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  1. yes, side A is good, just a nice slab of droney weridness, but he's crammed so much different stuff onto the other side, and it all flows together really well.
  2. This is really excellent stuff andi. 2nd side in particular is knocking my socks off, but in a moody and relaxed manner.
  3. Mozex_Feat._Salvdog_-_The_Lord_Works_in_Strange_Ways.mp3
  4. he posted this in chatmm recently, had no idea he was so sick on the bass (check out solo at around 4mins in)
  5. it's good the episodes are less than 30 mins, but to be honest even that is stretching things to the limit. the 2nd episode was better than the first one.
  6. ...I must have been thinking of Arizona, there's no automatic recount in Georgia, so there can only be a recount for Ossoff as it stands, and they'll have to pay for it.
  7. Warnock is comfortably outside the automatic recount range, and Ossoff is far enough ahead to not need to worry about one. If they want to waste their money on one for Warnock anyway, go ahead...
  8. lol, you obviously know nothing about Taleb the person. he's famous as one of the most obnoxious and egotistical assholes around, he doesn't give a shit about his audience.
  9. ugh. this one has me genuinely upset this track came out a few weeks back, it's great, shame there'll never be a full album of this
  10. caze

    Brexit :(

    The last time they officially didn't want to be Spanish was in 2002, when there was a referendum, and around 99% of them voted to remain British. ...a similar margin voted against Brexit too, they're going to be totally screwed if there's a no deal.
  11. caze

    Brexit :(

    Yes, but the main sticking point at the moment is that Johnson won't allow another independence referendum, so if the SNP hold one it wouldn't be binding, and if they unilaterally declared independence after one it would be a mess (and they wouldn't get into the EU easily then either, due to the Spanish). After a few years of brexit Britain though I can't imagine the desire for independence doing anything but increasing. yeah, the Spanish are capable of being very petty when it comes to Gibraltar, oddly enough though Gibraltar is one of the few issues where the UK is in the right, Spa
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