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  1. interesting take: I didn't realise this history of the supreme court at all. Not sure if it's a great idea though, the basic idea of judicial overview of the legislature is good, as long as the terms are narrow enough and clearly defined.
  2. good points, but sadly this guy seems to be an ecofascist.
  3. There was also that time in the 70s when a host of French intellectuals - including Sartre, de Beauvoir, Derrida, and Foucault - all signed a letter, and made repeated calls for, the lowering of the age of consent to 13, and to release people who had been jailed for statutory rape. This was a relatively common thing in radical left wing circles around the world at the time, don't think it was ever quite as mainstream as it was in France though.
  4. he also wrote this classic concept album about a 15 year old...
  5. 7% were violent I read? which still seems fairly large (and is enough to produce a fair amount of damage and bad press), but not as bad as it was in the 60s/70s (where it was around 12% IIRC). the more positive thing is that, while the protests do seem to have diminished support for BLM in general (after an initial surge in support early on), they haven't reduced support for many specific reforms, and they don't seem to have given Trump much of a boost in the polls either.
  6. someone managed to play the first track, onesix stuff apparently, still not playing for me tho
  7. previews incoming? https://warp.net/releases/202980-autechre-sign not playing for me, but working for others maybe...
  8. "we voted in ww1, we voted in ww2" ?!?
  9. It doesn't matter what % of protestors are violent vs non-violent, all that matters is how much damage is being done, how many businesses destroyed, lives ruined, whole communities fucked up... and ultimately, what the perception of all this is with voters in the midwest/rust belt.
  10. nothing good will come from any of this, Trump isn't going do anything they want, and it's likely if they keep it up they'll just ensure another Trump victory - which they probably want, because they're mostly white privileged larping assholes and they won't be the ones effected by another 4 years of Trump, they hate the democrats as much as the republicans anyway. luckily Biden isn't on the side of the defund the police/acab wing of the democrats (which is barely a wing, more of a rump - it's mostly the far left outside of the party driving this), and he's been relatively vocal about taking a
  11. this is nonsense. yes there are large numbers of people peacefully protesting, mostly during the daytime, but it's clear there's also a committed core of shit heads on both sides stirring things up and wrecking shit, mostly at night. this isn't being done solely by infiltrators, looting is mostly just done by locals who want to get some free shit; property damage, smashing windows, starting fires, etc. has been a regular tactic of black bloc antifa ppl for decades, mostly non-locals - who travel around from city to city, followed by/following the opposite shower of cunts on the right
  12. That's not what the video I've been able to find has shown so far, maybe there will be more uncovered and available at the trial, but so far it looks like the first shot he fired was after he was being chased by the first guy who was shot, who lunged at him - maybe trying to take his gun, but you can't see clearly (someone else shot into the air with a handgun before that, not sure if this was one of the people involved in the 2nd shooting incident a few mins later). The second incident happened after he was running away, he stumbled and then got attacked by several people (he was kicked in th
  13. it seems like there's a good chance he'll be able to get off the 2nd killing, or at least plea it down to a much lesser charge (seems like he has reasonable case for self defence). 1st one might be a lot tougher to get out of though. will come down to the jury unless he pleas out the whole thing. the only thing they have him dead to rights on is a misdemeanour by the looks of things, he wasn't old enough to have the gun in the first place.
  14. PSG threw it away, they had a host of clear cut chances, in the first half especially, a couple late on they should've done better with too. Mbappe should've scored 2 at least. Bayern didn't look great until they scored, after which they were in control bar a frantic last few mins. Not a classic, but more entertaining than most finals.
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