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New Adam Curtis documentary film (May 23rd)


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Some more info:


Monday 23 May

9.00-10.00pm BBC TWO


This series of films investigates how people have been colonised by the machines they have built.


Although they may not realise it, the way many people see everything in the world today is through the eyes of the computers. Not just politics and the economy -- but also in the way bodies, minds, and even the whole of the natural world are perceived.


The underlying argument is that people have given up a dynamic political model of the world -- the dream of changing things for the better -- for a static machine ideology that says everyone is a component in a system, and that the aim is to manage these systems and keep them stable.


From the utopian visions of the worldwide web to the idea of an interconnected global economic system, to the dream of balanced ecosystems, all these ideas share an underlying machine vision of organisation and order.


The films tell an extraordinary range of stories: from novelist Ayn Rand and her tragic love affairs to the dreams and the frightening reality of the hippie communes; from the brutal politics of the Belgian Congo to the doomsday computer model behind the rise of modern environmentalism; from the lonely suicide in a London squat of the mathematical genius who invented the selfish gene theory to Alan Greenspan and his faith in a new kind of global economic system. And there's also the computer model of the eating habits of the Pronghorn antelope.


The series argues that by embracing this new machine ideology something very precious has been given up: the idea of progress and political struggle to change the world for the better.




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Thanks for the link!


Finally another Curtis. And the soundtrack is interesting too.


*puts date in agenda*


*press enter...*



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Looks interesting, I hope it's better than "It Felt Like a Kiss", which was an interesting experiment, but was muddled in its goal I thought. Anyways, new Curtis is definitely something to look forward to.

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Adam Curtis at this point is a man of great Importance.


He makes shit people need 2 fuckin see and he does it in an artfully brilliant way and he makes great points about conspirational shit that stupid closed minded fuckin toolz don't want 2 think about.


Ye, Adam Curtis is an artist media hero of the free thinkers.

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do u guys seriiously believe this matrix crap

1. I haven't seen this documentary/series. Have you?

2. Seeing Curtis' previous work I'm sure there's some relevance to his views. Even though I might not agree with all of them.

#. How about your crap?

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do u guys seriiously believe this matrix crap


ye man


cuz ppl b4 the internet didn't see how ppl on the internet act


internet activity and rules and laws


computer logic





so: post computer/internet


the mind begins to restructure itself, based on the evolution of technology


yo dude i swearz this is fockin tru trust me


exposure to WATMM for 1 year will certainly cause a new outlook on the world

all outlook = civil dispositional y honestly this shit ain't shit unless you got a hold on reality


so trust me on this shit man, computers straight fuckin up your brian

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