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Let me ruin your childhood memories with some Alf blooper reels


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Not a dick, I think that footage makes him look fuckin' awesome! I could be wrong but I think when he was dropping the N-Bombs he was making reference to the name of the dog on The Dam Busters (You later hear him call out to other inappropriate names for an animal)

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Oh by the way, the actor who played the father, Max Wright, really did hate ALF.


Max Wright stated that he despised supporting a technically demanding inanimate object that received most of the good lines of dialog. He admits to being "hugely eager to have ALF over with".[7] Anne Schedeen said that on the last night of taping ALF "there was one take and Max walked off the set, went to his dressing room, got his bags, went to his car and disappeared. [...] There were no goodbyes." Schedeen herself said "there was no joy on the set [...] it was a technical nightmare – extremely slow, hot and tedious. [...] A 30-minute show took 20, 25 hours to shoot." While fond of her on screen children, Schedeen said some adults had "difficult personalities. The whole thing was a big dysfunctional family". Schedeen added, "It's astonishing that ALF really was wonderful and that word never got out what a mess our set really was".[7] Elson, who suffered from bulimia during the second season of shooting, stated, "If ALF had gone one more year, everybody would have lost it".[7] Wright would eventually reflect more kindly on ALF, saying in June 2006, "It doesn't matter what I felt or what the days were like, ALF brought people a lot of joy".[7]
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