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Move of Ten


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so hey guys.


i first heard this move of ten when i was 16. it was a fucking cool night, i had just saved my virginity from the sultry loins of an older woman (not my mom, lol) (ok, my mom lol -- i was NOT about to stick myself into that bleeding wound i had seeped out of 16 years earlier...). so, yeah, my best friend brought over a copy of this and here's what it's like:


Etchogon-S - as far as i can tell this is not really a song per se, it's a wicked 3d drawing on an etch-a-sketch. it's cool, looks like fractals with fucking lush creatures and reminds me a lot of max ernst "eye of silence" or even picabia's "gymnopedi 1-3" or something. it's cool.


y7 - ok, so this one is an acid track by afx, i think it's from the lol jimmy wtf series called "analog" i think. that came out about ten years ago, when i was in college. true story: my professors were always asking my opinions of music and college matters so once, when "analogs" came out by aphex i just brought in ten turntables and played all the records at once: true story every single one at my college flipped the fucked out, they played it over the intercom and even the deans and other guys and shit were utterly wasted by the end, some people took ecstasy even which was lush but i think it was ther herbal kind and a lot of people were faking it. i got an A.0 GPA and pretty much can get whatever job i want. that's how i got a hold of "move of ten" before any one -- sean just sends everything to me to ask my opinions.


pce freeze 2.8i - pretty sure this was made for a protest thingy, like "anti ep" but i can't remember the story. early in this tune there's like a vocal bit and it sounds pretty cool. there's a pretty mega killer korg kaoss pad in there, i think it's controlling the beats (and these are not amen breaks, not any more). about ten chords in this one, all F. then a comical interlude where rob calls himself robin -- i loled.






hold on...












alright i'm back. so rew(1) is pretty long, about 99. and, if you play it at max volume it blows your speakers. there's a really fucking long drum solo, i wanna say it's rob playing but it's hard to tell.


nth Dafuseder.b - i checked my german dictionary, Dafuseder means "nazi passover" -- prettty lush. it starts off with some detuned oscillators playing a melody, fm beats come in in 83/4, then a poly rhythm plays in 4/1 and it's pretty hard to tell what the fuck is going on. i think this is a king crimson song? jack dangers sings on this, lyrics:



if the song's too long

do you call it perlence subrange 6 36

is it just a long loop

or are the subtle changes sick?





(it doesn't actually say the night/heat thing, i just made that up for teh forum)


iris was a pupil -- so, i checked sean's CV and apparently the dude studied opthamology before he joined the band. this is his dissertation, read backwards in real time, the mic is connected to a jizz and cum spurts out at night man my god when didn't i clean this tissue off? CUM



no border -- made of mexican beats (like, conga, latin, cha cha cha, can can, etc). this is composed and performed by senior coconut on an mpc.


M62 - boring tune. very very boring. it sounds like a bmx bike landing on the moon, but not like a slow, ease into a new world but more like the fucking thing crashed into a moon rock made of buffer override. daft.


ylm0 - "you love men"? coincidence? anyway, i was boarding a plane when this track came on and this black guy was like "what currency do they use in greece?" and, naturally, i said, "euros," but he thought i said "gyros," and for a while it got awkward. so i'm on the plane, M62 is playing so then i'm like, "nurse, i'll please have a coke. no! make that TWO cokes." that's when i fucking knew this song was tight. REALLY sick pads, like, i think there's 10-15 pads on the juno, you got like 2 or 4 pads/chords on the nord modular G3, there's a couple pads on the iPad, awepittance says they use some zoviet france pads, idk, just fucking blows the mind how many pads are in this. it occurs to me that i might have been listening to something else, like a collection of pads or something?


Cep puiqMX -- this track is a vast mountainous landscape of parts, bits, bites, circuits, layouts, plans, screws, nails, plates, copper, elements, liquids, acids, batteries, smoke, filters, oils and greases, threads, fibers, optics, coils, springs, with sparks shimmering and scattering above and about it all. fucking lol

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Guest HWNDarkside
M62 - boring tune. very very boring. it sounds like a bmx bike landing on the moon, but not like a slow, ease into a new world but more like the fucking thing crashed into a moon rock made of buffer override. daft.



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Guest Super lurker ultra V12

I'll buy three more copies of move of ten just to make sure I can glue on each disc your review :braindance: :braindance: :braindance:

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