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i love this guy, hes like a wwe character 




hes like having a chimp as pet, at first he is cute and fun as hell but then when he reaches puberty he'll eat your testicles and rip your face off


happened at inter, real madrid, chelsea(twice), it will happen at united mark my words

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Whether it was a stupid question or not is far less relevant than the fact that Mourinho is complaining about a team parking the bus against him, lol. Seriously? What a fucking wanker.


Also, his comments about Shaw were well out of order (even if they were true, not that I would trust anything Mourinho says).

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Mourinho has done the same for Mkhytarian (who admitted his attitude needed improvement) and Martial. Both of them responded.

If a player don't have time for the club, the club ain't got time for the player.

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I don't know why it's a stupid question really. Seems a pretty standard, routine question after a scoreless draw.

What really gets me is that mourinho was no stranger to parking the bus when he was at chelsea but now he's all fucking bitter and bitchy about it every time a team defends well against him. He's just the biggest wanker.

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You'd love him if he was your wanker. But it was a silly question, the match they're talking about was not close to even. I think we had 75% possession.

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