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By popular demand I've done a complete collection of all the EAP tracks I did, straight from WAV, for a Bandcamp release.


These have never before been available at lossless quality, and quite a few of the MP3 releases were pretty shoddily encoded.


Here is a link to buy, listen, whatever you'd like. I put in some super secret extra tracks for the people that do purchase it :)


In case you didn't notice, I also did an EP called Questionmarks of much more recent tracks. You can check it out here!


Thanks for any support.

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Yeah, you have to download it as a ZIP I think. Can't you download it as much as you want to though, or is it limited? Get a download manager or something, maybe.

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holy good sweet electric fuck lord. i thought there was a thread that said the original WAVs had been lost?


i will be purchasing these tonight. jah one love,



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Guest Calx Sherbet

this is wonderful news. there were some i never got to hear.


i'd like to mention Cladderndindin is especially brilliant

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