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  1. there's more footage if you scroll down in that thread, she didn't start with the gun, was an argument with them over her apparently bumping into the kid and not apologising. the white lady was pretty calm throughout that bit and then tried to drive away, which was when the other people hit the car and the lady lost it. apparently she was arrested and had her gun confiscated but she wasn't charged with anything.
  2. caze

    Brexit :(

    Here's the full thing, there were some updates, and also explains why he deleted the account. It was already pretty sus, corroborating evidence or no, but towards the end it starts to really stretch my credulity. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1277505330885386240.html
  3. caze

    Brexit :(

    Oh no! They've deleted their account, will never get to hear the end of the story. Maybe the idiot son found out about the twitter thread.
  4. No, it's you that is missing the point, you're inventing things to get mad about that he hasn't said.
  5. parler. I tried to take a look at it, but you need to create an account to see anything. they've already had to make some concessions to their free speech policies:
  6. caze

    Brexit :(

    lol, this is hilarious. these people sound too dumb for this story to be real, but the last few years has seriously lowered my expectations of people in general. this little bit of info might have some corroborating evidence: https://www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/news/hertfordshire-news/a14-traffic-man-rushed-hospital-3232923
  7. Do you deny there are black supremacists? Would you deny there are any black supremacists within the BLM movement? If you did it would be ironic, given you talk about historical and political ignorance. Clearly lots of people are pushing their own agendas via BLM, some people within it insisting it's a fundamentally Marxist operation (people associated with 70s far left terrorists), there are members of the Nation of Islam involved with it - or people associated with them, most just want the police to stop murdering black people. Being a leaderless organisation it's easy for anyone to attempt to use it to push their own agenda. I think these people are probably a small minority, and unlikely to have much impact in general, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be condemned. To dismiss out of the hand the notion that hate might breed hate would have to be one of the most profoundly historically ignorant things anyone could say about humans. Crews didn't say it 'might become' black supremacist, simply that it should not. Hard to argue against that, unless you don't have a problem with the idea of black supremacy. There is nothing wrong with a clear statement of your moral principles.
  8. Things seem to be going swimmingly there, more people shot: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53224445
  9. Crews' statement is entirely uncontroversial. He didn't say BLM has become 'black lives better', he said ppl need to ensure it doesn't become that. What's the deal with people getting angry with and arguing over things they invent in their own heads? There's enough real shit in the world to get angry about without having to invent new stuff.
  10. warning, watching this youtube channel may give you coronary heart disease
  11. No, it really does have ketchup in it apparently: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_dressing This reminds me of southern Americans calling things salads which are actually deserts.
  12. wtf?!? a basic French dressing is oil, vinegar and Dijon mustard. don't let the French know what you've done to their vinaigrette. ketchup, on your salad?!?
  13. why would you buy French dressing? it's 3 ingredients you should already have in your house. I find it very weird that people buy salad dressings, they take 30 seconds to make.
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