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  1. Your best bet is to buy direct from the label (if you're in the USA) or from Juno if you're in Europe/ROTW. Juno distribute all the ASIP releases and in the case of my last album with them, it sold out directly with them and they didn't have the stock to distribute to all the other stores, meaning a lot of failed pre-orders/angry people. I think they pressed 600 copies with this one, so there should be plenty on release day, from both Juno and Bandcamp direct.
  2. "In 1986 iconic group The Future Sound of London released the UK Top 40 chart album Dead Cities, from which came a track Yage." FSOL = Timelords confirmed
  3. Out of interest, where did you get your tapes manufactured? We're thinking of releasing an ambient tape at some point and I'm keen to have the quality be as high as possible. I think tape is such a great format for ambient music, possibly better than vinyl actually. I've used a few companies over the year, from Tapeline to Mobineko. For this release, I used a manufacturer called https://www.bandcds.co.uk/cassettes/cassette-tape-duplication/ who seems to have done tapes for quite a few labels like Dream Catalogue. They have a rather generic company name, but they know their stuff and everything came back exactly how it was promised. I'll be using them again for future tapes, 100%. Out of interest, where did you get your tapes manufactured? We're thinking of releasing an ambient tape at some point and I'm keen to have the quality be as high as possible. I think tape is such a great format for ambient music, possibly better than vinyl actually. Don't want to derail but I can answer partially answer this, I dub tapes for my friends label and he does a lot of ambient releases. Depends on how much you want the tape to "color" the sound - there's playback quality and then there's the more subjective "sounds good" question and ambient on warmth of cassette falls more in that category than vinyl. Most tapes are type I, type II technically is a better choice as it doesn't roll off as much on the higher frequencies. Unfortunately stateside NAC ran out of type II. You might have to hunt around more for that. There's also Dolby sound reduction as an option, most don't mess with it but when it comes to stuff like ambient, classical, or dynamic non-percussive music it's a good option. A lot of fans will likely not utilize Dolby B on their decks or players but those who do will notice an improvement in quality. I've been doing it for awhile now on drone/ambient releases I dub. I also try to make the peaks about 2+ db or so on the VU meter. Not too much (gets too distorted) but a little is ideal. You can go a little higher with type II and even more with the rarer type IV. Anyway, this release sounds beautiful, you've been putting out a lot of wonderful music! Also 36, wanted to mention that your posts on FB about streaming, social media, and navigating the world of releasing music have been very insightful. Cheers. I do enjoy my little industry rants/ramblings on FB
  4. Cheers guys. Yes, happy memories at all the XLT events over the years The tapes will be repressed at the same time the next tape in the series is released. They'll both be available together then (with the 2nd tape having more units to satisfy demand... Lesson learned from this one!)
  5. Thanks guys, glad you're enjoying it!
  6. Last UK/EU copies at Boomkat now https://boomkat.com/products/fade-to-grey-ad16528f-2c5e-4830-8a97-4019c172fe36
  7. Thanks guys! The vinyl is sold out at the main stores now, so thank you to the people who bought it. Boomkat will have some copies this week, so that'll likely be the best chance to get a copy if you missed it. Check here for easy links to all the streaming/digital sites and maybe a spare copy of the vinyl if you're quick https://asip.lnk.to/asipv01336
  8. Out now! Vinyl: UK/EU: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/36-fade-to-grey/717369-01/ Digital: https://astrangelyisolatedplace.bandcamp.com/album/fade-to-grey Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy the album
  9. Initial USA allocation is sold out direct, but the label will likely have a handful more copies on release day. n5MD has a few now too, for people in the USA who don't want to risk it. After that, a few other stores may have a handful of copies and the rest will be sold/distributed by Juno in the UK. They're actually really good for international shipping too, so if you're outside Europe, you'll still pay pretty reasonable shipping prices from them.
  10. Visage 36 - Fade To Grey A Strangely Isolated Place 2xLP trans yellow vinyl + bonus CD on A Strangely Isolated Place. 451 copies. Bandcamp (USA shipping/initial stock sold out) Juno (EU/ROTW, Available on release day) Juno link has 2 min samples of all the tracks, for people who want to spoil it for themselves! Cheers all x
  11. Mixcloud link I'd like a downloadable version too if anyone can upload it.
  12. Someone leaked the links to all the stuff early on Reddit, so depending on whether they honour these orders or not, the stock might be more limited now. The links are dead now. Everything except the poster is going to be reprinted though, so if you're in the market for beach towels and baby jump suits, you're covered.
  13. I mean, it sounds like a Thom Yorke track. Not bad, just everything you'd expect it to sound like, for better or worse. The original Goblin score was just magical and otherworldly. It's as synonymous with the film as Vangelis is to Blade Runner and John Williams is to Star Wars. The remake actually looks quite interesting, but all I'll have in the back of my mind (or rather my ears) is the knowledge that Goblin did a better job 40 years previous.
  14. The last 8 copies will be available from my Bandcamp page today at 4:00pm BST (GMT+1) UK time.
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