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  1. Sanders actually is a Democratic Socialist though, it's just that he knows that nobody is going to nationalize the US economy any time soon, so his policy platform ended up being a solidly Social Democratic one (a less economically sensible and further left version of what Biden was proposing). So when he says that he's a Democratic Socialist he's being truthful, it's just that he sees it more of a transition from first getting a more Social Democratic system in place, and then transitioning even further left after that.
  2. Democratic Socialism is anti-free market, socially owned means of production; Social Democracy is free market capitalism with a beefy social welfare system and progressive taxation.
  3. Biden's platform is well within the bounds of left-wing social democracy, it's the most left wing electoral platform since the new deal. Much of it would seem extreme even in Europe among non-crazy left wing parties.
  4. America in general has not articulated these distinctions well at all. 'Liberal' no longer refers to actual Liberalism, it means left-wing social democracy. Bernie didn't help by calling himself a Democratic Socialist, which does have more in common with Communism than Social Democracy (if you want to own the means of production you're a commie, basically), and Social Democracy was more in line with what his actual platform was (what Americans mistakenly refer to as liberal). Americans in general seem to have a poor understanding of these ideological categories, and the politics of other natio
  5. The only thing that would see America establish a multi-party system is widespread voting reform, and that would require the Democrats to win an unprecedented-in-modern-times landslide of the presidency, both congresses, a majority of the governorships, and most of the state legislatures. Things that would need to be changed: remove first-past-the-post, replace with some kind of proportional representation (a single-transferrable-vote or something similar would be best); remove/reform the electoral college and other aspects of federal elections, fix gerrymandered districts at state level, prop
  6. Biden has won very clearly, with a massive margin in the popular vote, and a massive margin in Pennsylvania and Michigan, states Trump won last time. Yes there were a few other states which were close, within 10-20k votes, just as they were close in 2016 when Trump won them, but Biden didn't need all of them in the end, because he also flipped Georgia. It only appears close because the delay in counting mail-in ballots due to differences in rules in certain states (Pennsylvania and Wisconsin vs Florida and Ohio, which is thanks to the Republican state senators blocking legislation in the forme
  7. They can't withdraw their certification though, tough shit dipshits. The state certification board sits on Monday.
  8. It's total garbage, I was hoping the new season might be better thanks to the jump into the future, at least they can stop fucking up the original timeline. But no, it's still garbage. The writers are just all terrible, the dialog is cringe inducing, and every moment of every episode is imbued with needless import, there's about 6 inspirational speeches per episode, everything operates at 100%, so when they need to ratchet up the tension there's nowhere left to go, and as a consequence it ends up being interminably dull. I mostly watch it while browsing twitter at this point. What
  9. nah, if anything it would make it less likely, it would split the right wing vote and the dems would remain in power indefinitely, why would they implement electoral reform then?
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