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  1. most of the reason for using the BBCode editor before was that the rich text editor was really shit, full of bugs (especially if you were cutting and pasting, and then editing the pasted text, was easy to delete some hidden character and completely mess up the formatting of the whole post). the new editor seems a lot less shit, haven't encountered a problem with it yet.
  2. caze


    Will be interesting to see how much backbone the remain supporting Tories have if Boris or someone similar gets in. Dominic Grieve has said he'll vote to collapse the government if there's any chance of no-deal brexit happening (and Boris has said he's fine leaving without a deal), so it might be a short stint as prime minister for whoever's up next.
  3. caze


    Well yeah, he's still an MEP, would be weird if they weren't paying him.
  4. caze


    Did you mean MEP? He's tried and failed to be elected as an MP on 5 occasions.
  5. caze


    austerity didn't lead to brexit anyway, it's been the end result of a very long campaign, started long before austerity, or even before the financial crash happened (under Labour's watch). the reason for brexit is that people are stupid and will fall for any old xenophobic nonsense at the drop of a hat, nothing else. the anger over tuition fees was a joke as well, nothing wrong with them. if you end up with a degree and good paying job you should have to pay for it, it's just a graduate tax. if you can't repay your student loans you don't have to, repayments only kick in after you earn enough.
  6. caze


    given the amount of legislation and civil service work that's required to even leave the EU, having only a single policy of 'don't leave the EU' is all that's required at this point really.
  7. caze

    Game of Thrones

    I think he's got most of the final two books finished, broad strokes at least, there's too many sprawling plot lines though so the problem is editing them together to make sense more than anything else. Martin hinted that the spinoffs would be based off the histories of Westeros he's written, rather than original stuff. don't think we'll see any of the main actors again, they're probably all sick of this shit by now and have raised their profiles enough to make a shit ton of cash elsewhere.
  8. looks good, always wanted them to show more of the real world, looks like this will mostly be set there.
  9. caze

    Game of Thrones

    there's three projects in the works, I think they're all set in the past though.
  10. standard windows 10 edge also only asks once also.
  11. the new microsoft edge beta (which is based off chromium, different to the standard windows 10 edge) only shows you the certificate warning once, unlike chrome which shows the warning for every page you visit. just checked firefox too, and it only warns you once as well. so use firefox or the new edge until joyrex updates the cert.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-48199915
  13. caze

    Game of Thrones

    64, missed about 10 obvious ones.
  14. I love that every news report on him includes 'real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon' in it now.
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