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A rather nice playlist


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Whoever runs the BoCpages' Facebook account posted this playlist earlier. It has a few tracks I've not heard before, some posted as recently as the 11th of December.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty neat and that someone else might appreciate it, here's the link.

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4th track in. Stunning. It's true I am a lazy Boards of Canada fan and it's because I seem to carry a dislike for bootlegs.


I always hedged my bets that my sheer willpower and patience would pay off and by now I would have this music on official release. It hasn't happened and my willpower is waning...


Not sure why I have this bee in my bonnet about unoffical releases. Perhaps its because I always buy physical music and not files.


Those acoustic tracks are sublime by the way, wow.

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A while back I made a list of 60 of some of the lesser known stuff by BoC, if anyone is keen on listening. I'm quite fond of this list msyelf.


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