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this just in : quicktime sounds better than iTunes

Guest yikes

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Itunes sounds like crap…..

i know - i'm slow to realize this

but it's a big difference and i need to dump iTunes w/ a quickness as my main library/organizational format.



has anyone tried this?




it is from the izotope dudes who always make lush stuff.


any other input appreciated.





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right then

i can see i have prompted an outpouring of intelligent discourse.

fucking douchecake fucktards!

i bet none you twats owns a turntable either….


patiently awaiting the arrival of some illuminated input …thanks trolls!


meanwhile for those who care/take listening seriously….


Advanced iZotope 64-bit SRC™ &: MBIT+™ Dither Options

Customize the output sample rate conversion (SRC) and dither using iZotope's advanced options:

iZotope Resampler - Adjust filter steepness, cutoff scaling and preringing. For a detailed explanation of these advanced options, please read this knowledge book article on iZotope 64-bit SRC™.

iZotope MBIT+ Dither - Choose the shape, amount and bits. Toggle auto blanking, minimize peaks and silence harmonics. For detailed information on iZotope MBIT+™ Dither, please download iZotope's comprehensive dithering guide.

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Guest Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald

iTunes sounds like shit because it doesn't have an anti-rotational velocidensity algorithm designed to prevent lossy audio files from degrading. Quicktime however, with the right configuration, can upscale and restore those lost, precious kbps. This even includes audio files that weren't stored in a cool, dry place.

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