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  1. It wasn't very good, I think Iannucci should stick to making stuff in the UK, Veep was pretty bad too. On the other hand the new Curb was great.
  2. discussions about mastering and compression don't interest me in the slightest, it's boring minutiae that has very little impact on anything afaic. the new album sounds very different from the previous albums in terms of melody, harmony and tone, there's a good bit of similarity to Damogen in terms of compositional structure though (which is a good thing for me as I loved that album, especially that aspect of it).
  3. yup, I totally agree. In terms of the structure and programming there's a lot of DF in the new one, in terms of the melodic/harmonic/tonal aspects it's more like his 90s stuff, Big Loada in particular (which is not surprising as it's mostly the same gear).
  4. I think it's just MIDI. Which would be pretty impressive, a lot of the synth programming sounds like live instrumentation, plus all the stuttery 909 edits and similar things. It's a very dense record, took me a few listens to get a proper feel for it, but I'm really loving it. Sounds like a mix between Damogen and Big Loada.
  5. no, he really didn't. Trump saying one thing and doing another isn't anything new, he often even contradicts himself in the same friccin speech. it's not evidence of him climbing down though, he was never going to attack them directly again unless they killed anyone. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iraq-security-targets/iran-believed-to-have-deliberately-missed-u-s-forces-in-iraq-strikes-sources-idUSKBN1Z7283 OPEC isn't as important as it was in the last century, the Americans can handle the smaller level of instability they can now create. other countries mightn't be so lucky, but it might actually work out well for the US long term if they tried anything. this isn't only due to the large (and still growing) increase in supply from the US, but also due to flagging worldwide demand. also, Iraq can't dictate to the rest of OPEC, only the Saudis have that power (and their relations with the US are good, so why would they try and fuck them over now in a dispute with Iran?). the decline of OPEC was a big reason for Qatar to leave recently, and gas will become increasingly more important in the coming decades, where the US is the largest producer. I wouldn't be surprised if both Iran and Iraq left OPEC in the next ten years. I was talking about the prime minister, not the president. The Iraqi president is a buffer between the varying factions, usually a Kurd (3 of the 4 presidents since Saddam have been Kurds), he doesn't have that much power, the power in Iraq is still regional and tribal. The ability of the US to dictate to them is pretty limited.
  6. caze


    yup, much better. they not only speed things up more than a stone, they give you a better crust. without a steel in this oven it probably would've taken 12+ minutes and I'd have been left with an unappealing biscuity base. also, a steel isn't going to split on you after a few months. takes a bit longer to heat em up though, I like to give it a solid hour at full blast before putting the pizza in. they're not that expensive, think I got mine for about £60.
  7. Chesed and the Assisi thing are both very good, Midsummer Moons is a bit dull in comparison.
  8. caze


    yeah, made it over in my folks place, their oven isn't the best, but with a pizza steel I managed to cook it in 9 minutes and it turned out pretty good. that one is tomato, chorizo, mozzarella and some fresh pesto which by brother made.
  9. ...that Chesed thing is with Gyan Riley too.
  10. cool, will check out. just finished listening to another Zorn/Lage one, him and another guitarist (Gyan Riley, son of Terry) performing Zorn pieces (Midsummer Moons). just some nice and pleasant acoustic noodling. those two also team up with Bill Frisell for a similar thing, not listened yet, called Nove Cantici Per Francisco D'Assisi.
  11. no, this is stupidly simplistic. the most important factor is trying to balance the various sectarian and tribal factors. US interests are a consideration, but they only have so much influence. and this is basically racist. it's saying the people of the middle east have no agency, that they're like little children and everything that happens is because of the only grownups, the westerners. the current shit show is a result of countless factors, involving everyone. Iran in particular plays a big role in the regional instability of the last 30+ years.
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