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  1. Eat shit and live everyone
  2. Hell yeah, exactly, someone gets how much of a joke this all is btw, legalize ranch
  3. I’ll point you in the right direction, “Philosophical beliefs”. Now if this whole BLM stuff is as you’ve indicated a voice in defiance of police brutality it wouldn’t be shifted towards one race. Systematic racism like my Polish ancestors experienced you say? Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcom X had quite a thing or two to say about ones own-self taking ownership of responsibility or a group with similar backgrounds for themselves. What’s going on in the US is pernicious. I’m not sure what will change it or where were headed. But by trying to whitewash our history and taking our societal grievances into a court of law the blame rest on each of us, individually, who condone it in bad faith. Pro captu lectoris habent sua fata libelli
  4. This has nothing to do with the point/argument he’s making. E.g., We are making heroes of men like George Floyd and detracting from great men like John Muir. Welcome to damnation
  5. Ethel


    OP you can break those locks, they look pretty weak.
  6. chenGod you've got some patience. I'm pretty sure he's taking the piss at this point.
  7. You'll have many of those in life it's the reason Zero said what he said about maturity I'd reckon. My apologizes if that was not the intent of your comment, Zero. Being young is cool because you're very open to the world as a whole and ready to embrace many things. You'll be like voila I have the answer! Then, you'll hit a point in your life where most come to the conclusion that there are no answers and most ideology etc is bollocks. There's where you essentially enter adulthood. Now you can get stuck in your ways, which some do, so it's a double edged sword (question all things). All I'm trying to say is don't get too wrapped up in your head. The best thing, in my opinion, is to get out and live life. Get into nature,start a sport like skateboarding, or pick one back up you gave up when you were younger. Ask a girl out and get rejected. Ask a girl out and get some culo. Leave the intellectual dribble for eggheads unless that's what you really want to do. Anyways man I've read some of your posts here and at a certain point it all reads as angst. You could probably spend that energy on many much constructive outlets than writing up a anthology worth of text on a message board.
  8. Good dude, backed. I've been thinking of stepping back on a skateboard after almost two handfuls of hiatus. And leave this all behind. For myself and some other quality chaps here I'm sure the writing has been on the wall for a longtime. Friendly Foil and Sup gone. LimpyLoo coming back. WATMM thank your lucky stars you have diatoms.
  9. Man I just Master Roshi'd so hard to that video
  10. Damn, I feel you on this. Not only the weather but the way people treat each other really caused me push hard to get out. Now I'm in Milwaukee Edit: page break... in response to Florida comment
  11. Ethel


    location: Coolville
  12. You cook up a fine looking steak! Chimichurri is a fine choice, btw. As for the mustard bit, some have posted it, sounds ace. Gotta try it soon but where to buy said mustard...
  13. I think he's onto something when he says 'showbusiness and feeling important'. I'm from a smallish town called Sarasota, FL., I moved to Milwaukee 2 months ago. It's a large city with a much larger black population than my hometown. Protests are going on right down the street from where I live, literally. Now I stepped outside to take a look because it's hard not to with all the noise. It reminded me of something I've only seen just once, from a trip I took to Colombia. A local sports team had won some special soccer championship (I know next to nothing about soccer). This and that are strikingly similar. I don't agree with everything drillkicker said in his post but there's a grain of truth to everything.
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