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Phyla Zen - Duplicate (1 track)


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meant to release this by itself a few months ago bcuz i felt it stood on its own and had its own life to it. its a very cold track, perfect for the snowy weather we're having which is why I'm deciding to put it out now. It's a free download and if you like it, thats whats up. It was made using the Maschine in one take with lots of effect routings and i was "conducting" the sounds and arrangement as it went so its essentially a patch session.

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Egg salad! Your work is good man. Good arrangement, kind of Autechreish, cold and loomy, controlled atmosphere.

Thank you so much! This track was made after a huge autechre/weed binge at my old apartment so its definitely heavily inspired by those guys! Glad you liked it dude.

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