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  1. caze


    First half of the first book, up to the bit when they arrive at Sietch Tabr or thereabouts. TV series not based on anything afaik, unless it's from his son's awful books (he did a few prequels I think). It's gonna be a Bene Gesserit focused prequel thing.
  2. Yes, this exactly. Even some of the big NASA funded missions which are still going ahead, like Artemis, are only doing so because of politics (congresspeople ensuring money earmarked for their state stays there - I think all 50 states have a hand in the Artemis pie in some way or another). Artemis is going to cost 10x what SpaceX could do by themselves, NASA did try to cut some costs a bit by choosing SpaceX only for the moon lander, but now this decision is in review because of the aforementioned congress-graft. There's also an element of use-it-or-lose-it, NASA needs to demand money for these big projects to ensure it keeps getting funding for other things it thinks are more important, like space astronomy and interplanetary probes for doing basic space science, when cuts are needed they can take them from the bigger project - (which they did with cancelling the Mars aspect of Artemis - probably for the best, doing that in addition to the Moon with all the same technology would have been a colossal waste of money). This will hopefully become a moot point in the future if these commercial developments pay off, NASA will start requiring a much smaller budget (it's already relatively small in the grand scheme of things, but still). Signs are pretty good they will pay off though.
  3. The space tourism thing with them is more of a side-project, they can use it to fund development of their main operations - which will be sub-orbital supersonic passenger flights, and flexible small satellite launches - which they can launch from pretty much anywhere by flying their converted 747 launch vehicle around, containing all required ground operations equipment, making satellite launching accessible to a lot more nations for much much cheaper (It's limited to low-earth orbit for the time being though, they've had one successful launch so far, back in January, not something which is going to be fully competing with SpaceX or other rocket based things any time soon).
  4. caze


    no, just the usual completely unproven nonsense which violates the laws of physics.
  5. caze


    why would anyone give a shit? they're just planes and balloons and shit.
  6. Almost Nothing You’ve Heard About Evictions in Jerusalem Is True - WSJ
  7. Bombings have nothing to do with what I'm talking about. Neither side is justified in their current bombing campaigns (though it was Hamas who started this current round, as usual, so the ultimate responsibility lies with them). Do you think it's reasonable for Hamas to bomb Israeli children? At least one has died so far. Also, how many of the Palestinian dead are from Hamas rockets which land in Gaza? At least one incident involving multiple deaths, including children, came from one of their rockets. Around 20% of them land in Gaza.
  8. nobody has been forcibly removed as of yet afaik, the supreme court hasn't reached a judgement. from the 1870s or thereabouts. they never stopped owning it, but they were kicked off the land by the Jordanians in 1948, the area was then taken by Israel in '67 war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamization_of_East_Jerusalem_under_Jordanian_rule “During Jordanian rule, 34 out of the Old City’s 35 synagogues were dynamited.” [8] The Western Wall was transformed into an exclusively Muslim holy site associated with al-Buraq.[9] 38,000 Jewish graves in the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives were systematically destroyed (used as pavement and latrines),[10][11] and Jews were not allowed to be buried there.[5][6] This was all in violation of the Israel-Jordan Armistice Agreement Article VIII - 2 "...; free access to the Holy Places and cultural institutions and use of the cemetery on the Mount of Olives;...."[12] Following the Arab Legion's expulsion of the Jewish residents of the Old City in the 1948 War, Jordan allowed Arab Muslim refugees to settle in the vacated Jewish Quarter.[13] Later, after some of these refugees were moved to Shuafat, migrants from Hebron took their place.[14] Abdullah el Tell, a commander of the Arab Legion, remarked:
  9. ...note that I'm just talking about this specific case here, not Israeli settlements in the West Bank in general, which are frequently unjust (IIRC only a minority represent what you might consider normal legal transfers of property, with outright theft and coercion a common tactic in many cases).
  10. Israel took land/property in West Jerusalem - which was abandoned by Palestinians fleeing to Jordanian annexed land in 1948, and used it to house Jewish refugees fleeing Arab and Iranian persecution across the middle east. And conversely Palestinian refugees took land/property abandoned by Jewish people in East Jerusalem fleeing to Israel. Not sure what's hard about this for you to understand. The trigger for the current conflict was a civil legal dispute between private individuals over Jewish property in East Jerusalem, it's 'perfectly reasonable' because the land in question wasn't seized by the Israeli government, it was the property of Jews from long before the foundation of the state of Israel. The only unreasonable part of this is a separate dispute between the presumably soon to be evicted Palestinians and the Israeli state for compensation/resettlement for their own loss of land in 1948 (I don't know the specific details of the individuals involved, and what kind of claim they have, but compensation has been given out by Israel in the past). Population transfers, loss and gains of territory are commonplace in times of conflict, it's weird that Jews are treated differently from everyone else in these matters by so many, I wonder why that could be?
  11. Thread by @AnshelPfeffer on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App
  12. No, it's got nothing to do with eminent domain, the owners of the land in question (who are Jewish) have been trying since the 70s to regain land which was taken from them in 1948 by the Jordanians, which they had owned going back to the late 1800s. Initially they just wanted the Palestinians to pay rent, but it has escalated into trying to get them evicted. As he points out in the article, while this is perfectly reasonable by itself, there is big unfairness here as the Palestinians in question similarly lost their land (either in West Jerusalem, or elsewhere in Israel, not sure) and are not being offered any restitution.
  13. Who owns Sheikh Jarrah anyway? - House of Wisdom (substack.com)
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