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  1. It actually does. Welcome to the corruption of thought.
  2. Use to be coolville Now we got progressive ideals I want to join an idealist society, I’ll lead the opposition in it, I’ll say I am a realist, but not a materialist, he he!”
  3. I’ll be the first to say it and accept the shit storm here. I’m anti-abortion. Part of me wants to describe a hypothetical situation to cause some of you to think more deeply on the subject. Part of me wants to throwout some philosophy which would do the same. But I think the most beneficial thing would be for me to post some hard statistics on loneliness ( comes with being single more often than not ) which is rampant in developed countries or the fertility rate in the US. Food for thought: this country, more over the world, didn’t become over populated by - let’s say magic. It became over populated due to consumption, which is akin to avarice. Whether you agree or not is fine. I just want to show not everyone thinks the same. Since, I presume, most of you might have already made up your mind on the subject I’ll stop after this last sentence. If what I’ve written here has even made one of you rethink what you know then I’m happy we had an exchange of understanding. Love & Light Free & Easy
  4. he got bored with IDM and its autists and just stopped coming round. at the time I couldn't really grasp his perspective but now I do. edit: let's not forget his greatest quote, only half tongue-in-cheek Okay, that post is magical.
  5. Ethel


    Watmm use to be cool Coolville Now we have semantics. This fucking thread is an embarrassment.
  6. Post the yo-yo picture, breath some life into this thread for the old heads. I miss sup
  7. Don't be a troll dude.is not my goal to come across as that, sorry Apologizing reinforces the way he's acting towards you, which simply put lacks patience and understanding.
  8. Yes, to put it simply, the emergence of post-organic consciousness may end up being seen as just another evolutionary step by our successors. I sometimes imagine them becoming like benevolent caretakers, organizing and maintaining the earth as a kind of animal sanctuary, with humans included in that category. Mother nature is sentient AI we're a scum species capable of unfathomable beauty
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