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Does anyone have the 'Ask Autechre 50 (?) Questions' archive ?


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Well, pretty much as the title says: Does anyone have the archive of the Warp page that contained 'Ask Autechre 50 (I think it was about that many) Questions' ? Back in the early 2000s (can't remember the exact year, think it was before I went to uni so


It was kinda like the AAA topic, but not quite as good ! (and I remember asking a really terrible question in it)




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Funnily enough I hadn't seen that one - so there's ANOTHER Q&A session out there too (though thanks all the same - looking forward to giving that a read!). It was definitely on the Warp site (back when it was all slidey blocks) - tried using the Wayback machine but couldn't find it.


EDIT: Still hunting though, bah these bring a nostalgic tear to my eye -



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Guest jasondonervan

I suddenly remember the one you mean, it was a shockwave/flash slideshow or something, decked out in traditional WARP house style purple n white. I don't think you could grab the text, could be a screenshot only affair... that or you'd have to mine pretty deeply into the waybackmachine with little guarantee of success. I'll have a nose around.

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It looks like the WarpNews section on this Wayback version has all the news entries from 2000 - 2005 but can't see the Ae one anywhere so maybe it was even pre-2000 ?! http://web.archive.org/web/20050404113004fw_/http://www.warprecords.com/news/index.php?offset=0

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