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  1. this morricone tune was lush, hadn't heard before
  2. she probably realized she's still young, playing the long con.
  3. caze


    I have 6 bags of 00 flour, a pallet of DOP san marzanos and a pizza steel. I'm set.
  4. this is probably just a bored in coronoavirus lockdown mix mix so far is the sonic equivalent of this:
  5. Say what you want about the tenets of national socialism but at least it's an ethos.
  6. the UK plan is terrible though, hopefully they'll have better advice by the end of the week.
  7. It's also time specific, countries who aren't taking the problem seriously now, will probably be doing so in a couple of weeks when it's too late.
  8. caze


    It sounds like the Euros are almost certainly off til next year now, so there'll be plenty of time to finish all European leagues over the summer. there's too much money involved to not finish the season. talk of creating a condensed mini tournament to finish off the CL/EL too.
  9. society might need them to get medical attention though, to stop the spread of the virus. if you have flu symptoms then calling on the phone, or at the very least checking the health service website (the NHS has a symptoms questionnaire up for example), isn't a big deal.
  10. This is pretty bad advice, I think 'don't take medical advice from people on electronic music forums' is better advice. The problem is someone isn't really able to tell the difference from a "want" and a "need" here, that's what qualified medical advice is for. It's also important for information gathering purposes to contact medical services if you have flu symptoms, and they'll be able to advise you whether you need to go to a hospital or not. Obviously don't go into your GP or a hospital to get advice, but you may need to if you have flu symptoms, so contact (by phone or online) your health service if you do. In China they were triaging anyone showing flu symptoms in special fever diagnosis units (testing everyone in public for high temperatures), this hasn't been set up in most (any?) EU countries yet though. As treatment and diagnosis capacity fluctuates different advice will probably be given out too, so it's important to contact medical services to ensure you have the most up to date advice given out. Self isolation at home isn't enough to stop the spread of this disease, given that most people don't live alone and you especially want to avoid passing on infections to older relatives - eventually more active steps will probably need to be taken: more widespread testing and diagnosis, proper medical isolation for all active carriers.
  11. yeah, I've heard a few people saying taking NSAIDs (e.g. Ibuprofen) might be more trouble than they're worth.
  12. Reinfections aren't necessarily actual reinfections either. Your viral load might decrease, but not be completely wiped out (and you might even be tested again and passed clear), but it just hangs around in some small number of cells and then starts replicating again in a big way after a bit. This commonly happens with cold infections, which your body fights back and succumbs to in waves.
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