" pretty much the high water mark of UK techno/electronica. had all the 12s since release, they're probably the things I'd grab first if the house was on fire my favourite? mirage
  13. I remember listening to the 808 State radio show late one night - they used to let people phone in and have a bit of banter, laffs etc - and a guy phoned in having come from that gig, upset that "only 10 people were there", and that manchester needs to support their underground artists etc. 808 didn't seem to know who they were (and neither did I!), but encouraged the listeners to go out and see "or-tek" when they were on next. never seen any mention of that gig anywhere until this interview..
  14. think that was in a black dog record from a while back yeah this one https://www.discogs.com/The-Black-Dog-Sex-Magick-Rave/release/2562935
  15. latest news on nuron's youtube is that the preorder for the likemind compilation has been pushed out another month, to mid-feb. I absolutely can't miss that, even though I already have all the original Likemind releases - and it'll almost certainly sell out in about 5 picoseconds
  16. Just came across this by chance: https://bleep.com/release/185639-nuron-as-one-la-source A new volume of La Source - 2 new tracks, and an As One remix of La Source Preorder limited Red vinyl Track previews are up - this might be even better than the first one!
  17. Yeah, I bought it quite a while back. Amazing tool for sure but it hasn't had much use here tbh. I moved over to Bitwig which has many useful sequencing and note processing functions. Also I own Plogue Bidule which can handle most of the lower-level MIDI processing things I need using off-the-shelf modules. I also bought all the HY-Plugins sequencers which I am having a blast with and can recommend to all and sundry Eventually I'm sure I'll want to build a fully-custom sequencer for something or other, and then it'll come into its own 🙂
  18. wtf, mental, well done lad so, like, now you could replace the piano rolls and cover any song, xtal-style - i nominate joy division, day of the lords
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