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  1. caze

    Brexit :(

    brexit party have more chance of splitting the conservative vote than winning seats, they might get a couple, but with FPTP they're not going to win many. I think Swinson has done well, she just won a poll of Labour voters (ppl who voted for them in 2017) who said they prefer her to Corbyn.
  2. caze

    Brexit :(

    Labour are likely to lose loads of seats in the next election. I think it would be a bit of a stretch for the Lib Dems to overtake them into 2nd place, but given recent polling and the last local and european elections, plus winning that Tory by-election, it's not impossible. either way, Labour will do poorly, hopefully so poorly Labour finally see sense and bin Corbyn. Labour membership peaked a couple of years ago and has gone into decline, it looks like even the Momentum types are losing faith in Corbyn at this stage.
  3. caze

    Brexit :(

    oh, sure. but it's still dumb, you retain most of the benefits of being in the EU, without having any democratic say on how it's run, might as well just stay in the EU instead. you don't really gain much with a soft brexit, it's pointless.
  4. caze

    Brexit :(

    quite possibly, Labour's ideas about a brexit agreement are as silly as the Conservative's. They both want to be outside of the single market and customs union (Labour say they want a customs union, not the customs union, but that would still require border checks), and you can't have that without tearing up the GF agreement (unless there's some backup plan like the backstop to provide legal certainty). So it's either no deal, or a very soft brexit nobody wants because it gives none of the benefits of leaving the EU, and doesn't give the UK any say on how the EU operates.
  5. https://twitter.com/sturdyAlex/status/1169664123745054727
  6. The first season of Legion was the only really consistently good one, there were some good bits in the subsequent seasons, but it was completely uneven. The last season was definitely better than the previous one though, the first couple of episodes were actually pretty cool. It's good to see that kind of risk taking and invention though, even if it's a failure half the time.
  7. Umbrella thing was ok, mostly pretty dull but a few good bits. The other two seem like shows aimed at teenagers. The Boys was great though, pisses over Preacher (which has gotten even worse in the latest season).
  8. caze

    Brexit :(

    Corbyn was still giving speeches saying the opposite of what everyone else in the party is saying, who then had to come out and correct him afterwards. They seem to have got him muzzled now, though their stance on when they want an election still isn't fully nailed down. I was surprised they managed to get the anti no deal bill passed, the only odd thing about it was that the government managed to get a weird amendment tacked on to it (because they sent no tellers to count the Nos for the vote, the amendment passed by default, maybe they thought it would prevent the bill from passing at all, but MPs didn't seem bothered with it). That amendment means if Boris doesn't manage to come up with a deal with the EU, or it's not voted in by parliament, and if then a no-deal is voted against, an article 50 extension is granted, but only to resubmit a slightly amended version of May's withdrawal agreement to the EU (as agreed by the cross party talks after it was last voted down). Not sure if I'm reading it correctly, but it seems to rule out other forms of extension, e.g. to hold a new referendum. Though I suppose if that failed (either the EU or parliament rejected the amended May deal), then there could be a vote on a new bill for another extension. It does seem like what was increasingly looking like a no deal exit is a lot less likely now, but the bill still needs to be brought into law, and Johnson has to be prevented from calling an election before it can be implemented.
  9. caze

    Brexit :(

    Rees-Mogg is effectively shorting Sterling via his investment firm, so this meme must be quite pleasing for him too:
  10. not the most interesting start to the season, everything mostly as it was last season... 'pool/City will duke it out, Spurs might do a bit better, but not much. Arsenal might do a bit better with an improved attack thanks to Pepe (who looks decent), and luckily for them Chelsea look worse and United are still shit. Wolves were my 2nd favourite team last season, seems they're doing a Burnley now that they're in the Europa league for the first time. which is a shame, because I have three of the fuckers in my FF team.
  11. the autistic son story line definitely goes somewhere in season 2
  12. It's also about being stylishly directed and shot, being well written, and having good acting.
  13. the fake news was covered on More or Less today, interviewed the same guy Shellenberger did: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0007ymn
  14. One that listened to the science on the issues and aims for pragmatic not ideological solutions to problems, and which doesn't take a quasi religious neo-luddite or malthusian stance on the issues. This rules out the likes of Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion, The Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, etc. I wouldn't disagree with everything these guys stand for, and they've done some good, but overall I'd say they're having a negative impact on the world's ability to deal with the most serious environmental issues.
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