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AQV, named for the Alesis Quadraverb FX unit it was principally recorded with, begins the Bedroom Compost series with a three-track EP. At times soft like velour and at times as jagged as a rusty bucket, the AQV EP travels melodic 90's braindance terrain rather effortlessly, recalling the nostalgic olden days of full-size monitors, dialup modems and non-wireless video game console controllers. Heavily inspired by the early Rephlex and Warp catalogs, AQV's music should fit comfortably alongside those blurry memories of the electronic renaissance.


Download the EP for free or, for a modest fee, order one of the limited edition CD-Rs with a bonus 11-minute track!




P.S. Much more great electronic music coming very soon in the Bedroom Compost series, including The Jaffa Kid, Soymop (aka EOD), Ohrwert, Simon Meredith and many more!

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