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  1. caze


    No, if there's a vote of no confidence in the government, then the leader of the opposition is given a chance to form a government, or anyone else after that if they can't. they have two weeks to sort it out so that a majority of parliament will vote for someone, if not then there's a general election. so in theory there could be a temporary government of national unity type deal, e.g. with the sole purpose of legislating for a new referendum, after which there'd be a GE. all quite unlikely, but it's one of the few remaining ways out of this mess.
  2. caze


    he was elected PM by around 0.001% of the population
  3. you're getting better mozex, keep at it
  4. yes, quite a lot actually.
  5. surprised nobody mentioned Joao Gilberto, was a few days ago
  6. Squarepusher thing was the best bit I've heard so far, ae stuff was fine, Mark Pritchard's set was good too. boc tape had some good tunes and some lol moments. Still got a lot more of it to listen to, going to skip the Eno thing, that sounded awful.
  7. sounds like this is just merch? ugh.
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