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Goldeneye 007


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Golden Eye for Nintendo 64 is, to this date, still the best FPS game for a console system.


Sigh, I miss my childhood.. going over to a friends place with your controller, a bottle of coca cola and a bag of crisps, and play all night long yeahh

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Quantum of Solace MP blended Goldeneye aspects with modern CoD style features, so I expect this will probably be similar. Between that and the original Perfect Dark on 360 arcade I got my Goldeneye fix enough that I don't feel compelled to run out and buy a wii.

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Guest GrandPopPoplock

Goldeneye is still my favorite FPS of all time . I played it again last year and it still holds up .


Hopefully , this remake wont suck ass ( I still think they should of just ported the N64 version )





Eh, we'll see what happens tomorrow .

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Im gonna go ahead and be bitter because i was always that kid who got stomped in multiplayer because i never owned the game. Goldeneye is the most overrated fps outside of halo. This game will suck, because it's on wii, and because the days of 4 player splitscreen deathmatch died with timesplitters 2 and all you gibbering assholes with your fancy rocket launchers and hidden passageways can spank that in your tank and bank it.

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