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your fall playlist?


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Guest Hanratty

well, if there's one thing I don't like in fall and winter it is dub techno and ambient!


whys that?


personal attack? or am i reading into this too much?


nah, nothing personal. i just know i've read on internet music reviews for quite awhile that "such-and-such music is perfect for late night, cold winter, snowing, raining, etc." maybe i read too many music reviews.

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I thought this was gonna be that perennial favourite, "Create the ultimate Fall album from their vast back-catalogue", played by music wankers everywhere for over 30 years.


Anyway I'm not sure about that, but this would be somewhere near the start:




me too


early picks for the shortlist would certainly include










disappointing thread

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I'm always discovering new things so it's whatever I happen to discover and get into. Plus whatever back-catalog stuff I end up putting on. I don't listen to certain things specifically because of a season, at least not consciously. Maybe for summer, if I want to maintain a happy mood or something.

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90s Gescom.


And WHOA. Yes. Susumu. Sakura - although my top Fall pick would've been either Kodomotachi or Azukiiro no Kaori. Grinning Cat is not a bad Fall album either.


EDIT: Oh yeah, duh, and Seefeel. Spokane in Fall will always be synonymous with "More Like Space" for me.

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