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Your top 9 Clark tracks.

Guest Adam

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Is this a parody thread?


No. It just was inspired by that thread on afx forum.



Okay, I'll start.


1. Rainbow Voodoo

2. Suns Of Temper

3. Totem Crackerjack

4. Night Knuckles

5. Ted

6. Vemgeance Drools

7. Herr Barr

8. The Autumnal Crash

9. Growls Garden

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Guest GrandPopPoplock

1 . Ted

2 . Totem Crackerjack

3 . Suns Of Temper

4 . Penultimate Persian

5 , Proper Mid fi

6 . Future Daniel

7 . Proper Lo Fi

8 . Vengeance Drools

9 . Bruise Animations







It took me a while to put this shit together .


Mad hard .

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I'll try but Clark's trakcs usually work as an album instead of separate tracks


1. Wolf

2. Rainbow Voodoo

3. Penultimate Persian

4. Slow Spines

5. Lord of the Dance

6. Milanese - Mr. Bad News (Clark Remix)

7. Herr Bar

8. Frau Wav

9. For Wolves Crew

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1. Indigo Optimus

2. Growls Garden

3. Future Daniel

4. Slow Spines

5. Rob Lee

6. New Year Storm

7. Outside Plume

8. Frau Wav

9. Wolf

Edited by jhonny
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Gaskarth/ Cyrk Dedication

Penultimate Persian

The Autumnal Crash


Die Slow (Remix)

Braid Of Voices (Remix)

Gonk Roughage

See See

Kin Griff


Yeah I'm really into noisy and mean Clark... I want my Selected Works of Turning Dragon 16 LP collectors set :emotawesomepm9:

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