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  1. Good dude, backed. I've been thinking of stepping back on a skateboard after almost two handfuls of hiatus. And leave this all behind. For myself and some other quality chaps here I'm sure the writing has been on the wall for a longtime. Friendly Foil and Sup gone. LimpyLoo coming back. WATMM thank your lucky stars you have diatoms.
  2. Man I just Master Roshi'd so hard to that video
  3. Damn, I feel you on this. Not only the weather but the way people treat each other really caused me push hard to get out. Now I'm in Milwaukee Edit: page break... in response to Florida comment
  4. Ethel


    location: Coolville
  5. You cook up a fine looking steak! Chimichurri is a fine choice, btw. As for the mustard bit, some have posted it, sounds ace. Gotta try it soon but where to buy said mustard...
  6. I think he's onto something when he says 'showbusiness and feeling important'. I'm from a smallish town called Sarasota, FL., I moved to Milwaukee 2 months ago. It's a large city with a much larger black population than my hometown. Protests are going on right down the street from where I live, literally. Now I stepped outside to take a look because it's hard not to with all the noise. It reminded me of something I've only seen just once, from a trip I took to Colombia. A local sports team had won some special soccer championship (I know next to nothing about soccer). This and that are strikin
  7. My pleasure to be at your service, sir. Do you happen to know where I can find a Friendly Foil?
  8. "Your nerves are out of order," observed the gentleman, with a carelessly easy, though perfectly polite, air. "You are angry with me even for being able to catch cold, though it happened in a most natural way. I was hurrying then to a diplomatic soiree at the house of a lady of high rank in Petersburg, who was aiming at influence in the Ministry. Well, an evening suit, white tie, gloves, though I was God knows where and had to fly through space to reach your earth.... Of course, it took only an instant, but you know a ray of light from the sun takes full eight minutes, and fancy in an evening
  9. Dj Nigga Fox bringing in spring. Definitely worth checking DJ Ninoo and Cirofox for some summer jams. Peace to Principe.
  10. Sorry, I’ll move it. Was visiting lady friend.
  11. Ethel


    Do everyone a favor and unban Sup?
  12. It actually does. Welcome to the corruption of thought.
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