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  1. As someone who had their own hosting/site before Bandcamp (and sometime during) I'd say moving everything to BC still works out much much cheaper, especially once you earn enough to be on the 10% revenue share. Honestly, BC taking a 10% share is more than reasonable for the quality of life upgrades they bring. No more messing around with host cpanel's, store modules and making sure everything is tagged properly etc.. Just upload, add info, done. It also brings all the users on the BC platform to your attention too. Much easier for fans to be notified of new releases by people following you etc.. A no-brainer really IMO. Oh and they'd actually let people hear the tracks before they buy! That's kinda important, I think. As forward thinking as FSOL are/were, they are often held back by their net-boomer stuck in the 90's mentality.
  2. FSOL, I love you, but I really wish you would move over to Bandcamp already
  3. Yep, I made both! The playlist is more tongue-in-cheek, whereas the release itself is obviously a bit more serious. Listen to both is my suggestion 😁
  4. Thanks for posting! It's actually a full EP rather than a single track. Free/pay what you want. Cheers!
  5. 3 was ok, but felt like a completely different sound compared to the first 2 releases. Xerrox 1 & 2 are absolute classics.
  6. It's pretty much how I feel every time I see electronic artists try to adapt their albums for live acoustic/classical ensembles. Most just come off as really cheesy and often highlights how simplistic the actual arrangements are. Weirdly though, the live version of 14 31 they performed as "Lament" was actually really good! Probably because it skipped the brass section, heh.
  7. Out now! USA/digital: https://pitp.bandcamp.com/album/stasis-sounds-for-long-distance-space-travel UK/ROTW: https://juno.co.uk/artists/36/ 🚀
  8. Oops, yep! I'm constantly mixing those two labels up, which is silly because they're a world apart in quality.
  9. The key take for me is that this Vinyl On Demand label didn't even think to ask the artists about reissuing it first. Just straight up used their previous contract (which is no doubt in perpetuity, like all major labels) and pressed it. And of course, the record stores don't even think to ask where it came from either. I doubt a penny of this will go to the artists. Sad for Tom and Mark. Imagine going through the effort of planning an anniversary edition of one of your most celebrated records, going through the effort of getting it remastered from DAT, organising remixes by other artists to expand it etc.. Then you find out, from literally nowhere, that another label with dubious rights to your record gets there first and does the absolute most basic job imaginable. Now most people who don't follow things closely will find the record repressed again in a few months time and think "uh wait, why should I buy this again?" Welcome to the world of major labels and licensing contracts I guess. Where there is money to be made, someone out there will want to screw you over.
  10. Available to pre-order on Past Inside The Present now. Release day is 31st January. https://pitp.bandcamp.com/album/stasis-sounds-for-long-distance-space-travel 12" vinyl (2 color variants) cassette tape and digital. Juno will have all the rest of the stock available from here which will be the cheapest solution for everyone outside the USA Some random packages will have some 1991 Space Ventures 'Space Shots’ trading cards included 😀
  11. The manufacturer I usually use says that lighter transparent colours (inc pure transparent clear) often have a 5db increased noise floor. Opaque colours, particularly darker ones like blue, brown etc.. They tend to sound closer to black in terms of overall quality. Honestly though, the whole vinyl manufacturing process is such a roll of the dice that anything can sound crap. White vinyl is without question the worst in my personal experience though. One single company (if you can even call it that) controls all the pellets in the world apparently. I think they have a patent on it, or something. Anyway, every single white vinyl I've ever had has sounded noticeably noisier than the rest. They look cool, but I try to avoid buying them now. Certainly no longer use them for my own music.
  12. Awesome, congrats! The box set looks fantastic, so best of luck with it Mr. Touched 👍
  13. brisk

    Brexit :(

    Pretty telling how you equate being less than middle class (aka working class) with being a "non-nice thicko bigot"
  14. I keep a few back in case of damage/loss, so assuming they don't need to be used, I'll put them up for sale in a month or two.
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