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  1. For All Mankind is pretty good, visuals on the last episode were great. Would love to binge it but have to wait another week now. ugh.
  2. this free broadband thing is the latest idiocy from Labour. not only would it not achieve what it's setting out to (speeding up the rollout of broadband to rural areas, and ensuring high speed access everywhere, see the failure of the similar plan in Australia - where it should have been easier to roll out, less pre-existing infrastructure to replace, smaller population; were massive delays on the rollout, and no guaranteed access to full fibre), but it will also result in hundreds of companies going bankrupt, many thousands of people losing their jobs, pensioners getting shafted (after Labour devalue and steal the assets), taxpayers getting shafted (their cost estimation is laughable, will be 10x higher, and their plans to pay for it with a tech-tax will also fail spectacularly), and shittier quality of service and increased delays in getting services switched on (govt utilities are always worse at this stuff, I speak from experience in multiple countries here). Also incredibly worrying from a civil rights POV, handing control of the internet to the government. I was already considering abandoning this country in the event of a shitty brexit, Labour getting into power under Corbyn and there's no question, I'm gone.
  3. listened to this on the NTS stream last night, wonderful stuff. Love Is Overtaking Me is my favourite release of his, so it's nice to have something more in that vein, though this is a bit weirder than that in places too. I love his more experimental stuff, instrumental/orchestral stuff, and the disco stuff too; but he's also just a great songwriter.
  4. yeah, he said he's going to have some video to buy on the site at some point too. maybe he's going to release his canned film on there or something, I got a torrent of that though and it's not great.
  5. caze


    this was the best track from that mix imho, really hope it's on there.
  6. caze


    There were a couple of great tracks on his warp 30 mix, hopefully they're on this.
  7. Lib Dems will likely take my constituency of St Albans from the Tories, without the need for tactical voting. They've done great here in the local and euro elections, and weren't far behind in the last general. It's looking very likely that the Tories will win again, can only hope they don't get a majority, and also hope the DUP lose a few seats too (there will be tactical voting in NI with SF withdrawing from certain seats and other parties reciprocating, DUP could lose 3 seats). Labour will do really badly and Corbyn will finally be gone, hurrah!
  8. It had been in the fridge for 48 hours after I made it, still tasted good though, the avocado was a bit under-ripe which probably helped there.
  9. I made some Chicken Tinga the other day, used the leftovers to make Quesadillas, that's guacamole on the side.
  10. I did some triple cooked chips with my steak last night, were great.
  11. I was at that gig, was just after I finished my leaving cert. I nearly missed it too, though I had no excuse as I'd been there since the Thursday (it was on in the Avalon tent IIRC, which was a small one I hadn't been to before so it took a while to find it). I think it was the one where his brother joined him on stage for a duelling 303 acid-off (don't think he'd released anything at that point), was great. It's funny you say there was nothing else good there that year, and that you've been listening to Bob Dylan, because he played that year and it was great! I remember it had been pissing rain and the clouds parted and the sun came out just for his set, played mostly the early electric stuff. One of the best things I ever saw there. No longer listen to his stuff much, but still love Nashville Skyline. Like the jams, 3rd one definitely sounds the best, but I'm not completely lost on the first couple either, I think if the backing was a bit more sparse a cleaner jazzy guitar part would sit with them nicely. If you've not heard Pat Metheny's Offramp album definitely check that out (it's really great), some really good integration of guitar with cheesy 80s electronic sounds. Album version of this is slightly different (and better), but not on the youtube. Another lovely tune from that album, this one isn't at all electronic sounding, but still very nice: Also agreed on that JJ Cale album, the following one is great too, Really. Not heard much else after that.
  12. latest watchmen episode was pretty shit, worst one so far. the whole phone booth 'joke' thing was some truly appalling writing. pacing of the show isn't good either, too slow.
  13. caze

    Brexit :(

    It would be a start if most of them even voted once.
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